Sunday 31 December 2017

2017 a review

First off I just want to thank everyone who follows this blog. Your comments are appreciated so thanks again and I hope 2018 is a good year for you all.

So onto the review. On the painting front this has been a very productive year. At about the end of July I had high hopes of painting well over 1000 figures but found my painting time much reduce when the family increased with a new dog. Still 990 figures painted is a good total, broken down as follows

12 x 15mm artillery
528 x 15mm infantry
315 x 15mm mounted
1 x 28mm artillery
125 x 28mm infantry
9 x 28mm mounted

So what did I actually paint? The bulk of the year has been spent on the Great Northern War. I added some extra troops to the Swedes and completed both a Danish and Polish army.

For other periods I painted up some figures for Rogue Stars as well as some Dwarves for my old warhammer army. I then moved on to some 28mm Napoleonic, putting together an Austrian force for Sharp Practice.

On the gaming front there have been a couple of notable games. The main one being a re fight of Klissow. Definitely one crossed off the bucket list. There were also the final 2 battles of a campaign against Mick for the WSS which brought it to a close and victory to me. Finally there were a couple of games of warhammer 3rd edition, very nostalgic and gave me a real buzz.

Finally this year I seem to have settled on a set of rules for the Napoleonic wars, General d'armee. I really like  these rules and I'm looking forward to getting some more games in next year.

Looking ahead for next year I have a planned GNW campaign against Mick, Still a couple of units to finish off. I am also looking to put together a Russian force for the GNW. I see this as more long term,  I'll just keep adding a few units every now and then and see what I end up with. I also quite fancy a change from horse and musket back to ancients with some 15mm Romans for Caesar's conquest of Gaul. No doubt I will get side tracked by something else.

Have a great New Year everyone.

Tuesday 19 December 2017

GNW Danes and Poles

With the upcoming campaign against Mick next year I am trying to finish off the last few figures that I need. First off is the Danish dragoon regiment Sjaellandske-Fynske. This was a national dragoon regiment raised in 1701 before converting to a Cuirassier regiment in 1714. This does mean that the Danes are now complete.

The figures for this unit are all from Roundway. The flag is a simple hand painted design.

Next up is 2 battalions of generic Polish infantry.  The figures for these are Essex.

With these done that just leaves a Russian Dragoon regiment, 2 Russian batteries and 2 regiments of Cossacks to complete. Should be done in time.

Saturday 9 December 2017


I know that back in May I stated that my GNW Danish army was complete, well it seems it's not. As I was organising my armies for a GNW campaign against Mick next year I realised I needed a couple of extra Dragoon regiments.

So here is the first of the new additions, three squadrons of the Jydske National dragoon regiment. This regiment was later converted to a Cuirassier regiment in 1710 before being disbanded in 1721.

The figures are all from the Roundway range. As I couldn't source a flag for this regiment I went for a simple white field with gold trim and a Danish cross in the top left. Now on to the Sjaellandske National Dragoons and then the army is finished.