Sunday 27 February 2011

ECW Update

No pictures this time, but so far I've managed to complete my second white coated regiment, that of Bard's. That leaves only 3 regiments of foot to paint, but these shall the start of Parliamentarian force. I've also done a second troop of warlord cavalry to add to that already done to give a small regiment of horse. I also had some rather poor looking figures from an unknown manufacturer picked up as part of an EBay bundle. Not the best but they've painted up okay. Now being a staunch royalist these figures will be the first troop for my Parliamentarians.

I've also put together 2 artillery pieces, one is an old piece I picked up from Essex about 20 years ago (saw service in an old fantasy human army) and a nice looking mortar from Redoubt.

When the full forces are put together I should have the following:
4 Regiments of Foot
4 Regiments of Horse (total of 8 troops)
1 Piece of artillery
1 stand of artillery guards

3 Regiments of foot
5 Regiments of Horse (total 8 troops)
1 troop of Dragoons
1 Piece of artillery
1 stand of artillery guards

2 smallish forces but ideal for the scale of battles I want to be conducting.

Monday 21 February 2011

Percy's Regiment

Another completed regiment for my Royalist force, this time Percy's regiment in their white coats. These figures are all from the Warlord Plastic range. They take paint very well and didn't take long to paint up. I am impressed with the detail on the figures. My only criticism is the time it takes to put all the figures together, especially when you have 2 boxes of them.

Next up another troop of Royalist horse, these are also form the Warlord plastic range and I have to say very impressive figures and easy to put together, so much so I've sent off for another box.

Saturday 19 February 2011

Royalist Troops

Finally finished basing my first units for my Royalist force. I'm going to be using the fast play rules by Clarence from

First up the Kings Regiment in their red coats. These figures are all from Renegade Miniatures. I really like these figures and they are nice to paint up.

Next up Ruperts Blewcoat Regiment. The musketeers are all Perry miniatures, while the Pike are from Essex and the officer is Warlord miniatures. They all mix in well

Lastly a regiment of 2 troops of Royalist horse. These are all Perru Miniatures. The flag is only temporary until I reasearch a particular unit that I want them to represent.

I have now got a box of the plastic warlord Royalist foot, this should give me 2 regiments of 18 figures with a few spares. These 2 regiments will represent some of Newcastle's regiments that he sent to serve on the Oxford army.

Monday 14 February 2011

New Project

Finally decided on my project for this year, English Civil War. It's always been a period that has appealed to me. I've gone for 25/28mm scale (see Dave Imries site for inspiration. The armies weren't particularly large and lends itself to small scale actions. So far I've managed to pick up 3 boxes of Warlord plastics, Royalist horse , foot and Scots Covenanters. These added to some Renegade, Perry and Essex that I had already.

So far on the painting front I've done the Renegade figures in a mix of Red and Grey, and currently putting the finishing touches to a Blue and Grey unit. I hope to get some photos done after they are based this weekend.

Tuesday 8 February 2011


Made the trip to the York show at the weekend. It was very busy, a lot busier than I remember it from my last visit a couple of years ago. It did quieten off after lunch which made it easier to get a look at the games. Spent some time catching up with a couple of mates from the Border Reiver club and their VBCW Vickers yard game. A very impressive layout. Typically I forgot my camera so was unable to take any pictures. A couple of other games stood out, the Ilkley lands desert game, the Siege of Antwerp (cannot remember who by) and Mortimer's Cross.

On the purchase front managed to get just about everything I wanted. 2 boxes of the Warlord ECW plastics. Some renegade ECW musketeers, extra artillery for my ACW forces from Peter Pig and most importantly a female Pirate for my daughter, who wanted a toy brought back. All in all a very impressive show and will most certainly return.

Thursday 3 February 2011

Re inforcements

Starting to get back on track with putting some troops in the field the nearer I get to next months big game at Micks. I've got 2 Confederate brigades on the table from Herbert's Division. They need a little touch up as I picked them up off EBay. There should be enough figures left to field the remaining 2 brigades to complete the division. At the York show this weekend I intend to pick up some more artillery from Peter Pig to finish off.

Tuesday 1 February 2011


Managed to paint up some of the plastic GW warriors of Rohan. So far 28 done with another 12 to do. I've also got a number of personality foot figures that I may or may not do. I've continued using the black wash method which I find quite effective on browns and greys, not too sure on the couple of blue cloaks. May change these. (Feeling the urge to paint up some historical figures, probably some Greeks. That might change if something catches my eye at the York show this weekend.)

Next up a couple of shots of King Theoden. He wasn't at the first battle at the fords of Isen, but was on is way for the second battle before news reached him that the defenses were breached and he made for Helms Deep.