Sunday 4 November 2018

GNW Swedes IX

So after painting some Russians and Ottomans it's back to the Swedes.  These guys have sat on the painting table for a few months now. I always seemed to find something else to paint. Now that the lead pile is much reduced it was time to get them completed.

I chose to paint them up as the Livonian Adelsfan. I like their early war uniform of grey coats and yellow facings. I did make an error on the figure count. I could have gotten away with just 12 but painted up all 18. Unfortunately the standard bearer had a miscast leg and has been replaced by a spare dragoon figure. The figures are all from the excellent Dixon's range.

The benefits of the extra figures will allow me to field them as any other Tremmaning regiment in grey coats.

I'm now just awaiting an order from Roundway to get some crew for a light artillery battery and some extra Russian Dragoons.