Wednesday 27 June 2018

GNW relief column

On Thursday night I put on a small club game for the GNW. It was time the Swedes got an outing. The game pitted a Swedish relief column trying to fight its way through encircling Russian forces to link up with Charles XII.

The Swedish force commanded by John was made up of  9 battalions of infantry in 3 brigades. They were supported by 6 squadrons of dragoons and  8 squadrons of horse.

The Russians commanded by Tom were hidden from view. There place on the table marked by a mounted brigadiers. 2 were dummy markers. The Russians had 16 battalions of infantry in 4 brigades. 1 was veteran, the rest were raw. They were supported by 6 squadrons of Horse Grenadiers and 15 squadrons of Dragoons of rather dubious quality.

The field of battle
The Swedes advance

The game began with the Swedish horse advancing along the road where they became threatened by a brigade of Russian infantry. They cautiously awaited their own infantry before advancing further.

It took the Swedes some time to get themselves in order. John pushed one infantry brigade out to his right flank where they were blocked by another Russian infantry battalion. On the Swedish left flank the Russian infantry began to fall back as Swedish Dragoons threatened their flanks.

As the Swedes advanced the crashed into the Russian infantry, throwing them back in disorder. They pushed on towards the village and crashed into the Russian veterans. They promptly routed 1 battalion before Russian Dragoons forced them back

Tom then committed his Horse grenadiers against the Swedish Dragoons. After a few turns of melee they were beaten back. On the Swedish right flank the two infantry lines engaged. After a brief struggle the Russian brigade collapsed.

In the Centre the Swedish infantry renewed the assault. After some early success they began to hold off as Russian Dragoons once again threatened their flanks.

Unfortunately we ran out of time. The Russians still held the village and had more troops on their way. However the Swedes were still a threat with plenty of fresh infantry.

Sunday 17 June 2018

GNW Russians and review

Over the last couple of nights I finally finished the basing on 2 more infantry battalions from the Novogorodski regiment. The figures are all Roundway with the exception of 2 Dixon officers.

After completing these I am now contemplating how many more Russians do I need. Mick already has enough Russians to re-fight Poltava so that isn't the goal. Now for campaign games I need between 10-15 horse regiments and 20-30 infantry battalions with a couple of artillery batteries to support. So it was time to get them all out the box too see where I am at.

First up is the 10 battalions that make up the Auxiliary corps that fought alongside the Saxons at Fraustadt.

Next is the main core of my infantry. 4 Guard battalions, 6 Grenadier battalions and 8 musketeer battalions. These are supported by 2 medium artillery batteries.

The mounted arm currently consists of 12 squadrons of Horse Grenadiers fielded as 4 regiments and 5 regiments of Dragoons.

The Russian army
Going through my lead pile I can put together 2 more Dragoons regiments. 2 Grenadiers battalions, 4 musketeer battalions and a light artillery battery. Do I need anymore? probably not as I can add 3 regiments of Cossacks and 2 Cossacks infantry battalions. Then i can turn my attention to another protagonist of the Great Northern War, The Ottoman Turks.

Tuesday 12 June 2018


After adding an infantry battalion I decided to add another cavalry regiment to my Swedes. These guys have sat part painted for too long and needed finishing.

I chose the Norra Skane regiment as it fought in most of the major engagements during the Poland campaign. Seeing action at Pultusk 1703, Posen 1704, Fraustadt and Kalisz 1706 before meeting its fare with the rest of the army at Poltava in 1709.

The figures are all from the Dixon range and make up 6 squadrons. I still need to finish the pennant. Trying to pluck up the courage to paint it free hand.

Saturday 9 June 2018

GNW Russians XIV

Managed to get around to completing this last unit of Russian Dragoons. They represent the Koporski regiment. The figures are all from Roundway. Excuse the flag as it came out all wrong and I'm in the process of correcting it.

I also completed a few more brigadiers and a Line commander. Again the figures are all Roundway.

I'm now awaiting an order from Roundway so that I can complete 2 more Dragoon regiments. I also have enough figures to bring 2 of my mounted Grenadiers up to full strength.  Including cossacks, that will be 50 squadrons. More than enough for club games.

I will also be able to add another 6 infantry battalions and a light gun battery.  I will then need to source a few suitable figure the represent Peter the Great.

Saturday 2 June 2018

GNW Swedes VII

It's been a long time since I added to my Swedish forces for the Great Northern War. What with concentrating lately on the Russians and before that the Poles, the army was feeling slightly neglected. I still have 12 squadrons of partially painted Swedish horse that stare back at me on the painting table and have done for over a year. So what did I add, yep another infantry battalion. The aforesaid cavalry will have to wait.

I decided to add a 4th Baltic states infantry battalion. This time Liewen's regiment. Once again I went for plain grey coats. Figures are all from Roundway miniatures.

IR Liewen
IR Liewen

Now this left me with a slight problem when it came to storage. I hadn't realised the box for the Swedes was already full.

Will become more of an issue when I eventually paint up those cavalry.