Tuesday, 16 July 2019

RoSD bits and pieces

As I missed the club this week l decided
to add a few more bits and pieces for my next Rangers of Shadow Deep game. First up was a few extra terrain pieces to act as battlefield cover. The broken columns are old cake decorations recycled.

Next up was an old Bugbear figure from Reaper Bones. Think he is designated as a leader. I already had 3 of these guys painted up.

Staying on the theme of bad guys. I have 3 more cultists. 1 is an old Chaos Sorcerer whole the other 2 are from the old Cultists of the Red Redemption regiment. I do have another 2 figures but cannot locate them yet.

Lastly is the first figure purchase i have made for this game. 1 is a stone construct, which could also be handy for Frostgrave. The second is an undead Champion to led my Skeleton warriors

I do have a few more old figures that I can add, they just need touching up and re-based. After this it should be back to Ottomans.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

More RoSD extras

After my first game of these rules I decided to add a few more figures. Mainly just to provide some of the extras I'll need for future scenarios.

First up is a couple of heavily armoured chaps from the Blacktree miniatures Crusader range. I can use these as a knight and Templar.

Next up was a couple more companions. A second Savage and a Conjuror from the Frostgrave range.

Next were to be some Cultists. It was then I realised I had used all the bodies for some undead warriors. I then remembered I had some plastic Gripping Beast Arab spearman left unused. So a few simple head and arm swaps and I have my cultists. I even found an old GW Redemptionist figure to act as a leader.

Next up I made a start on some extra scenery pieces just to clutter up the battlefield.

I've got 2 more of these done up, just need their bases finished.