Sunday 28 December 2014

2014 Year end review

Well it's that time of year where People start to review their progress on the previous years projects. So what did I set t to achieve.

So on to projects for 2014.

15mm Napoleonics - I wanted to complete enough troops for both the Austrians and Westphalians to allow me to run some divisional level games at the club. This has been my mainstay interest this year. So much so that I have continued to add units to both sides with no end in sight

15mm FPW -  I was aiming to try and get the Bavarians up to corps strength. This has been an epic fail with not a paint brush dipped or purchase made. However I did obtain some Bavarian and Prussian cavalry from Mick and aim to paint them up for a large game sometime in May.

10mm Crimean War - I needed to complete 1 more Russian infantry division and some cavalry. I also had a hankering to painting up a Turkish infantry division. Like the FPW stuff another epic fail.

15mm WSS - The Friedlingen project needed a bit of a kick start this year and progress was made early in the year with the completion of all the French infantry I required. I even purchased some cavalry, but since then it has stalled again.

So apart from lots of Napoleonics, what did I actually paint. Well fist there was some Skaven for WFB 3rd edition, don't know why just an urge I had. Always fancied painting some up and managed to pick up some bargains on E-Bay. I then decided to re paint some of my old Citadel men at arms that had lain unloved in a box for over 20+ years. There was also a handful of figures for Blood bowl which included 2 Trolls.

On the historical side I did finish off some French Regulars for my Musket and Tomahawk collection. I'll need to add some more British rangers to balance things out. In 15mm I painted up a mixture of Poles and Turks for some Renaissance battle which will need to be significantly expanded.

Painting \Totals wise is slightly down on last year, but I put that down to spending a couple of months re-basing Darren's Napoleonic collection.

15mm artillery - 12
15mm foot - 881
15mm cavalry - 145
28mm foot - 172
28mm cavalry - 8

Gaming wise I did get involved in 2 historical battles. The first was a re fight of Bunker Hill in which i was the Americans against Neal and Dave, A good fun battle in which I sneaked a minor victory. The other was Ramillies, a great hard fought game at Micks. it also saw Darren get back on the wargaming scene after a absence of a few years.

So what's for 2015, I'll leave that for another post as still a bit undecided.

Saturday 20 December 2014

Brozeczinski Grenadiers

These guys are my last unit of Austrian Grenadiers to finish off my brigade. They are the Brozeczinski Grenadiers made up of companies from the 24th, 30th and 41st line regiments. Like the rest of my Grenadier units the figures are all from Warrior miniatures. The flag is from Warflag.

Brozeczinski Grenadiers
Brozeczinski Grenadiers
Brozeczinski Grenadiers
After these guys I have enough figures left for one more line regiment and a couple of units of Hussars to paint. In the New year I will probably add to these some Uhlans and Grenzers  along with a couple of Hungarian line regiments.

On Thursday it was the last night of the year for the club before we reconvene of the 8th January, all we did was set up a large Napoleonic game with Austrians and Prussians defending a ridge against a larger French force.

Tuesday 2 December 2014

A couple more Napoleonic units

As promised in my last post, I have manged to finish the bases on the next two units for my Napoleonic collection. First up is the 2nd battalion 9th Regiment for the Duchy of Warsaw. Like the other 3 units that will form this brigade the figures are a mix of Essex and an unknown manufacturer. Once again I went for the blue winter trousers. The flag is homemade until I obtain something more suitable.

2/9th Duchy of Warsaw
2/9th Duchy of Warsaw
Next up is a third unit of Austrian Grenadiers. I have found in all our games so far a brigade of just 2 units have been rather ineffective. So I've determined to increase the size of the brigade and this is the next unit. It is only 24 figures, but I do have another on the painting table at 32 figures.

Austrian Grenadiers
Austrian Grenadiers.
Now back at the club we had a bit of a clear out. it is amazing how much junk you can accumulate. We've also re arranged the gaming tables to give us more room on the large table. We even had time to run a small FPW game which I will feature in a later post.