Saturday 31 July 2021

Fistful of Lead

With the return of club gaming, Mitch decided to run a FFOL game using his old west collection. I remembered that I had a box of assorted cowboys, lawmen etc stored somewhere so dug them out. Selecting 4 suitable figures after I had rebased them all.

4 Lawmen to bring justice to the streets. There were 3 other factions in play. Some Cowboys, dastardly Mexicans and the Earps. It was a simple scenario of locating a certain individual and returning him to your starting location.

The rules are simple and fun and make for a quick game. I was lucky enough to locate the target and return him to jail. Now for pictures of the game.

Great fun and Stargrave next week

Tuesday 27 July 2021

SCW Carlists

With enthusiasm renewed, I quickly completed another section of Carlists. Just like the last batch these are all from Empress miniatures. I kept to the same colour scheme for these with the exception of the blanket roll. I'll do the same again for the 3rd and HQ sections for a bit of irregularity.

I've now got the 3rd section prepped and underway. Hopefully complete them by the weekend.

Friday 23 July 2021

SCW update

It's been a while since my last update. Not much painting has been getting done as I've been busy with work. However I have made a small start on 2 new platoons for this project. 

First up is 4 FAI-CNT militia from Empress miniatures. The flag is from Flags of War.

These bring my militia up to 15 figures, will need another 18 to complete the platoon. I envisage the sections being 10 figures with the command section just 3 figures.

The second platoon I'm working on is some Carlists for the Nationalist cause. I've put together the first section of infantry,  these again are from Empress miniatures.

I do have enough figures to complete the Carlist platoon. As I'm rather enjoying these I may go on to complete a second platoon. I've still got Panzer 1 and some artillery to also finish.