Monday, 27 August 2018

Ottoman review

Firstly a few more additions to my Ottoman infantry. There is a unit of Azabs with muskets and 2 units of Jannisarries. The Azabs are from Friekorp. The Jannisarries are mainly Roundway with Friekorp officers.

I chose the yellow coats for the Jannisarries as I liked a picture of them in these colours in an old Osprey book I had on the Ottomans. Quite catching but the next 2 regiments will be in the more traditional blue.

As I was packing these away I decided to have a quick review if the army. So far I have 27 squadrons of heavy cavalry, but only 6 squadrons of of lights. The infantry is well served so far with 5 regiments of Jannisarries, 1 regiment of Tufecki, 6 regiments of Azabs and 5 regiments of Irregulars.

I reckon I'm about 70% complete with this army. I do have 4 more regiments of Jannisarries to complete with another 12 squadrons of various light cavalry.

So what else do I need. A few more officers would be helpful along with some artillery. A few more squadrons of Sipahi and Akinji would also be nice. After that any additions would be limited.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Yet more Ottomans

With my enthusiasm still holding for this project, I've been able to make some more progress on the unpainted lead. First up is 6 additional squadrons of Sipahi. These are more of the lovely figures from Legio Heroica.

As with the others I need to add some banners. I'll hopefully pick some up at the Border Reiver show next weekend.

I've also added a couple more units of Azabs. These figures are from Friekorps. Not the best but I've had them for years. I painted the uniformed. Not sure how historically accurate this will be.

Next up I've got a few commanders to paint up and then some Delli light cavalry to tackle.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Ottoman cavalry

I've made some more progress on my Ottomans to take part in the Great Northern War. These are more of the batch of figures I picked up from Legio Heroica. They are labelled as Beslu/Gonulla cavalry and will provide support to my Sipahi.

I still need to add some pennants to their lances. So that's 3 more regiments added. There were also a handful of spare figures left over which I've painted up as commanders to lead the army.

Next up on the painting table are some more Sipahi and musket armed azabs.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Ottoman conquest

And so it begins. Some further additions to the start of this project. First up I completed some old figures from the original Mikes model range. Quite chunky compared to more modern sculpt, but still full of character.

So first up 2 squadrons of Delli's. Now these are not as nice as more modern sculpts but will suffice.

The infantry are some of my favourites. I've added 2 units of irregulars armed with hand weapons and 1 unit with bows. The other now armed unit are old rebased figures.

Next to be completed were some new figures from Legio Herocia, 6 squadrons of Sipahi. There should have been 3 more squadrons but I ran out of bases. They will be added once the bases arrive.

These Sipahi are some of my favourite figures. I already have another 12 squadrons of them my painting table. I just need to source some flags and pennants to add to the landed.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Rats of War

Club night on Thursday saw my Ratmen/ Skaven get their first outing in a game of Dragon Rampant. It was a 4 player game with random turns. I would be up against John with his Men of the West, Tom took the Rohirrim and George the dastardly orcs. Neil would umpire.

The game involved controlling a ruined tower in the centre of the table where armoured deceased mate had left a treasure hoard.

My force was made up of the following
1x heavy foot Inc Warlord Snicket with offensive trait.
1x light foot Inc Warlock Skritch
3x light foot
1x bellicose foot (Rats ogres) with venomous weapons.

Now I was worried as when troops were laid out I could see demons, giants and lots of horsemen eeek!

The game began with a quick advance to the centre while my warlock moved to protect the left flank from the Rohirrim. Good job too as the Rohirrim charged straight at us. Luckily despite a few casualties we were forced back before Wedlock Skritch unleashed his arsenal of spells and blasted the incoming horsemen.

In the Centre it seemed the deceased mate was not quite dead as we thought as he began to raise indeed warriors to protect the tower.

Over on the other side of the table the orcs and humans sat around observing a clash between the giant and demons. This lasted a few turns before the demon was eventually banished.

The Rohirrim though sought revenge and King Theoden brought forward his knights only for a few pesky skeletons to get in the way. This delay allowed the Rat ogres to hit home and cause carnage. Bringing down Theorem and most of his knights. The rest of my warriors began to occupy strategic positions ready to assault the tower.

Unfortunately time ran out. My rats claiming a victory purely on kill count. Enjoyable game.