Thursday 23 June 2022

US Cavalry

To add a little variety to the various gangs in use at the club for a bit of Wild west gaming, I decided to paint up a few US cavalry troopers. Just the 6 models all from Artizan designs.

So 3 armed with pistols and 3 with Carbines. Great models to paint up and Artizan even do the mounted versions. I may just pick these up next month.

Sunday 12 June 2022

Painting update

Taking advantage of the nice weather and light nighrs I managed to get a few more figures completed from the lead pile. First up was a few more Native Americans. Thankfully one is bow armed to give more options. Not sure what make of figures these are, a bit rough and ready, but they will suffice.

I also completed a rather well dresed and armed lady. Pretty certain this is a Foundry model. Could be used as a NPC or objective in games. Not sure if it is actually from a Wild west range, but it was in the lead pile and needed painting.

Next up was a few further additions to the RCW collection. First an ensign, just need to remember where I put the flag poles.

I also completed another unit of sailors. This time I did a few in the white summer trousers as well as a few in civilian trousers. I can then mix them in with the other ten.

That is the last of the RCW infantry. Just got the vehicles and cavalry to sort out now.

Monday 6 June 2022

RCW - Siberians

As I got quickly bored with the Jubilee celebrations I decided to complete a few more figures. This time some Siberian riflemen. I deliberately went for a uniformed look for these guys as see using them as an elite unit in my Bolshevik force.

I also managed to complete a couple more commisars to help encourage the troops forward.

I now just have  some officers, cavalry and an armoured car to add to the collection. 

Sunday 5 June 2022

Old West Native Americans

With a western game planned for the club on Thursday and a couple of players mentioning they would like to use the Native Americans. I knew I already had 3 painted up, but would likely need more. So a quick rummage in the lead pile produced 3 more. I tried to paint them in the same style as the earlier models.

Pretty certain 2 of the models are Old Glory and the other is from Foundry. So here are all 6 together. Not a bad match.

So after completing these I was informed by Mitch he will just need the 2 pistol armed models. Oh well at least they are off the painting table. Now back to the RCW.

Thursday 2 June 2022

RCW Additions

Just a few more extras for the RCW collection. First up is an artillery piece from Copplestone castings.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Next up is a mounted officer. He will eventually lead my cavalry, when I get around to painting them up.

Lastly is 2 extra officers. The female is from a Pulp range, but fits in well with the rest of the collection.

I've now got some more Sailors and Siberians to get painted up.