Monday 30 July 2012

Refurbishing scenery

I have had these 3 hills that I made about 20 years ago out of cardboard. They have stood the test of time, though spent the last few years at the bottom of a box. I decided that they needed a bit of a touch up. I intend to get my hands on one of the GW grass mats and that determine how I would touch the hills up. With some off cut grass matting, also showing its age I proceeded to get to work. I have attached a simple guide to how I completed the hills as well as a before and after shot.

Tools used
1 old brush
pencil or pen
PVA glue
Grass matting

The original shabby looking hills
First I drew an outline approx 1 inch around the base
I then turned the hill upside down and traced its outline before cutting it out.
With plenty of PVA glue I began sticking down the top first followed by the sides. Small cuts were made to the sides to ensure an even covering.
A side by side comparison
The three finished hills

When I got to the third hill my daughter decided that she would provide "assistance". To say this one took longer than the other two put together would be an understatement. But she enjoyed it. Total time to touch the three hills was about half an hour, now just to leave them over night to dry. Next up I am putting together some woods aimed at my 15mm figures. I am using small offcuts of MDF. Will post some pictures over the next few days.

Sunday 29 July 2012

FPW French Corps

Finally managed to complete the second infantry division that made up part of Decean's III Corps. I've now got to decide whether I expand the collection to take in the 3rd and 4th division or do the 2 divisions of IV Corps for the battle of Borny-Colombey. Tempted by 4th Corps as it gives me 4 pieces of corps artillery and Clerambault's cavalry division is attached to this corps.

First up the 2 units of cavalry finished so far of Clerambault's division. these were attached to IV corps. The figures are from Outpost as usual and painted up well. The Chasseurs are in the newer uniform issued I believe in 1870. I still have a Dragoon regiment of 4 stands to complete which will finish off this division.

Finally the last of the Infantry for Castigny's division, the 69th and 90th infantry regiments.These with the 19th and 41st complete the division.

Not a large force as yet, but more than enough to game with against my Wurtemburgers and Bavarians.

Saturday 28 July 2012

On a losing streak

After my victorious run the week before, I have found myself suffering two defeats on the bounce. The first was against my nephews, the report is below It wasn't just a defeat, more like a massacre. Then tonight my daughter challenged me to a wings of war game, obviously she was wanting to boost her kill count. I could only manage the one game as my pride could take no more as she inflicted 20 points of damage and blew me from the sky. The shame.....

On a more positive note I have gotten quite a bit of painting done this week. A unit of Chasseurs a Cheval to add to my cavalry division and the last 2 infantry regiments for the French III corps. I'll post pics over the weekend when the basing is done. I've got one more unit of dragoons to complete but won't get the figures off Dave until  Wednesday.. Dave has done some sterling work on the FPW Prussians here

Don't know if any one else notice but blogger seems to have been playing up on the photos. I did a post for the ECW game and the photos came out small, I re sized them but once publish I couldn't enlarge them. So today I have had to re input all the photos again which seems to have worked.

Friday 27 July 2012

3rd Pike and Shotte game

On Thursday night at the club we gave the Pike and Shotte rules their first run out. I was using my own ECW collection and to make the units look more realistic I had to double up the infantry which reduced them to two regiments per side.

The game was a meeting encounter with both sides trying to capture the village. The forces involved were as follows:

Red Infantry Regiment (2 standard units of musketeers and 1 of pike)
White Infantry Regiment (2 standard units of musketeers and 1 of pike)
3 Standard size Horse regiments (all with Galloper ability)
1 standard unit of Commanded shot with firelocks

Blue Infantry Regiment (2 standard units of musketeers and 1 of pike)
Scots Infantry Regiment (2 standard units of musketeers and 1 of pike)
2 Standard size Horse regiments
1 small size Horse regiment
1 small size Cuirassier regiment

Their are plenty of photos to describe the battle. Some not the best as taken on the mobile.

To say the battle went badly for the Parliamentarians would be an understatement. The Horse advance to the left of the village while the foot moved forward with the Scots occupying the village enclosure while the Blue Regiment swung around the right of the village.

The Royalist horse spent 2 turns bickering before moving to protect their right flank against the Parliamentarian horse, while the infantry advance on the village. The Parliamentarian horse decided to charge their Royalist counterparts and disaster struck. I lost all 3 melee's, from the resulting break test my 2 standard horse regiments rolled 3 and 4, both destroyed. It took some valiant work by my small unit of Cuirassiers to hold up the royalists horse drunk on the slaughter.

The initial infantry exchanges were pretty even when I decided to commit the Pike to attack. While the Blue regiment forced the white regiment back, the Scots were beaten and rolled snake eyes, yep you guessed it destroyed. One of the Scots musketeer units were then attacked by Royalist Pike and they, already shaken from the firefight were promptly destroyed as well. At times like these you know you are beaten and I conceded the village and game to my nephews.

Roundhead Foot
Roundhead horse advance
Royalist deployment
Scots foot advance on the enclosure
Roundhead horse advance
Royalist horse move to support their right wing
Royalist foot deploy into line
Fire fight for the village
Clash of horse
Victorious Royalists "where did the roundheads go?"
The fight for the village
Exchange of fire
Scots foot slaughtered

Sunday 22 July 2012

More FPW French

I've been making some progress on my second French Division as part of III Corps, there are a further 2 divisions in this corps, but that is a long way off before I get to them. So far I've done the Corps Commander, Division Commander, The Chasseurs and 2 Infantry regiments. The figures as usual are all from Outpost.

Chasseurs and officers
The completed Infantry
Infantry regiment
Infantry regiment
Next up I've finished a unit of Dragoons for a cavalry division, though these are still in the process of being based. Will post photos later this week. On the painting table I've got the last 2 infantry regiments, artillery and the Mitrilliause. There is also a unit of Chasseur a Cheval to add to the cavalry division.

Saturday 21 July 2012

Pike and Shotte Part 2

On Friday I went back to Neal's to complete our TYW game, unfortunately Dave couldn't make it so I took sole charge of the Swedes. The Swede continued to apply pressure across the front of the Imperialist position before eventually breaking through on the hill, only to be quickly slammed back as the Imperialist reserve brigade stepped into the breach.

On the Swedish left the Horse managed to see off the Imperialist Horse and turned their attention to the Imperialist foot, attempting to get in behind them. On the Swedish right things started well with a unit of Reiters breaking some imperialist Cuirassiers before hitting some commanded shotte in the flank, but from there it went downhill. A second unit of Reiters were repulsed and the Pike from the Yellow brigade failed to dislodge some Imperialist foot from an enclosure before promptly failing a break test and disintegrating.

Eventually though the pressure began to tell with both flanks of the Imperialists under pressure though still holding its own in the centre, though both centres had become badly beaten up. Overall a very enjoyable game and a set of rules I will play again. In fact on Thursday when I'll be using it for an ECW game.

Fresh Swedish Infantry advance under fire
Swedish left commence their assault
The Yellow Brigade Pike break
Imperialist centre under intense pressure
Imperialist right flank is turned

ACW battle report

On Thursday night at the club I had to organise a quick pick up and play game as I had my nephews in tow. I decided on a small ACW game. It saw the Union II corps and 1st division from I corps defending a crossroads from the approaching rebel II Corps. I think the photos ably tell the story of the battle.

Rebel set up
Union set up
Rebels begin their advance
Union divisions of Hay and Gibbon advance to the road
I Corp are not in time to prevent the rebel advance
The Rebs crash into the union lines, sending both divisions back
Gibbon's division is slowly overpowered by Johnson
The Iron Brigade launch their counterattack, throwing Gordon's brigade away from the road
Hay launches his counterattack, but gets bloodily repulsed
The game is over
The game brought about a resounding defeat for the union forces, with the Rebs in control of the crossroads and the majority of the union brigades spent. A bit of a learning curve for my nephews, but they did enjoy the game, their main mistake being to advance the union brigades without their artillery to support, allowing the Rebs to close quickly. When the union artillery did fire the number of 10's were frightening but it did result in them scurrying off for more ammunition.

Saturday 14 July 2012

1st Pike and Shotte game

I had the good fortune to get my first taste of the Pike and shore rules and must say I am impressed. The game was at Neal's to christen his new table. Myself and Dave. Took up the Swedish cause. I did manage to take a few photos of the game. The original set up can be seen on Neal's blog.

Imperialist Battle line
Swedish right wing
Swedish centre and left swing into action
Getting up close and personal
Swedish Cuirasssiers begin the attack.

I did manage to commit my entire cavalry brigade to the attack. My Cuirassiers doing Sterling work, seeing off 2 enemy units, My Reiters though proved themselves very unwilling to get involved, often failing command rolls.
Swedish Cuirassiers hitting the enemy flank
Then driving their opponents back before they fled the field.

The cautious advance
Swedish infantry getting into position
I have to say that I really enjoyed the game mechanics, especially the command rolls to activate units, the combats were quick and easy to work out, for even a newbie like me I only had to check the rulebook once. The figures and terrain were all from Neal's collection. I did spot Minifigs, Essex and Matchlock figutres in amongst them. 2 Lovely looking armies. Cannot wait for next week to finish the game.