Thursday, 27 February 2020

CoC Germans vs Commandos

Last night I  got my first game in of Chain of Command. Thoroughly enjoy the rules, gave a great feel for small platoon actions. Even managed to get plenty of pictures.

Main learning points - melee is deadly. 5 Commandos wiped out an entire squad. Need to use my tank better, lasted one round before being taken out by a PIAT. Elite troops are very good.

On to the pictures.

Got a follow up game next week, a delaying action against a British infantry platoon.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Winter Terrain and a couple of Officers

In readiness for my first Chain of Command game on Thursday I've been frantically tryinv to add to my winter terrain. Otherwise it could be a very bleak landscape.

First is a resin piece, log barricade. I do have a second one of these hidden away somewhere.  I can see this getting some use hidden in some trees with an artillery piece.

Next up was a spare cart and some barrels. These were already painted. I just added them to a base and winterised it.

Now all villages need some fences for animal enclosures. I made these out of lollipop sticks and coffee stirrers. I do have another 5 in the construction queue.

As mentioned in my last post, I still needed to complete my senior leader and another junior officer. These are from the metal command pack from Warlord games. Quite happy with how they turned out.

Just have a few more riflemen to complete for a recon team. Will need to pick ip a Sdkfz 250 and 252 to finish the force. Then I can start on some Russians.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

WW2 Germans for Chain of Command

Finally got the bases finished on my first platoon for Chain of Command. The bulk of the figures are plastic from Warlord games. I've even used a few additional figures from a free sprue I got with an issue of  Wargames Illustrated.

Apart from the 3 squads l have a couple of suppirt options. A Panzer III, MG42 Tripod team and a flamethrower team. I still need to finish the Senior Leader to command the platoon. There is also some snipers, a medic, FO, Junior officer and a handful of riflemen for a recon team to complete.

They get their first game on Thursday at the club against some British commandos.

Winter Terrain

With the start of my latest project, 28mm WW2 Germans in winter clothing, l realised I needed some purpose built terrain. More on the Germans in my next post.

First up I picked up a cheap wipe clean table cloth, should cover a 7x4ft table for £5. The marble effect doesn't look too bad. Definitely better than a grass mat for winter battles. I then repurposed a few existing terrain pieces that haven't been used in quite a while. They were some stone walls and log cabins from Pegasus hobbies. The cabins are described as Russian so will fit in for Eastern front battles.

So using a mixture of PVA, water and Snow flock I set to work. All in took about an hour to complete and I'm happy with how they look.

I've now got a load of coffee stirrers and modelling sticks so I can start on some fencing. First though need to get the Germans based up.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Elven army takes shape

After testing my home brewed rule adaptions for fighting larger battles in Middle Earth, it was time to bring the Elves up to atleast fighting strength. So far I've had to rely on John providing his Gondorians to put on decent sized games.

So first up is the last 2 companies to make up what has been affectionately named the 'Blue' command by club members. These are designated as heavy infantry.  I did use some spares from Oathmark to make standard bearer (still needs a standard added) and an extra spearman from a broken figure.

Next up was a company to add to the'Green' command. These were a mix of armoured and unarmored figures from the GW Galadhirim range. I do have enough figures left over to make up an archer company.

To lead the mounted component of the army I've used the Glorfindel model from GW. Not my favourite, but he does at least look heroic.

To further expand the force I can add 5 more infantry companies using some Oathmark figures. I also have another company of riders using Conquest Normans. I'm also repurposing some GW Reaver knight which can help bulk up the mounted arm until Oathmark produce some Elven cavalry.

Now I feel the need to switch periods for awhile as I need to start on some 28mm WW2 Germans.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Lord of the Rings Elven warriors

Well with my current enthusiasm for all things Tolkien. It was time to add some more Elves so I can fight some of the Battles of the first Age.

The figures are mainly plastic with a few metal mixed in. They were produced by GW based on the Peter Jackson films. Not quite how I imagine them, but I somehow have 40 of them to paint up. It will be enough to make a division, then I can start on the Oathmark figures for the second division.

I decided to go with a mix of blue and greys. I wanted a slightly uniform look them. The next 2 units are both of swordsmen. I have spare figures of Elrond and Gil-galed to act as leaders.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Vapnartak 2020

I made it down to York today for my first show of the year. This is the big one for me as the show scene is rather sparse in the North.

The layout this year seemed much better, giving plenty of room to actually move around. They thankfully moved the Bring and Buy to an upper floor. First year I've actually been able to see anything, even picking up a few bargains, a Panzer III, German MG42 team in winter clothing and a couple of game mats.

I didn't really study any of the games  on display, though there were a few eye catching ones. I just spent my time shopping and picking up about 80% of the items on my shopping list.

So some Oathmark Elves to complete my LOTR project, Some WW2 Germans in winter clothing, dice tray, bases and paints. I even had some change.  So very happy. Now back to the painting table.