Wednesday 29 December 2021

Beja unit

Finally got the last 6 figures completed for my first unit of fearsome Beja warriors. These are all Perry plastic figures. Easy enough to paint up. Just wish someone could put them together for me.

So that is 3 units completed for the Mahdi. Atleast 3 more to do before I think about adding any extra options.

Thursday 23 December 2021

Gaslands Pre season

It's race 4 of the clubs Gaslands pre season as we all pick up the rules. The first 3 were simple affairs of everyone using 1 or 2 cars with a machine gun as we got used to the mechanisms. Not a great start for my team, wrecked in race 1, last in race 2. Race 3 I did pick up 1st and 2nd, more by luck I think.

Race 4 was against Mitch with 50 cans team. Proper upgrades etc. Mitch took 3 cars, all wirh mines. I had 2 cars and a performance car. To the race.

The start was carnage as one of Mitchs car's slid across the track, causing everyone to swerve to try and avoid damage.

It did however allow Tonto in the performance car to get ahead in the race which he held for much of the race. Bugs though was wrecked at the 1st gate hitting some mines, though the explosion did damage Mitch's cars. After some exchange of fire, Cammi in the second car forced his way into 2nd place behind Tonto to provide some protection.

With Mitch's cars continuing to slide, spin and wipeout I picked up quite a lead. However the nuances of the figure 8 track meant Mitch layed plenty of mines to block me. He even sent 1 car the wrong way to hit Tonto head on, wrecking both cars.

Cammi then did some rather spiffing driving to get through the mines, take out Mitch's 2nd car, only to be undone at the last moment by a simple machine gun burst.

Please excuse the tissue as we didn't have enough templates to represent all the Mines Mitch put down. Overall a poor result for my Blackdog Racing Team, all 3 cars wrecked, but a fun race. Mitch's last car was down to its last 2 points. Looking forward to the racing season in the New Year.

Thursday 9 December 2021

Slow progress

I'm finding it difficult to get the time to paint, dark and stormy nights aren't helping and when I do get time I'm decorating. So these guys are all I have to show for 2 weeks work. Very basic paint jobs, though I did go back and add tufts to all of the other completed figures. So once more 7 extra Beja warriors from Perry miniatures.

I do still need to add a flag and the last 6 figures of the unit have now been started. Here are the rest to prove I have done the bases.

So nearly 50% through the Mahdist forces. Hopefully be able to get a game in the New Year. In the meantime tonight af the club, it's Gaslands, should be fun I hope.