Friday 30 April 2021

SCW Asaltos

I finally completed the last 5 Asaltos I required to bring them up to platoon strength. The last 5 are all from Empress miniatures.

So that's 3 sections of 8 riflemen, a command section and a Bilbao armoured car for support.

I also made some progress on a second platoon for the International brigade. Another selection of figures from Empress. I just need 10 more, which I have partly done from Northstar and the platoon would be complete.

I can now concentrate on the Nationalists. I need to complete the 1st platoon of Moors and have enough figures to nearly complete a second platoon.

Monday 26 April 2021

SCW update

Finally finished the bases on some extra figures to go towards a 2nd platoon for my International Brigade. The figures are all Empress miniatures except two more from Musketeer miniatures. The flag is from Maverick Models.

I also made some additions to my Nationalists. Rounding out a HQ section and a mortar team for support. Need to get around to actually putting together a Nationalist army platoon. The flag is a simple design I picked up from the internet.

I've now got enough Moors and International brigade figures to complete their platoons. I also picked up some extra Asaltos which will ring my Republicans up to 3 platoons.

Monday 19 April 2021

SCW BA-6 Armoured car

I picked up this 3d print from a new company for me, paint and glue miniatures. . A fantastic little kit and all for £7.50. That's roughly 3 for the price of the Warlord kit. The model is made of plastic and came in 2 pieces, the body and turret. There is an option to have the model made out of resin. There was very little clean up to be done on the model and their is plenty of detail.

I have deliberately left off any markings so that I can also use the model for my WW2 Soviets. Overall very happy with this model, so much so I've just ordered 2 Panzer Is and a Renault FT-17 from the range.

Saturday 17 April 2021

SCW additions

While I await an order from Empress miniatures I continued making a little progress on this project. First up was a standard bearer for my International brigade. The figure is from Empress and the flag from Maverick Models.

This now brings my International brigade platoon up to full strength, 3 sections of 8, with HQ, a mortar team and HMG team.

Next up was a HQ section for my Moors. These are from Empress. I'm still awaiting the flag from Flags of war.  1 more section would complete this platoon.

Next was an officer to command my Nationalists. He is an old Renegade miniatures WW1 British officer. The figure had a missing hand so I added a set of binoculars from a plastic WW2 set. The hand is slightly smaller but not noticeably so. Alongside is a mortar for my International Brigade.

Now for some armour, a Trubia Naval tank. This is a 3d printed model I picked up on EBay. Quite a quirky model, but it will add some options.

Lastly was some Militia for the CNT. The 4 in front are the plastic resistance figures from Wargames Atlantic. The others are a mix of Northstar and Empress.

I've now got another mortar and some standard bearers to work on along with a BA-6 armoured car and some converted cavalry.

Sunday 11 April 2021

SCW Moors

My first completed troops for the Nationalist cause are some Moors who accompanied Franco from North Africa. They were fearsome troops for the Nationalist cause.

The first 10 figures are from the Northstar range, a shame they don't do a command set. I deliberatly mixed up the voat colours to add a bit of irregularity to the unit. The figures I have are all riflemen with one LMG in the group.

I was also lucky enough to pick up a small group of figures from EBay. I just needed to touch up the paintwork, add a wash and re-base to match my collection. This provided a LMG team, 4 riflemen and 2 Bounty hunters. The figures are all from Empress miniatures.

The 2 ranges of figures are a good match and mix together well. Helps add more variety. So this will give me 2 of the 3 sections I need, I already have an HQ group on order from Empress.

On the painting table I have 6 militia figures, 4 of these are the Wargames Atlantic plastic French partisans. Not bad and a cheap was to bulk out militia units.

Friday 9 April 2021

SCW scenery

As I impatiently await orders for the next batch of figures, I decided it would be an opportune time to think of scenery. As I rummaged around in my wargames shed I came across 3 old foamcore buildings that I had put together. I was never really happy with them, but they did have pantile roofs. So a simple addition of bases, some walls and an extension, I had 3 servicable buildings. Quick re-paint and done. Still not happy with the windows but will look ok on the tabletop. 

This then got me thinking about a couple of spare adobe buildings I had spare, so walls and extensions were added to these with watered down polyfilla used to texture the walls.

This was followed by a grey undercoated and then a light terracotta painted over. Once dry the whole model was drybrushed with a Buff yellow. The roof was then done in a dark red.

The base was then covered in sand and sealed with an oak woodstain. Once dry it was given a light buff drybrush and small areas of static grass added.

Very happy with how they have turned out. Now as glam as some of the commercial kits you can get theses days, but servicable and cheap to produce.

Here is the whole collection when I has a practice run of some homespun rules.

Socialist militia in cover

International brigade advancing.

Thankfully my 1st order has arrived so back to painting figures this weekend.

Sunday 4 April 2021

SCW Asaltos and more

One of the joys of a new project is it greatly helps getting the painting mojo back. I have quickly cracked on and painted up the 8 Asaltos I had from Anglian miniatures. Though a little slimmer than the Empress figures they do fit in very well. Great for extra variety in a unit.

I also had some British milita figures from my old VBCW collection. Most of these got a repaint, some just a touch up. I will mix these into my International brigade, likely the British battalion as the head gear isn't correct, but these were too nice a set of figures not to use. They are from the Musketeer miniatures range.

Once the rest of the International brigade figures arrive I can spread them across the units so that they become less noticeable.

The last addition is a HMG team for the International brigade. I believe this model is from the Empress miniatures range. Unfortunately after painting it met with a little accident so the gun is a little skewed.

As I now have to await my orders for the next batch of figures I have started to refurbish some old foamcore buildings I have. I've added some lean to's and small walling to the existing models. They'll now require a repaint.

Friday 2 April 2021

Viva Espana

The start of a new project, The Spanish Civil War. A period I only know the basics on, so plenty of reading to catch up on. For an Interwar period it is very colourful. I like the idea of flags, Carlists, Falangists as well as Moors and the International brigades.

So to start I had a dig around in my old VBCW collection. I had used a number of SCW figures as part of the Anglican league. So 15 Asaltos and 10 International brigade figures that would need re-painting. There were also some unpainted Asaltos and a HMG team. There are also few figures from the VBCW militia which I can re use for the International brigade.

The first figures were quickly done, the 15 Asaltos and a Bilbao armoured car. The Asaltos are Empress miniatures, not sure where the armoured car is from.

I also re painted a Ledo truck for transport and 10 International brigade figures from Northstar.

Not a bad start. I've some more Asaltos to add, think these are the old Anglian miniature range. Not as nice as the Empress figures, but match in size wise. I put in an order to Empress for some more Asaltos and International brigade figures to bring them both up to platoon strength. I haven't settled on a rule set, was thinking of adapting my old VBCW rules, quick and simple to play.