Sunday 30 July 2017

Great Northern War update

After some time away chilling in Ibiza I need to refocus my efforts to complete this longterm project, though does a collection ever get completed.

First up I need to finish off my rules. Still need a few playtests to check a few things out, particularly around Irregular cavalry and reflecting their style of warfare. Then I can look forward to a possible 2nd refight of Klissow, this time using the Poles and a refight of Fraustadt and Kalisz.

Next up I need to complete my Polish forces. I'm busy painting up a couple of Generals while I await the arrival of more figures. I have orders in with Essex, Donnington and Legio Herica. This should give me enough figures for a further 2 regiments of Hussars, 5 regiments of Pancerni, 2 regiments of Dragoons and a few extra generals. I then will need to add some artillery and some more light cavalry. Should keep me busy for a while.

Tuesday 18 July 2017

GNW Poles V

2 more units of Pancerni have been added to the collection. The figures are from Essex miniatures. I prefer them to the Donnington miniatures. Though the lack of variety in the poses is a concern for a predominantly Irregular army. Hence my hankering after the By fire and sword miniatures.

This brings me up to 7 regiments or 21 squadrons of Pancerni. Would like to get these up to atleast 30 squadrons.

Monday 17 July 2017

GNW Poles IV

Continuing from the last post, another addition to my Polish army. This time a unit of Dragoons. The figures for these are from Donnington miniatures. The horses are okay but the riders seemed a little large. In future I may replace these with different figures.

I've got 2 units of Pancerni that need basing up. I've also got some spare figures to put together a command base. I've also been looking at the By fire and Sword range which have a nice selection of Pancerni and cossacks. I think I'll put in an order shortly to try them out.

Wednesday 12 July 2017


After the conclusion of the WSS campaign with Mick, our attention has turned to a campaign based around the Great Northern War. Once again we will each have 3 armies to field. Logically Mick has taken the Swedes and is already expanding is collection to field his 3 armies. For myself, I'll be using the Saxons and Danes as 2 of my armies. For the 3rd I had contemplated using a mixed Russian and Saxon force. Instead I've decided to use the Poles and I'll need to expand the collection. Why Poles? Why not. An army that is colourful with not the best quality of troops for this war against veteran Swedes, it will be a challenge.

So here are the first of the new additions. 2 regiments of uniformed Cossacks. The figures are from Essex miniatures.

This brings me up to 5 Cossack regiments, more than enough. I've also got a unit of Dragoons on the painting table and 2 more regiments of Pancerni. I'm also thinking about putting an order in with Timecast for a couple of packs of the Old Glory Pancerni as Pancerni would make up approximately 70% of a Polish force at this time. I do have a few infantry to paint up but these are not as urgently required.

Monday 10 July 2017

WSS Bavarians III

After slowly making my way through correcting links on the blog (about 80% done) I thought it time to post something new. June had proved a very unproductive month on the painting front. These next 2 units have sat on the painting table for weeks waiting to be finished. They are 2 battalions of the Kurprinz regiment. The figures are mainly Warrior, the command from Dixons and the Grenadiers from Roundway. The flag is from Maverick Models.

This brings my Bavarians up to 4 battalions of infantry and 6 squadrons of horse. A nice small addition to my French forces.

I've now made a start on a new project following the end of a campaign against Mick using our WSS troops. 4 victories and a draw brought it to an end. This will see me flesh out my Polish troops for the GNW, enough to make up one of my 3 armies for our GNW campaign.

Sunday 2 July 2017

Blogging update

After my fall out with Photo bucket I decided to make a start on the blog. Luckily despite creating the blog in 2009, I only start using 3rd party hosting during 2012. So at least that means only 5 years of posts need repairing. So far I have moved the majority of my photos onto a portable hard drive (didn't realise how many there were).

As the WSS and GNW has seen the largest collection of posts that need repairing, I decided to make a start on these. I found the easiest way was to download the folder from photobucket onto my phone and work my way back through the posts. This is going to be slow. So far I've managed to go back to posts in September 2016 and uploaded nearly 200 photos so far. I think thus will become a rather time consuming business that I will just have to slowly chip away at. Well back to uploading more photos

Saturday 1 July 2017

Not Happy

I'm sure a lot of bloggers are now aware that Photo bucket have decided to stop 3rd party hosting unless you pay a fee. Now I am rather angry at this money grabbing stunt. Unfortunately this means none of my photos are viewable.  Now I'm going to have to look for a new host of my photos and decide if I have the time to go back and fix all of my links. Bearing in mind this blog has been going for well over 6 years, that is a lot of work which I have little enthusiasm for.

The blog may be quiet for a while as I sort a few things out.