Sunday 28 August 2022

Blood Bowl Dark Elves

Next off the production line is a Dark Elf team for our upcoming Blood Bowl league. Went for a pretty simple colour scheme as I need them for a run out on Thursday.

 I have to admit these were a bit of a pain to build, but at least they are done. More here

Wednesday 24 August 2022

WW1 Turks

In between sorting out a Blood Bowl league for the club, I did manage to complete this set of WW1 Turks from Copplestone Castings. Really enjoyed painting these, pretty straight forward to do.

I initially saw these as a small supporting unit my Germans but can see me expanding these into a force in their own right sometime in the future.

On the Blood Bowl front I constructed a simple stand. Please follow if interested

Saturday 20 August 2022

Blood Bowl Skaven

A slight divergence from my main projects after Andy brought along the latest edition of the rules. It reminded me how much I loved this game back in the days of 3rd edition. There is already talk of a league and people buying teams including myself. However I remembered I still had my old teams, one of which was Skaven, which Dave fancied trying before buying his own team.

So I dug them out to realise that only half of the team was painted. Worse still was the Blue/green armour colour was an old citadel paint long out of production. So new armour colour was needed on the existing players. I went with the German field grey.

So here is the team altogether, including an old second edition Rat Ogre and lineman.

Ratsburg Squealers

Gutter runners


Rat ogre and thrower

So the Ratsburg Squealers are ready to take the field afain in their new team colours.

I've also added a link to a new Blog just for Blood Bowl.

Saturday 13 August 2022

German Asia Korps

In between  sorting out scenery,  I did manage to paint up the other 6 models I had for the German Asia Korps. These are just from Wargames Atlantic. Once again I gave them mixed uniforms as I  feel it looks better.

So that is 12 done. I do have 2 HMG teams from HLBSC, they are in colonial uniforms, but should be fine to mix in.

I also completed a few more scenic items. They are a mix of MDF from Warbases and some resin pieces from Anyscale models. Useful for a number of periods

Just need to build a stable set from Warbases, then possibly a couple more houses and I'll be done.

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Battle of Otterburn 1388

As part of a short trip away I managed a quick visit to the battlefield of Otterburn. Fought between the Scots, under the Earls of Douglas and Moray against the English under Henry 'Hotspur' Percy and his brother Sir Ralph Percy. It was not to be a good day for the English. Henry lived up to his nickname and led a rash attack against the Scottish camp. He was so confident that he attacked at dusk, despite the long march up from Newcastle. Many of his tired and disorganised troops were still making their way up through Otterburn. Unfortunately for the English, despite the speed of their attack. The Earl of Moray led a superb flanking attack that was screened by woods and dead ground, unseen from the English position. Despite the death of the Earl of Douglas during the battle, both Percies were captured and the defeated English retreated back towards Newcastle.

The battle is currently marked by Percy's cross. There are a few plaques on display describing the battle for the visitor as well as acouple of picnic benches.

Percy's Cross

View towards the lower Scottish camp

View up towards the second Scottish position

View towards the English positions

Well that's another Battlefield I can cross off my list. It does get me thinking about putting some armies together for a little border skirmishing.

Sunday 7 August 2022

A bit of a mix

I seem to have a few things going on at the moment. First is a continuation of building some scenery for my games in the Back of Beyond, primarily a Russian village. So first up was some more fencing. 6 extra pieces completed. Again sticking to the two types I have done so far.

Nice and simple to put together and a lot cheaper the buying them ready made. I'm going to try a few gated sections next as this batch would cover 7 feet so far. Probably need double this amount.

Next was a couple of buildings from Pegasus hobbies. Kept them simple and rustic. I do plan on picking up another set of these as well as a church.

On the figure front it was back to the Russian Civil war with 2 extra officers and another standard bearer from Copplestone. Can't see me adding anything extra unless it is an armoured car or two.

Lastly could be the start of another small force for Back of Beyond gaming. This time the German Asia Korps sent to Palestine to support the Turks against the British. I like the idea that they were issued with Tropical khaki uniforms as well as taking their field grey uniforms with them due to some impracticalities with the Tropical uniforms. This also allows you to mix the uniforms across the units. Luckily I had 2 plastic sprues from Wargames Atlantic that I had picked up with the intention of using for conversions. So first 6 built and painted as a bit of a test. Quite like the look of them. 

Got the other 6 built and undercoated. I'll start them after a family trip.

Thursday 4 August 2022

Scenery progress

With having some time off work, I decided to make some in roads on the scenery I'll need for some Back of Beyond gaming. One of the main areas I need is fencing. So with modelling sticks, coffee stirrers and a bit of pollyfilla I set to work. Each base is approximately 6 inches in length, so I've completed 4 pieces each of 2 types of fences. I  also completed another car and a plastic outbuilding from Renedra.

The fences were given a quick spray of chocolate brown, then drybrushed with a dark grey, then cream. Definitely gone for an irregular look. I also have 2 more pieces under construction.

The pollyfilla helps secure the supports. I am also working on 2 buildings that I picked up from Pegasus hobbies. These are their plastic buildings scaled at 1/72. They are actually perfect for 28mm gaming (I already have them in my winter scenery).

I hope to get these finished in the next couple of days so I can get some more fences done. I also have an order in with Anyscale models for some of their resin scatter pieces to help fill up the table. I'll also be looking to add a few more buildings, carts etc.

Wednesday 3 August 2022

Setting the East ablaze

Last night the collection got its first run out using the 'Setting the East ablaze' rules. Being one of those players who prefers to learn rules as I play, it was easier to umpire. Mitch and Andy would play as we worked through the rules together.

I set up a simple game with British and Bolshevik forces converging on a village to secure some supplies. The Bolsheviks had more men, but he Brits had the better quality.

The game got off to a slow start as both sides rolled terribly for movement. I had visions of needing a second gaming night to get into combat.

The Bolsheviks slowly made their way over a hill and eventually managed to deploy their artillery in readiness of an attack on the village. The British cavalry quickly moved through the village looking for some open ground.

Eventually the British artillery got deployed and fired the first shot of the game. Typically it missed. British infantry eventually moved into the village, looking to defend the walls against the Bolsheviks. Their cavalry swept through the village to cross the stream and threaten the flanks of the Bolsheviks.

At last the Bolsheviks began to respond. Slowly pushing their infantry into the village. Their cavalry after struggling through some woods got rather rash and charged gleefully towards some British infantry. They fell less than an inch short. 2 British companies then opened up on them, destroying the unit.

With the loss of their cavalry, the Bolsheviks pushed their best infantry, the Siberians and Sailors against the British position. They did begin to cause some casualties, but both units suffered horrific casualties as a result. Both units eventually being destroyed. 

With time running out we called it a night. The Bolsheviks had suffered heavy loss and it would be prudent to withdraw.

Overall, the rules work well. Pretty simple to get the hang off. I like the different troop class system, rewarding better trained troops. Hopefully get another game in soon.

Monday 1 August 2022

Scenic items and plans

As I try and put the finishing touches to my Bolsheviks, It is time to consider the battlefield. Of course I already have some specific Russian scenery, however this has been winterised for my WW2 collections. So it looks like I need to start again.

For buildings I've ordered a box of the Pegasus hobbies Russian log cabins along with a wattle shed from Renedra. This will be a start and will be added to in due course. I know Warbases also do a couple of useful pieces in mdf for pig stys, carts etc. I am also going to need some fences. These I intend building myself ftom modelling sticks and coffee stirrers.

In the meantime I have added a couple more trucks, some left over haystacks, a camp and a piece of rough ground.

Now I just need a few things to arrive in the post, hopefully quickly as I have some time off work.

I am also contemplating adding some Whites, though I may wait for Wargames Atlantic to release their plastic Russians. Helps keep the costs down and 2 boxes will give me more than enough infantry.