Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Time for Action...

....well Bolt Action to be precise. Now I have never been a one for gaming WW2. I did try out Flames of War a couple of years back, even collecting an American armoured rifle company and a German Panzer company. All the figures and books have since been listed and sold on EBay. Now I do not regret selling this collection as I put the money to good use and got sick of the figures gathering dust in a box, especially when my regular club opponent John left the club (He was well into WW2 gaming).

A couple of months ago Neal purchased the Bolt action rules from Warlord games, including their new fangled dice for issuing the orders. Now I have managed to play in 3 games so far. The rules are quick and easy to pick up and give a reasonable representation of small action games. I even tried the walk a squad across open ground to see what happened. Lets just say they didn't make it across. Suffice to say I enjoy these, I don't need many figures to play which keeps the budget down. So I took the plunge and got my self an early war British platoon from Forged in Battle. Must say the figures are very nice and excellent value.

So to painting, I must admit the uniform colour had me rather flummoxed. It seems to range from a green to brown in shade so I settled on a lightish green given a brown ink wash and I think they came out okay., though not too happy with the helmets. Took me approximately a week to get these all done.

I've gone for a mix of base sizes, this is just a personal choice as it was one of the drawbacks of flames of war, however with a skirmish game 40 individual figures become a pain to move, hence multi-bases with spare riflemen for casualty removal.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

More GNW Swedes

It feels like it has been ages since I have posted anything, just do not seem to have the time, though I am still checking out every ones blogs, but not always leaving comments. Hope to start rectifying that. On a gaming front nothing much has happened. After the large FPW game at Mick's I had my first game of hail Caesar at Neal's against Dave. The conclusion had to be postponed due to work commitments. I'll post an update when we get the game finished.

On to the Swedes. I have slowly been expanding my forces. First up is the Dragoon regiment von Schippenbach, these are at a strength of six squadrons. They will be my largest mounted unit for the Swedes. The figures are all from the Dixon range. I still need to source a flag for these.

Next up is a small battery of three medium guns. These are from Warrior miniatures as are most of the crew with a couple of additions from Minifigs. From my sources the Swedish guns were painted peasant blue with all the metal painted yellow. I've interpreted the blue to be light, though may be wrong.

Lastly there is the addition of another infantry regiment, this time Riga. Again the figures are all Dixon and the flag from Solway.

Next up on the painting table are a couple more infantry battalions, some dragoons and a couple of bases of Polish cavalry.