Sunday 29 December 2019

Back to Middle Earth

Well after what seems an age, I'm finally back painting again. After moving my wargaming gear into the shed, I lost my permanent painting station. So after Christmas I bought myself a cheap folding table I can keep in the conservatory and get a little painting done.

So the first troops on the new painting table were Orcs. This was inspired by a number of great collections I've seen on Blogs and Facebook. These in the main plastic Isengard Uruks.  A few have had weapon swaps, mainly to replace broken pieces. They are deliberately quick and dirty with an eye on mixing them in with the existing Orcs in my collection.

The figures still need basing. I'll do this as a batch when I get the rest painted. The banners are just simple designs and look OK. The lighter one needs shaping a bit more so the trooper can see. Ive got approximately another 30 Orcs /Uruks to painted and another 20 that just need some touching up to add to the others below.

Now I'll have to wait for the release of the Oathmark wolfriders to add to my existing mounted troops.