Tuesday 29 January 2019

The Host of Mordor gathers

In just a couple of weeks I've made some significant progress on my Mordorim army. The slightly irregular appearance of the orcs is helping to get my painting mojo back.

First up was 8 orc archers to add to the 4 I already had. These are a mix of metal and plastic figures. The metal figures are a boon as their are only 2 archer poses on the plastic sprues.

8 new archers 
Orc light missile unit

Next up was a second unit of orc warriors. These are all plastic figures apart from a second Gorbag model which has had a shield added.

Orc warriors
Now all Orcish hosts need some Uruk-hai. These are 6 of the metal Mordor Uruks including Shagrat. 3 of these were already painted and just needed basing. I would love to build these up to 12 figures. I did check out a well known auction site and I'm not prepared to pay £20 for 3 figures when I need 6. I do have some of the metal Isengard Uruks, which with the appropriate paint scheme should fit in. They also include dome archers to eventually make this a mixed weapon unit.

Rummaging in the lead pile I also came across an Orc Shaman which can be added to a unit as a wizardling.

The force so far
Not a bad little force, to which I can add the Nazgul and Hill Trolls. Now I've got some warg riders and Uruks.

Sunday 27 January 2019

Not yet worthy...

As the pace picks up on putting together my Mordor host. I finally added the first unit of orcs. These guys are the workhorse of a Mordor host. These 8 models with the first 4 already completed will be used as either Belicose foot or heavy foot with the offensive trait. The unit leader is the Gorbag figure

And the whole unit together. I'm really enjoying painting the red and black colour scheme. It suits orcs.

Next up will be a unit of light missiles. 4 of the figures are just refurbished from old paint jobs. I'll post pictures once the bases are finished.

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Raise me an army worthy of Mordor........

Well not quite an army and not all for Mordor. After deciding to put together a new force for our clubs Dragon Rampant games, I first needed to clear the painting table so I could focus my efforts. There were a bunch of knights of Minas Tirith which have sat sadly awaiting the finishing touches for a number of years. So these guys were first up. They will nicely add some mobility to my Gondor army.

Not the prettiest of paint jobs. Lots of black, but serviceable for the table top.

So with those guys out the way I could concentrate on the new army. First I gathered up all of the spare sprues of Lord of the Rings orcs I had stashed away. A quick count shows I can put together 3 units of good warriors, a unit of bows and some warg riders. I can then add in some Uruk-hai and additional orcs I've already painted but need touching up and rebasing.

The first 4 figures are completed and act as a bit of a colour test. Must say I'm happy with the black/red combination. I even that a crack at hand painting the banner.

I've now got the other 8 figures awaiting their bases to be finished and the first new unit is complete.

Wednesday 16 January 2019

One Ring to Rule them All

Well it was time to start on a new army based on the forces of Sauron/ Mordor. I'll be fixing these up to match the Dragon Rampant rules which I find give a fun game perfectly playable on a club night.

First up was refitting some already painted figures, namely the Nazgul or Ringwraiths. The models are a mix of figures from the Attack on Weathertop boxed set and a couple of very old GW sculpts. The Fell beast isn't as impressive as the more modern sculpts but I love it.

The first new models for this army is a unit of Hill Trolls. The figures are actually Ogres from the Reaper Bones range. They are cheap and characterful. Went for a blue/stone skin tone. May be a bit too blue, but when I've been struggling to paint anything they will do.

 I now have a horde of orcs and evil men to sort out and get painted.

Friday 4 January 2019

2018 Review and future plans

Firstly a belated Happy New Year to you all. Can't believe It's been 2 months since I've posted. I put that down to preparing for both Christmas and the unexpected loss of a close friend. I've still been reading folks' blogs.

So what did I paint last year. Quite pleased with the numbers despite a slow start.


1/200 Aircraft - 19
15mm Artillery - 9
15mm Foot figures - 376
15mm Mounted figures - 270
15mm Vehicles - 13
28mm Artillery - 1
28mm Foot figures - 92
28mm Monster - 4
28mm Mounted figures - 7

Total - 791

The numbers are down on last year but now a lot of my spare time is spent walking the family dog. Again my main focus was 15mm scale. I added more troops to the Great Northern War project, Swedes and Russians. I also made significant progress on a Ottoman Turk army.

In 28mm scale I added a few more figures to my Austrians for Sharp Practice. The rest were mainly sci-fi and fantasy. Expanding my Space Orks for Rogue Trader and Goblins and Elves for Dragon Rampant.

I did pick up a couple of new games this year, What a Tanker and Blood Red Skies. Both enjoyable and perfect for a club night.

I only managed 1 large Historical re-fight. Fighting both the first and second days of Gettysburg up at Micks using his own homespun rules.

I was also lucky enough to take a trip to Europe where I got to visit a number of Battlefields for both the War of Spanish Succession and Franco- Prussian War. My favourite being Blenhiem. I know this trip has inspire me to re-fight the big 4 WSS battles asap.

So plans for 2019. I want to finish my Ottoman Turk army and expand both the Danish and Russian GNW armies. This will help to reduce the lead pile.

Both Dragon Rampant and Rogue Stars are popular at the club and will see me add a couple more team and start a Angmar themed army. After that I'll see what inspires me.

Keep blogging folks