Tuesday 25 February 2014

More troops for Friedlingen

After setting up a large WSS game at the club last Thursday (see previous post) I realised that the Franco Saxon alliance were rather shorthanded on infantry battalions. This gave me an excuse to get some more French units completed for my Friedlingen project and to use in the game. The 2 battalions of the de Robecq regiment had already made it to the table so no pictures of them, but here are the rest that I managed to finish.

First up 2 battalions of the La Reine infantry regiment. I like these as the drummer is in a red coat, which is a change to most french units which have the drummer in blue. The figures are all from Dixon's and the flags by Warflag. I deliberately gave the second battalion just the Colonels colours.

The next 2 battalions are from the Limousin regiment. The majority of these figures are from Warrior, though the Ensign and drummer are Dixon figures. This now completes the French infantry I require for Friedlingen.

The last battalion I've completed is from the La Marck regiment, which were Germans in French service, hence the coloured coats. These are not required for Freidlingen but I've already decided that I want to expand my French troops. Most of the units I've painted to date are from the allies and anti French. The figures like the Limousin battalion are a mix of Warrior and Dixon's. I'm not sure if the colour of the stockings is correct, I couldn't find any details in my sources.

These 5 extra battalions should help even up the sides for the club game, though only for a while as I have a loan of my nephews Danish troops which will add a further 9 battalions and 6 squadrons of horse,

Friday 21 February 2014

A new game

When I arrived at the club on Thursday to discover yet another change in personnel for the WSS game, we got to discuss the merits of starting again. After much discussion it was agreed that the Imperialist had already suffered a bloody nose, there left flank and center were shattered. Also this time we would adjust the firing ranges, we had left it for 28mm figures but this had proved to deadly when trying to assault the redoubts.

So to a new game. This would also allow me to get the rest of the troops on the table. A few dice rolls were made to determine sides. A Franco- Saxon alliance would take on the Anglo-Imperialists. A rough make up of the forces as follows

Bayley - Commander of the Saxons and C-in-C
23 Battalions of Infantry
36 Squadrons of Horse
4 Artillery batteries

George - French Commander
11 Battalions of French Infantry
12 battalions of Piedmont Infantry
5 Battalions of Swedish Infantry
12 Squadrons of Piedmont Horse
12 Squadrons of Swedish Horse
4 Artillery batteries

Total strength - 51 Battalions, 60 Squadrons and 8 batteries

Tom - Commander of the English and C-in-C
18 Battalions of Infantry
12 Squadrons of horse
2 Artillery batteries

John - Imperialist Commander
30 Battalions of  Infantry
33 Squadrons of Horse
5 Artillery batteries

Chris - Hessian Commander
4 Battalions of Hessian Infantry
1 battalion of English Marines
5 Battalion of Hanoverian Infantry
9 Squadrons of Hessian Horse
6 Squadrons of Hanoverian Horse
1 Artillery battery

Total strength - 58 Battalions, 60 Squadrons and 8 batteries.

Both sides have the same objective, to control the 2 road junctions in the middle of the battlefield. This was to be an encounter battle and the first couple of turns were just about both armies manoeuvring into position. Next week we will get down to the main action.

Only took the single picture. The Franco-Saxons are on the left with the Anglo-Imperialists approaching from the right. You can make out the two objectives in the middle of the picture

Monday 17 February 2014

Painting update

In between my weekly forays to the club for the WSS game, I've also been feverishly painting away in the background on a number of mini projects. First up is something rather unplanned. It is an army I always wanted to paint when I first played Warhammer Fantasy battle as a youngster. My mother at the time had a rather fierce aversion to anything with long tails so I could never get any onto the painting table. After browsing EBay I managed to pick up a couple of bargains to allow me to put together a small force of Skaven. So far I have plumbed for the plastic figures from the Island of Blood campaign set, very nice they are especially when you see how much the original metal figures go for these days.

First up the Skaven Warlord Snic Gnawtooth to lead my rag bag of ratmen. I love the pose of this figure, very dynamic.

Snic Gnawtooth
Rear view
Now all Warlords need some followers. These are the first of the warriors that I've completed including a Warlock Engineer. I am going for a red clothing theme for this unit. I have also purchased another 40 warriors that I'll split into 2 units each with their own colour scheme.

Skaven warriors
While painting these I have also been stripping figures that I painted in my youth, to say they were shabby is an understatement. Those were the days where highlighting, washes etc were in my imagination. The first figures I have re done are a unit of 10 men at arms, once part of Citadel's fighter range, now produced by Foundry. I must have had these for at least 25 years. After a quick re paint I'm very happy with these.

Men at arms
Men at arms
Now I haven't just been painting fantasy figures. As promised I have also completed the Palatinat Garde Grenadiers. These were put together from some left over Dixon's figures from my British project for Ramillies. In the absence of an officer figure I have just used a figure in a different pose. Seems to work out okay.

I also completed a couple of extra Brigadiers that I'll use for the French. The one on the left is from Irregular Miniatures while the other is a Donnington figure on an Essex horse.

Well that's it for now. I've got more Skaven and 4 battalions of French infantry on the painting table and they won't paint themselves.

Sunday 16 February 2014

WSS update part 3

Well after last week with the Saxon position looking rather precarious, both sides set too once more. On the Imperial left flank, they decided to launch their infantry brigades once more against the redoubts on the hill. Once again the musketry of the Saxon Grenadiers repulsed everything thrown at them. So great was their success that the Saxon Guard infantry were able to withdraw and reinforce the Green brigade holding the centre.Eventually the Imperialist infantry were exhausted and withdrew.

In the Central redoubt the Saxons re-manoeuvred their artillery and began to pour accurate fire into the advancing Franconian Infantry brigade. With support from the Saxon infantry in the redoubt they broke 3 of the 6 battalions. This just about finished off the Imperialist right flank as an attacking force.

Over on the Saxon left flank they decided to retire both of their cavalry brigades. With the arrival of the Hessian and Hanoverian cavalry as well as more Imperial Cuirassiers they were heavily outnumbered. This actual prompted the Imperial right flank to begin its assault supported by the fresh Hessian and Hanoverian infantry who headed to the main Saxon redoubt.

The Hessian and Hanoverian commander took a very aggressive approach and launched his cavalry against the Polish infantry in the farm with heavy casualties. The plucky Polish levies held on. The Hessian infantry led by the Guards began an assault against the redoubt, but they to were heavily repulsed.

Well I reckon on one more week to see a conclusion reached. The Saxons quickly got over the news that their expected reinforcements were not coming and settled down in their positions giving the Imperialists a bloody nose.

Monday 10 February 2014

WSS update part 2

Well following a change of plans I was able to make it down to the club on Thursday to continue with our WSS game. This time due to attendance a couple of new players took over from myself and Tom, this allowed me to concentrate more on umpiring.

On the Imperialist left they began to pull back their infantry brigades as they realised a frontal assault against the Saxon guards and grenadiers was not likely to succeed. Instead they redeployed the artillery to pour fire into the redoubts. A third Imperialist infantry brigade eventually arrived and promptly made their way to the rather weak looking Saxon centre.

On the centre right of the Imperialist line one of their heavy cavalry brigades faced off against their Saxon counterparts. After charging into their opponents they promptly drove them back for seeing the Saxon brigade crumple under pressure and stream to the rear. The Imperialists retired to the village with their work done.

The other 2 Saxon cavalry brigades approach the village on their left to be promptly met by accurate artillery and musketry. They eventually retired out of range to lick their wounds. Things were about to get worse for the Saxons as the Hessian's and Hanoverian had finally arrived to bolster the Imperialist right flank.

Well this Thursday I hope to get the game fought to a conclusion. I must say that things are not looking to good for the Saxons.

On the painting front I've finished off the Palatinat Garde grenadiers, photos will follow in a day or too as well as a couple of extra French Brigadiers. With my orders arriving from Warrior and Dixons, I can crack on and paint the remaining 7 battalions I need for the French at Friedlingen.

Sunday 2 February 2014

WSS update

At the club on Thursday night I put on a large game using my WSS collections. We are using the Black Powder rules and saw my Imperialists face off against the Saxons. The Saxons are defending some redoubts covering 2 passes that the Imperialists are making for. The Saxons has at there disposal 27 battalions of infantry, 39 Squadrons of horse and 4 artillery batteries. The Imperialists had 36 battalions, 57 squadrons of horse and 6 artillery batteries. However the Hessian and Hanovarian detachments were delayed. It is still early days in the fight and so far both armies are just manoeuvring into position. Two brigades of Imperialist infantry have already begun to assault the redoubt on the Saxon right. though the defence is stout as the position is defended by the Saxon Guards and Combined Grenadier companies. There are a few photos below to wet your appetite. It will be 2 weeks before we meet up again to finish the game.

The Cuirassiers in the rear of the photo failed to move after the first turn and have been stationary ever since, much to Tom's annoyance.

With this game being played it whetted my appetite to get some more figures painted. First up are 2 more battalions for the Friedlingen project. These are the Baden-Baden and Furstenberg-Stuhlingen battalions. This finished the Imperialist infantry required for the game. The figures are all from Dixon's apart from some of the command from Essex.

Lastly I painted up a English Marine unit from some left over figures I had from my Ramillies project. These are the 4th or Seymour's marines. Up until1705 they wore a Grenadier style cap. I have kept the officers in tricorns simply to help differentiate from normal Grenadier units. The figures are Dixon's with command from Warrior miniatures. The flag is purely conjectural and taken from the Warflag site.

I've now got the French regiment La Marche awaiting basing and then I will start on some Garde Grenadiers from the Palatinat.