Sunday 20 November 2022

Woe is me

Well have sorting out my ACW collection, I had it all boxed up in the spare room, ready to move into the shed once it decides to stop raining. Then on my return from gaming from the club, my wife was pleased as punch to mention that she had sorted the room, wanted to throw out the old sofa bed and that I needed a new book shelf for all my wargaming rules and uniform books. So far so good. I did then think to ask after my box of figures. "They are back under the sofa bed until it is removed" she says.

So to Friday and to move the figures. 5 boxes of ACW and 3 boxes of my FPW collections. When I picked up the first box, imagine the horror, the weight was all to one side. So I opened the first lid. For those wargamers of a nervous dispostion look away now.

Even my hand was shaking

All 8 boxes were the same, I couldn't take photos of the others. Thankfully my wife was at work and missed the expletives that I uttered. So another hour or so to re-sort all 8 boxes. Thankfully the damage is limited to a few broken bayonets and a little chipping to a few figures. They are now all safely stored in the shed under lock and key away from my other half.

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Army Review - ACW Union

Following yesterday's post it was only fitting that the Union troops got their own parade. Like the Rebels they are based for Fire and Fury and cover a few different manufacturers from Peter Pig, Warrior, Essex, Old Glory, Tabletop and Minifigs. I will do a separate post for the cavalry for both sides, simply because they didn't fit on the table.

Birney's Divion III Corps

Humphrey's Division III Corps

Wadsworth's Division I Corps

Robinson's Division I Corps

Doubleday's Division I Corps

Caldwell's Division II Corps

Gibbon's Division II Corps

Hay's Division II Corps

Geary's Division XII Corps

William's Division XII Corps

The army so far is 3 complete Corps. I still need to finish William's Division, Lockwood's brigade is missing. I do have 5 spare stands paint so just need another 4 and the Corps is done. On another note I did find the missing 3 Divisional Commanders for the Confederates.

Sunday 13 November 2022

Army Review - ACW Confederates

I thought I would put together a review of some of the armies in my collection. It may inspire me to paint more up and put the finishing touches to each army. So first up is my Confederates for the ACW. The figures are a mix of Warriot, Peter Pig, Old Glory, Essex and Minifigs. I did notice I have 2 brigadiers missing and also have 4 artillery pieces and 6 infantry stands spare. I didn't put our Stuarts'cavalry division as they need a couple more brigades added.

Anderson's Division III Corps

Pender's Division III Corps

Heth's Division III Corps

Early's Division II Corps

Johnson's Division II Corps

Rodes' Division II Corps

Didn't realise I had done as many as this. Still that's 2 full Corps for Gettysburg, based upon the Fire and Fury rules. Union next

Tuesday 8 November 2022

A Dryad

Something a bit different. A 3D printed Dryad that I picked up. I've painted up in a suitably darkened wood colour as I intend to use it with my Dark Elf Blood Bowl team. Hence the blood red flowers.

I also completed another team. A bit late for Halloween.

Now I need to get started on a few more Turks for my Back of Beyond gaming.

Friday 4 November 2022

Praetors vs Greywolves

Well the 6mm sci fi collection got a run out this week as we tried the rules from the Songs of Blades stable. Mitch who ran the game kept it simple. Three Mechs, 3 tanks and 3 APCs with infantry per side. The Greywolves were defending a re-purposed runway, while the Praetors were sent to investigate. 

The game began with the Praetor Mechs and APCs advancing towards the central built uo area, while the infantry disembarked to occupy the buildings. The tanks moved out west to cover the flank.

Almost immediately the indantry came under attack with one of the buildings being destroyed. A second Greywolf Mech opened up on my light mech causing a little damage.

A third mech fired upon an oil refinery, causing an explosion that engulfed my APCs, destroying one.

My light mech then closed quickly on its opponent, though damage seemed negligible. Even support from my heavy mech did little damage. My light mech then came under fire from 2 mechs and the tanks. Destabilized and knocked over. 

Eventually my Heavy mech got into range, with devastating fire, destroying an enemy mech and knocking out a tank. My own tanks then got into range and with combined fire, knocked out a second mech.

Meanwhile the Greywolf heavy mech then opened up on my heavy mech, knocking it out, before itself was dealt catastrophic damage. The Greywolf infantry did have some success in finishing off the Praetor infantry.

A good fun game that no doubt will get another run out in the future.