Friday 28 October 2022

Game at last

Nearly 3 weeks after I set the table up at the club, we eventually got the game played, even though much changed. With players missing over 3 weeks for birthdays, house moves, holidays etc. Myself and Sean decided to just get the game done. The scenario changed to a straight up encounter between the Bolsheviks and the Germano-Turk alliance. The Brits were sadly returned to their box. We kept it simple as Sean hadn't played the rules before. Both sides were looking to secure the village for its supplies.

Germano-Turks advance

Bolsheviks take the field

Turks secure the camp

Bolsheviks reach the village


Auxiliaries creep forward

Bolsheviks storm the village

I see Turks across the field

Viscious melee with the Germans coming out on top

Siberians finally getting a move on

The end of battle view

A good fun game. The loss of the 2 German HMG teams severly hampered the defence of the village. Despite inflicting horrific on the advancing Bolsheviks, a steady stream of casualties on the defenders eventually forced a withdrawal of the Germano-Turks.

Wednesday 26 October 2022

SCW Carlists

It seems like an age since I painted anything. I put that down to these figures. 4 Carlists for the Spanish Civil War.  They are from Templar miniatures and they were not a joy to paint. I have other of their figures and they were fine, admittedly painted many years ago. I think they just don't compare to more modern figures from companies like Empress.

Still they are done and they provide my Carlists with an LMG team which is sadly missing from the Empress range.

I now need to convince the other half to allow me to move my painting station into the conservatory. Its too dark, cold and damp at this time of year to paint in the shed.

Sunday 9 October 2022

Game Preparation

Must admit I've not really had time for the blog lately. I had a few more pressing issues to attend to such as re-applying for the job I've done for the last 2 years to support my Employer during Covid. So application sorted and a few others as Itry to cover as many bases as possible.

So back to wargaming. I've decided to run a Back of Beyond game for the club on Thursday, so I went down to the club yesterday to get the table and forces sorted out. I have an idea for a scenario to hopefully keep 3 players entertained. A couple of views of the village they will be fighting over.

The game should see 3 forces involved. We have the British, a small well trained force.The Bolsheviks where quantity is a quality of its own. Then a mixed force of Germans, Turks and local central Asian tribesmen (using Afghans for these). I think I'll keep the mounted troops in the box for now.

Thw Bolsheviks

Germans, Turks and Tribesmen

The British

I now just need to sort out the force ratings and some orders for the 3 commanders. Got a few days at least to sort that out. In the meantime I did manage to get 3 games of Blood Bowl in for the club lead. 3 wins so far and sitting on top of the table for now.