Thursday 29 October 2009

Painting update

Just added a couple of photos of my Imperial forces. Currently concentrating on the Swabian and Franconian Circle troops.

On the left Franconian Cuirassiers Brandenberg Bayreuth, On the right the Swabian Cuirassiers Stauffenberg (figures are all Dixons)

On the left Franconain Dragoons - Bibra, The right Swabian Dragoons - Hohenzollern (figures by warrior miniatures)
The start of the Franconian Circle infantry, 3 battalions of the Markgraf von Brandenberg regiment and the combined regimental Grenadiers (these eventually became a stand alone battalion) (figures are a mix of Essex - grenadiers , warrior and dixons)

I've also purchased a number of 6mm buildingds to add to a couple that have been lying around the club for a few years. The intention is to base 2-3 buildings on each CD and use as villages for fighting the games on.

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  1. The troop units are unusual, the circles are such interesting entities that can be in so many games. Nice work.