Tuesday 31 July 2018

A new Project begins....

....or could that be revisiting something I started nearly 30 years ago in my youth. The Ottoman Turks, why? Because they were involved in the Great Northern War. Even if it was on the periphery. They give great potential for 'what if' battles against the Russians or as allies of the Swedes.

Now I do already have a small number of figures that were passed on to me in my teenage years. They got a lick of paint (pretty basic) then sat in a box. Then about 10 years ago I added a couple of infantry units then put them back in the box.

But not this time. Now I fully intend to get these guys up to fighting strength and get them onto the table for a game. I quickly sorted out the unpainted figures and added a couple of extra purchases from Roundway to get me started.

The original collection is primarily infantry and so is the unpainted lead. I should have enough figures for an extra 4 units of Janissary's, 3 units of Azabs and 2 units of irregular foot. I have managed to pick up a win on a well known auction site which will provide another 60 mounted figures.

The originals
The unpainted.
Well i did make a start on 2 units of Sipahi from Roundway. The troopers are nice looking figures, but I did not enjoy painting them. Not sure what it was about them. As a result not my best work and just pleased to finish them. Hope I have better luck with the Janissary's.

So not the best start but onwards and upwards.

Thursday 19 July 2018

GNW Russians XV

As mentioned in my last post I had another Russian Dragoon regiment still needing their bases done. Finally got around to it in between rebasing my Darkest Africa collection to sell on.

These represent the Roslavlski Dragoons. They are a mix of figures from Essex, Roundway and Dixon's. Basically left over figures from various units.

Next I need to decide if I paint up another dragoon regiment or a Siphahi regiment.

Friday 13 July 2018

GNW Russian reinforcements

I thought it was about time I started to expand the mounted arm of my Russian forces. First up was expanding Kropotov's horse Grenadiers. I already had 3 squadrons completed using Roundway miniatures. This time I would be using Dixon figures. Should be ok as I will be fielding the full 6 squadrons in 2 separate units.

The Full regiment
Next up was 3 squadrons of The Archangel-Gorodski Dragoons. I chose these for the combination of yellow coats and the green neckerchief. Figures are all from Roundway.

I already have a 3rd regiment awaiting their bases to be finished. I will then increase the strength of the Permski and Moscovoski Dragoons up to 6 squadrons.