Saturday 29 July 2023

Newcastle's Foote

I finally completed the two pike elements for Newcastle's Foote. The flags are from those supplied in the boxed set. 

So that's the first of 4 regiments completed. Pretty happy with how they've turned out. 

I am going to do a second regiment in white/grey coats as this seems a common colour in the Northern Royalist army. I've also ordered a couple of the cavalry sprues to see what they are like.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

New Project, Old Period

Well I thought it was about time I returned to fighting battles in the English Civil War. I previously did these in 28mm, but after selling most of the cavalry off, I decided to downscale. So a box and an additional sprue of Warlord's epic pike and shotte foot battalia was purchased as a start. This will give me 4 battalia of infantry, a good start for the size of battles I am looking to fight. I'm even digging out the old rules I have 'Victory without Quarter', a nice fast play system.

So which regiment to do first? Pretty easy with being a northerner, so Newcastle's Whitecoats it is. A regiment recruited from my own area. So as a test I decided to concentrate on the 'shotte'. These come in 4 strips of 10 figures, I've already replaced the plastic bases with some mdf ones. I do find strips of figures a bit fiddly to paint and these are no exception. I am though quite happy with the results.

I've now made a start on the first 2 of 4 ranks of pike. These come in 3 strips of 10 figures and 10 single figures. At some point I'll need to pick up some cavalry, commanded shotte, Dragoons and an artillery piece or 2 to round out the force. 

Tuesday 25 July 2023

Trojan War - Lukka warriors

As part of clearing the paint table I managed to force myself to get these 3 additional units of Lukka warriors completed. Definitely not my best work and a bit rushed. At least they are done. All of the figures are from Museum miniatures.

Now I can start some prep on my new project.

Tuesday 18 July 2023

Painting update

Just a couple of things as I clear the painting queue for an upcoming new project. First up is a 3d printed FT-17 for my Russian Civil War armies, kindly printed by Mitch. No markings added so I can use it for either side.

Next up is the last of my 12mm 30k stuff printed by Mitch. Another 14 spare marines for the XVIth Legion as well as 5 jump troops for the Loyalist XIXth Legion.

I still have another couple of units for the Trojan War that need completing, hopefully done over the weekend.

Saturday 15 July 2023

WSS - Danes vs Franco-Bavarians

On Thursday night at the club a couple of the guys fancied a WSS game. With both never playing the rules before I went for a straight forward encounter, keeping the terrain simple and both armies of similar strength. Each side had 4 infantry brigades of 4 battalions each, 4 brigades of horse, each of 6 squadrons. As it was a training game, it's not much of a write up. It was though good to get the Danes on the table as they last saw battle in the pre-covid days. 

The Danish right wing

The enemy are in sight

Massed Danish horse

Danish Guards await the Bavarians

The infantry lines clash

Proper linear warefare

Bavarian cuirassiers caught in column

The firefight in the center continues

Somehow the battered Irish infantry repulsed the Danish horse

Getting ready to go again

Not bad for a training game as we got quite a few moves in before we called it a day. Both sides were pretty much fought out. The Danes still held a slight advantage in horse; and would have been able to exploit the French left wing.

Sunday 9 July 2023

30k - Army review

It seems in just over 10 days or so, I have put together a decent collection of the XVIth legion for the Horus Heresy. I do have another 19 marines that were left over, so I'll paint them up sometime in the future as a shame to waste them. So first up is the latest completed figures, a medic, some extra Terminators and another Tactical squad.

As most of the Legions in the Horus Heresy had supporting elements from the Imperial army, I have decided to go with a Super Heavy Tank, the Baneblade. This will eventually be supported by a couple of Leman Russ tanks and 3 units of mechanised infantry. The Baneblade is a beast of a model, I went with a more urban camo and quite happy with how it turned out.

Size comparison with a Landraider

So before I packed them away waiting for the rest of the club to get their armies complete, I did a quick photo shoot of the whole force so far.

XVIth Legion

Tactical squads

Assault, Terminators and Veterans

Terminators and Dreadnoughts

The Armoured support

Auxiliary supports

Hopefully I don't have long to wait before I can get a game in with these. So far the guys at the club are covering the World Eaters, White Scars, Ultramarines, Imperial Fists and Imperial army. We look a little short on Traitors.

Saturday 8 July 2023

30k - The XVIth legion musters

The benefits of being off work, plenty of time to paint. So here are another couple of batches of figures completed. The XVIth Legion is nearing completion. I just have 2 more squads to finish over the weekend.

Batch 1

Batch 2

Veteran Marines

Pair of Dreadnoughts

Predator and Razorback


Justaerin Terminators

Assault squad

Techmarine and extra marines

Imperial Knight

Just one last push and this force is complete. Once those 2 squads are done I'll post an army picture. I will add a very small Imperial army detachment to the force, namely the Baneblade, a couple of Leman Russ ranks and 3 Chimera mounted squads. Thankfully I don't need to worry about the Loyalists as 3 other club members have been bitten by the bug so far.

Thursday 6 July 2023

30k Madness continues

It sure helps being off work, getting in plenty of extra painting time which is certainly helping move this project along at a good pace. First up is another 3 vehicles, these are part of the 2nd batch of stuff from Mitch. I have also gone back and added bases to all of my vehicles. I think it helps protect the figures more, especially with them being resin.

Landspeeder Typhoon

Razorback Transport


I have another  Landspeeder, Razorback, Predator and 2 Dreadnoughts to finish then I can concentrate on adding some more infantry. With my bases finally arriving, I spent the morning prepping and basing the infantry.

This will give me an additional 2 Tactical squads, 2 Terminator squads and an Assault squad. There are also enough to round out the command squad, including a medic and a Techmarine. With having a Baneblade Superheavy tank I have asked Mitch to print off 3 squads of Imperial Guard and Chimera transports to act as support troops.