Saturday 28 August 2021

FPW Prussian VI Corps complete

Giving myself a little cheer as I finally completed the last regiment for VI Corps. They had sat half painted while I was distracted by the Spanish Civil War and Cold War projects. But this week I made a conscious effort to get them done. 

The figures are all from Outpost miniatures and the flag is from Maverick Models.

So here is VI Corps all together. I also have a separate Cavalry division, not pictured, to support them.

So pleased they are done. I can now think about completing another French division to balance out my forces.

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Extra 10mm Soviets

I managed to put a few finishing touches to another batch of troops for my Soviets. First up is a pair of Gaz69 jeeps from Red3 miniatures. I envisage using these with a couple of small recce teams.

I also completed a second motor rifle platoon with their BTR60 transports. Again these were from Red3 miniatures.

I did notice a difference in scsle between the Timecast and Red3 BTR60s. Though both models are the same length, the Red3 miniature is noticeably wider. They'll be fine in seperate platoons.

Red3 vs Timecast

New additions all together
I've now got 2 small recce teams and 2 HMG teams on the painting table. I also have a Hind from Zvedza to build.

Saturday 21 August 2021

SCW Carlist HMG team

Just to show my SCW project has completely stalled. I put together a HMG team to support my Carlist platoon. Unfortunately there isn't a specific model within the Empress range. So I took the standard HMG model, swapped out the officer for a Carlist one. I also did a head swap on one of the crew. Pretty happy with the result.

I just have a Republican mortar team left in the unpainted pile. Will have to look into adding some more Carlists and Republican Militia shortly.

Tuesday 17 August 2021

More 10mm Soviets

The beauty of 10mm figures is that they don't take long to paint. So here are a few more additions to my growing Soviet force. First up is another 2 T-62 main battle tanks. I need another tank to round out the platoon.

I also added 3 Spigot ATGM teams and a small command team to lead my motorised infantry. These are all from Red3 miniatures.

My little force is slowly coming to fruition. Just a few more infantry and APCs to add with an Attack helicopter.

I've already started to plan for a small NATO force. Looks like I'll go for the Belgians with their mix of German, British and US vehicles.

Sunday 15 August 2021

10mm Soviets

Quickly following on from yesterday's post. Here are the rest of my Soviet forces that I managed to complete. First up is a pair of BRDM-2 Sagger ATGM from Red3 miniatures. Love these models so had to have them even though they aren't in the force lists for 7 days to the River Rhine.

BRDM-2 Sagger ATGM

Next up is a pair of BRDM-2s. These will undertake a reconnaissance role for the force. I picked up these models from Timecast. I wanted to test compatibility between the ranges.

The last additions are an infantry platoon and their transports. I went for the good old BTR-60 PB, these were also from Timecast. The infantry are from Red3 miniatures. In keeping with the idea of a category 2 force, these guys are just a simple motor rifle platoon. Handy to support the armour.

Motor rifle platoon with transports
The completed force so far. Not sure on the points value of this force so will need to sort that out.

I've now just got a few more pieces being based. A infantry command team, 3 Spigot ATGM teams and a couple more T-62s. I'm also awaiting a small order from Red3 miniatures for another infantry platoon with transports and a couple of Gaz jeeps. After these will look to add a 3rd infantry platoon and a few more support options. Then I can look to put together a small NATO force.

Saturday 14 August 2021

Seven days to the River Rhine

It had to happen, a new period and a change of scale. I blame Scrivs and the lovely stuff he has on his blog . The 10mm stuff these days are lovely sculpts so time to dive in. Luckily Dave at the club has agreed to put together the Brits, so I went Warsaw Pact.

I've decided to pick a category 2 armoured company, so T-62s and T-55s. I've pick up a couple of small batches of figures from Red3 and Timecast and I'm very happy. So first two squadrons completed. Three each of T-62s and T-55s. These are from Red3 miniatures.

T-55s rear view
Soviet armour
Soviet armour
I've stuck them on some MDF bases, they would be the infantry bases from Flames of War. I've now got some infantry and support vehicles to finish off tomorrow.

Thursday 12 August 2021

SCW Rules playtest ptII

Last night at the club the collection got another run out. I had made some changes to the activation system to try and speed things up. Now each side would have a randomly generated command pool each turn to use when command sections were activated. It still needs a little tweaking, but definitely speeded things up and helped the game run more smoothly.

I do need to make a few amendments to mortars hitting buildings and the troops inside. There was also a glaring omission on the pluck test outcomes for close combat.

Anyway the game revolved around control of a small village with both sides advancing on to the table. For the Nationalists,  2 platoons of Morrocans supported by a HMG team with a mortar in reserve. The Republicans had a platoon of Brigadistas and a platoon of Carabinieros. Again these were supported by a HMG and mortar.

The set up
Morrocans advance
Republicans finally appear
Brigadistas occupy the farm house
Carabinieros advance through the vinyard
Morrocans prepare for an assault
Take cover
Assault begins on the farm house
Firefight in the village
More Morrocans advance
Carabinieros clear the street
The game also saw the first outing of my new gaming mat from Geek villain. Very happy with it. Overall the game flowed well with a minor Republican victory as they remained in control of the village, but they had suffered heacy casualties. With more time the Morrocans may have evicted them.

Monday 9 August 2021

SCW update

I managed to put the finishing touches to a Pak36 for my Nationalists. It's a rather nice model from Empress miniatures. It also helps balance out my 2 forces as my Nationalists were looking rather vulnerable to Republican armour. Going forward I can see me adding further artillery options to both sides.

To add a bit of extra scenery to the tabletop I put together a couple of pieces of rough ground. I used 2 spare Hexon pieces as the basis, just adding some pollyfilla and extra stones. I quick paint job of terracotta and cream, some grass tufts added and done. They will also suffice for games of Stargrave

I've also ordered a fleece mat from Geek Villan, named 'Sands of time'. One chap at the club already has one for Gaslands and they look superb.

I've also embarked on another side project, but more on that in a later post. 

Friday 6 August 2021

SCW Carlists part III

I know I only did a post yesterday, but I managed to complete the last of my Carlist Requetes. The additional 4 figures will complete the command section and one of the rifle sections. Figures and flags from Empress miniatures.

To support my Carlists I also put together a light mortar team. Luckily Empress do spare heads so a quick headswap was in order for one of the crew.

So as I was packing them away I took the opportunity to do a quick photo shoot of the platoon.

So what's next for this project as nothing is ever complete. I do have a HMG team to ad for the Carlists as well as an artillery piece for the Nationalist.

I do still need to bring my FAI-CNT militia upto atleast platoon strength. That would be five Republican platoons against just 4 Nationalists, so I can either add some more Carlists or pick a platoon from either the Legion or Falangists. At least I don't need to make a decision yet.