Tuesday 31 May 2011

New Vehicles

Some pictures of a couple of vehicles I've added to my small force. both models are from Old Crow, very splendid castings and easy to paint. I've gone for a sort of desert cammo so they will match in with the terrain pieces they are fighting over.
The first model is the Glaive medium APC and the second is the Goanna Scout car.

I've also got another 7 genestealers nearing completion which will give me 12, enough for a small skirmish game this Thursday at the club.

Thursday 26 May 2011

FInished Building

Finally finished the building. Gave the whole thing a second dry brush of cream before adding some static grass around the base edge to finish off.

The building is now ready to take its place on the battlefield. I intend to construct a few more but slightly smaller buildings, probably only 2 storey.

Wednesday 25 May 2011


Couple more shots of the building. I've given the whole thing a rough dry brush with cream. I'll give it a second coat to pick out some of the texture and give it a more even look before I add any static grass around the edges.

Tuesday 24 May 2011

More troopers

First a photo of some old GW space pirates I've had lying around since the late 80's. At the time some of the best WH40k figures in their day, though they seem to age well and don't look out of place with the more up to date EM4 miniatures.

Next up some more battle droids to support the troopers. These again are from I-Kore, from their Syntha range. Would love to get a few more of these but haven't seen any about for a while. they have been painted in a simple metallic colour as this I feel adds menace to the figures.

Lastly the first finished squad of Genestealers. For some reason they don't come out too good in the photo, but look fine in the flesh.

Building update

I've added a little rubble to the base of the building, using a couple of old sprues cut up. The model has then been given a base coat of Terracotta. The paint has had some sand and PVA glue added, as this gives the foam card some texture and helps to cover the masking tape.

Next up its a simple task of drybrushing the entire model with a light cream. This will blend it in nicely with the other models. I may add some static grass arounfd the edges just to finish off.

Monday 23 May 2011


Nothing much happening with my ACW project. I missed the big test game at Mick's, so didn't get to see the boys in action. Apparently they did okay and are now in storage at Micks in readiness of the Gettysburg re fight at the beginning of July.

I've still got 2 confederate brigades partially finished, just lost a bit of enthusiasm as they aren't required for Gettysburg. Also Mick has asked if each of the players can paint up a couple of extra artillery pieces as we forgot to designate the Union reserve artillery to anyone. I've got the guns but not enough crew. I'll shortly make a purchase from either Warrior or Peter Pig to remedy that.

Terrain WIP

First up the promised picture of the finished building, again using the GW plastic sprues.

Next up is a work in progress of a 3 storey block. I've used foam card as the basis of this model. I'll be adding some scenic items such as rubble before I get around to painting it. It only took an hour or so to put together and hopefully should look good when finished.

Sunday 22 May 2011

Sci fi

And now a total change in direction. Just fancied putting together a small near future skirmish game, utilising figures that are already in my collection. Not sure what rules I'll be using, but preferably fast play. I want to fight the battles across plenty of terrain, buildings, ruins and factories etc.

First up a ruined building, utilising some old GW WH40K and LOTR sprues. I've got enough for one smaller building that just needs finishing off. Would love to get some more of these. Will just have to see what EBay has to offer.

Next up some troopers from EM4 miniatures. These are very nice figures and I've got enough for a section. I will supplement these with some old GW Space pirates that I got back in the 80's. They are not a bad match and will post some pictures when they are painted up. The robot is from I-Kore's Syntha range, I believe it was the 'pointman'. It'll serve as a heavy support to the team.

Next up is a plastic toy Mech. This will provide heavy weapon support to the team. Ideal for taking out enemy armour or buildings.

Now for opponents I've got a couple of ideas. the first is to use some old GW genestealers I've got from the original Space Hulk game. I've been trying out a grey and purple colour scheme and they don't look to bad. The other option is to use terminator robots. As for figures I could use the current GW Necrons, but must admit I prefer their original metal figures. This will be a decision for another day.

Friday 20 May 2011

Victory without Quarter

Finally got to give these rules a run out at the club last night. I took on the role as umpire (as I was the only one who had read the rules), John represented Parliament with Tom and George operating the Royalists. Things were a little hampered initially as I had forgotten the maneuver cards as well as leaving some of Ruperts' cavalry...Doh!

Overall the rules played well, only a few niggles but that was more down to myself still learning. As for the game itself it was quite enjoyable. The initial Royalist cavalry attack in the centre of the village drove back their opponents, eventually breaking the centre of Parliaments line as they were unable to withdraw troops from the wings to support due to stand offs that had developed. The one good news for John was when his Scottish infantry discharged a devastating volley into Bard's foot which promptly saw them flee the village. This seemed to blunt a lot of the initial aggression shown by the Royalist foot.

The plan next week is to give the rules another airing, remembering the maneuver deck. This time the Royalists will be reinforced by Ruperts' missing horse.

Sunday 15 May 2011

Parliamentarian Officers

First up a couple of photos of my C-in-C base for the Parliamentarians. It will be used to represent the Elder Ferdinado Fairfax. The mounted figure is from 1st Corps, the Saxe-Weimar model. The ensign is from Warlord Miniatures metal command pack

Next up a cavalry brigadier, again a 1st Corps figure. this time to represent the younger of the Fairfax's, Thomas.

Lastly a small detachment of fire locks to protect the artillery. These are plastics from Warlord, though one is a converted pike man to add some variety.

With these models done, I've now got enough painted figures to put both forces into the field. Though neither are finished with a couple of regiments still to be done. This Thursday at the club they will get their first run out using the 'Victort without Quarter' rules. Looking forward to it.

Sunday 8 May 2011

Completed so far

First up 2 shots of the Royalist forces that I have completed so far

Next a coupleof shots of those dastardly Parliamentarians. these still need a couple of Commanders to make it viable in gaming terms.

ECW Pictures

As promised pictures of Fairfax's foot and Leveson's Horse


Finally managing to get back into the painting groove. After finishing Prince Rupert I've completed Fairfax's Regiment of foot and Leveson's Troop of horse with some artillery guards and officers half finished. I'll post some pictures over the next couple of days if I get a chance.

Also been reviewing some of my wargames and role playing gear and started to list them EBay. I need to make cash and these have been lying around and not getting used such as Mordheim, D&D 3rd edition, Celtos and some 15mm painted AWI Americans. I hope I don't regret selling the figures as it has a habit that someone will come to the club and ask to game the AWI in 15mm.

I still haven't managed to get a game in this year but hope to change that over the next couple of weeks. Two new lads have just recently joined the club and are into WH40K, I'm not adverse to playing if it gets me a game.