Friday 23 March 2018

GNW Russians XI

Well 2 more battalions added to the Russians. I feel that these have sat on the paint table for quite a while. Probably a lack of enthusiasm on my part after a planned campaign game against Mick had to be cancelled due to snow. But here they Are, 2 battalions from the Schlusselburgski regiment. These are the first I have painted in the karpus. The figures are primarily Dixon's with a couple of Roundway figures in the command.

Next up I have 2 more battalions of Grenadiers and 6 squadrons of Horse Grenadiers to get through.  Have though tried to diversify my painting which I'll cover in my next post.

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Sharpe Practice Austrians VI

I've made another small addition to my core Austrian force. This time in the shape of 2 extra officers, which I'll probably use as either level 1 or 2 to lead my infantry groups. Both figures are from Front rank and mix well with the Victrix plastics.

As I am being out gunned by my opponents  decided to add a 6lb artillery piece from Perry miniatures. Unfortunately you only get 4 crew so I added an extra from Front rank as well as an officer.

I feel that now this force is only lacking in some mounted troops. I have my eye on the Perry's Hussars in campaign uniforms. So here's a few photos of the force so far.

Not a bad little force. The figures from Victrix, Perry and Front rank have mixed well.

Sunday 11 March 2018

GNW Russians X

This week I've concentrated on getting some more mounted troops to fill out my Russians. First up is 3 squadrons of the Ingermanlandski dragoon regiment. The figures for this unit are all from Dixon's. Still my favourite figures for this period.

Ingermanlandski Dragoons 
Ingermanlandski Dragoons 
I haven't as yet found a flag reference for this unit so plumbed for green as I like it.

The next unit is another single squadron unit. General Sheremetev's life guard. The only reference I had was for red coats, so I decided on green waistcoat and cuffs. I have since seen a reference showing white cuffs from 1711. Not sure if I will change them.

Sheremetev's life guard
Sheremetev's life guard
I've now got a couple of musketeer battalions prepped for painting as well as 6 squadrons of Horse Grenadiers.

Saturday 3 March 2018

GNW Russians IX

With all the snow around over the last few days I took the opportunity to get some more paint on figures.  I decided to add a couple more cavalry units to my Russian force. First up is 3 squadrons of the Vologodski Dragoon regiment. They are a mix on Dixon, Essex and Minifigs. They were primarily put together from spare figures to test another shade of green; which I'm more than happy with.

Vologodski dragoons
Vologodski dragoons
The next unit is a single squadron of Horse. There were only 2 such squadrons in the Russian army. They were life guards for the generals. This squadron belong to Menshikov. Figures are all Dixon's.

Menshikovs life guard
I've also got Sheremetevs squadron awaiting basing before I start on another Dragoons regiment.