Friday 25 June 2021

SCW rules playtest

With the club finally reopening after 15 months, I finally got a chance to platest my rules for the Spanish Civil War. I deliberately kept the game simple with 2 platoons aside, keeping the armour off table for now.

The Republicans were tasked with securing a village before the Nationalists arrived. The opening moves saw both sides being rather cautious as they advanced. The first casualties  came from the Nationalist mortar team. First taking out 3 Asaltos before their second shell landed amongst the Morrocans killing 2.

The Morrocans quickly began to secure the outlying buildings before exchanhing fire with some Brigadistas. The army though were taking some heavy punishment from the Asaltos, losing 1 section.

A second army section moved into the village to support the Morrocans who were starting to get the better of the Brigadistas. The Brigadistas were also suffering from a lack of ammunition. Timely saved by the arrival of an FT-17. 

However the Nationalists were now supported by a HMG team and their own FT-17. Now the army managed to inflict some heavy casualties on the Asaltos, who were  also low on ammo saw their own attack lose impetus.

Now the advantage lay firmly with the Nationalists, even the arrival of an ammo mule was to late. The Brigadistas were out of ammo and so to were half of the Asaltos. It was time for the Republicans to withdraw.

Overall a good game and test of the rules. Need to make a few adjustments to the Pluck tests and the spotting rules but otherwise they held up well.

Thursday 24 June 2021

SCW Republican armour

It's been a while, but finally got around to finishing these tanks. Both models are from paint and glue miniatures, 3D plastic prints.

First up is the T-26, the most feared tank during the SCW, the Nationalists often repurposed and captured vehicles. I went for a simple olive green paint scheme. There are no markings as I want to be able to use it with my WW2 Winter Soviets. 

The second model is the Renault FT17. This one was painted up in the tri-colour pattern scheme. Quite enjoyed painting it. It also is different from the one I painted for the Nationalists. 

I've now got a few militia figures to paint up and another Panzer 1. Then I can make a start on some Carlists for the Nationalist cause. 

And on a happier note, the club finally re-opens tonight after 15 months. Can't wait to get a game in with the collection to test out the rules.

Sunday 6 June 2021

SCW Carabinieros III

With the nice weather I managed to get out and complete the last twelve Carabinieros I needed to complete the platoon. All the figures are from Empress minuatures.

First up is a command section. The flag is one I produced using images from the Internet. Not sure if the Carabinieros used a flag, but I wanted one.

Next up is a section of eight riflemen. Once again I used a spare helmeted figure for some variation.

And here is the full platoon all together, just need a new storage box as I can't get all the figures in.

I've also ordered a couple of HMGs from Blacktree. These are Russian NKVD. The idea being with their flat caps they could pass off as either Asaltos or Carabinieros with a suitable paint job. 

I also decided to add a page for my SCW collection 

Wednesday 2 June 2021

SCW Carabinieros II

Another quick update as I managed to complete a second section for my Carabinieros. Once again I'm using the Asaltos figures from Empress miniatures. I have used one militia figure and a spare army figure. Like the idea of a couple of the men acquiring helmets.

I also put togethet two pieces of hasty barricades. Perfect for stopping tanks. I simply used some left over sandbags, boxes and barrels. They look effective enough to me.

I've now got the next twelve Carabinieros undercoated and ready for painting. That'll complete a fourth Republican platoon. So purely for balance I ordered small batch of Carlists from Empress. I'm also waiting on 3 more tanks.