Wednesday 28 August 2019

Battle for Rynn's World

One of my side projects that I dip into now and again is my Rogue Trader era Orks. I always keep an eye on EBay and managed to pick up a few extra figures. First up are 2 heavy weapon figures, both armed with heavy plasma guns.

Next up was a find, 6 partially painted figures which included the 3 command figures for the Ork Raider boxed set. This brings me to 3 completed sets with a couple of spare troopers. I basically just finished these figures off for speed.

Now I did a re-fight a few years back of the Battle of the farm scenario in the back of the rulebook. I had to use my Black Templars as l didn't have any Crimson Fists. Now it was time to correct that after committing to run a Rogue Trader game this week. So a rummage amongst the unpainted pile of figures produced 20 marines. With only a couple of days to go these got a pretty basic paint job, but good enough to satisfy me. Now I can run a mini campaign on Rynn's World.

The force is made up of a Captain, an assault squad and 2 tactical squads. All are under strength which helps depict the state of the Crimson Fists during this war.

I still need to source some decals for the shoulder pads. I do have some but cannot recall where l stored them.

Sunday 25 August 2019

Criman War Russians Phase 1 complete

Well with the last few bits and pieces painted up I feel that phase 1 is complete. Phase 1 being enough troops to get a game in with. So 3 more artillery pieces and a couple of commanders added. I should have enough artillery now for 3 batteries.

So far the army has 2 completed infantry brigades and 2 half brigades, with a few supporting skirmishers, artillery and cavalry.

Phase 2 will concentrate on completing the 2 half brigades and expanding the cavalry with some hussars and dragoons.

Sunday 18 August 2019

Crimean War Russians

Following my last post I finally completed all of the re-basing of my Russian infantry. Now I don't like re-basing at the best of times, but 10mm figures were a real chore. To complete the units I painted up some additional command figures.

First up are 5 completed battalions, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Minsk. The 3rd and 4th Volhynia. Figures are all Pendraken. I still need to add the flags.

Next are the 6th rifles in skirmish order. I cannot find any specific figures for these in 10mm so used spare figures without the great coat. There are also 3 bases of skirmishers from left over figures to screen the infantry columns.

With these additional units I will need some more brigade commanders. These 3 are from Old Glory and their Napoleonic range. Fit in just fine.

Lastly is the first fully completed new unit, the 57th Don Cossacks. I have 5 squadrons gone so far, but will need 6. Luckily the next regiment only needs 4 squadrons so the spare figures will complete the regiment.

Not bad for a weeks work. I still have a few commanders and some artillery on the painting table before I can start on the last 2 infantry battalions I have figures for.

Sunday 11 August 2019

The Crimean War

After much mulling over possible new projects I decided instead, to re start an old project. The Crimean War in 10mm. I've had some painted Russian troops sitting in a box for a number of years. I was never happy with the basing. I had used Fire and Fury bases as these were the intended rules, but when ranked up they just didn't look right. I decided to increase the base depth from 20 to 25mm and double the number if figures to a base. I feel these look much better. The only draw back is it's left me with over 60 figures without command figures.

It was then a chat with Dave who reminded me that Pendraken can cast figures up on request, so worth checking out. I duly did and Leon, the nice chap at Pendraken agreed to cast up the command figures for me. So order in with a few extras.

So here are the figures re based. 8 battalions completed. The extra command will get me another 7 battalions.

Now for rules. I'm contemplating using the General de Armee rules Dan Brown as a starting point as the tactics hadn't changed much. May have to adjust some of the firing ranges.