Friday 29 October 2021

More Firepower

Well it had to be done. To support my Colonial force I added a gatling gun from Perry miniatures. A lovely model. It gives me an extra option for my core force of 24 points.

I also completed 'C' Company of my Royal Marines.  Again these are all Perry plastics from their Zulu war British box set.

And here is the whole force in a square, ready to receive a charge from the local  natives.

I just need to complete the 9lb artillery piece and a unit of irregular volunteer cavalry. If I add the unit of Boers, that would give me two 24 point forces. I've now made a start on building some of the Perry Mahdists.

Friday 22 October 2021

In the Navy

The next unit for my colonial forces was a unit of Naval ratings. The figures are from Perry miniatures, lovely sculpts. I'll use them mainly to support a gatling gun I've also acquired.

This is the 4th completed unit for my force. Just need the last unit of Marines to finish, then some volunteer horse, gatling gun and an artillery piece. Keep me going for a few more weeks, then I can start on some Mahdists.

Sunday 17 October 2021

More Colonial madness

I finally completed another 12 figures for my Royal Marines. These will form the basis of 'B' company. 1 of the figures will join 'A' company as I swap out one if the officers.

The figures are all from Perry miniatures, plastic figures. They are slightly thinner than the Warlord figures but will mix together well. 

The two companies together. With their officers.

'C' Company are built and undercoated, but first I have some Navy ratings to complete. I also need some glue so I can put together the gatling gun and artillery piece.

Friday 15 October 2021

SCW Rules playtest ptIII

On Thursday at the club I gave the rules another run out. The game saw some CNT militia holding a small town while awaiting some reinforcements in the form of Carabinieros and an FT-17. The Nationalists were made up of a platoon of Carlists backed up by some regular army.

I managed to take a few pictures of the game. The CNT managed to hold by the skin if their teeth with the timely arrival of the Carabinieros. However with most of their units either low or out of ammo they would be hard pushed to hold off a second assault.

I definitely think the revised order system helps the game move alongwith the added issue of never having enough command points to activate all of your sections.

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Colonial Madness

Well it had to happen, after a few messages back and forth with club members we all committed to putting together some Colonial forces using The who would be Kings rules from Osprey. We all agreed to also collect some natives that we could combine for use in our own fictitious setting. Also to keep costs down, most figures will be plastic.

I decided to base my force around a Naval landing party supported by local troops. The plan is for 3 companies of Royal marines, a company of sailors support by either a gatling gun or an artillery piece. The local troops will provide some irregular foot and cavalry and possibly a native unit. I will mainly be using Zulu war figures, though there are a few extras thrown in as I had the figures spare.

So first up is 'A' company of the Royal marines. These are mainly Warlord plastic figures. There are 3 command figures from Perry's Sudan range, not for the purists as a later period, but close enough for me. The last figure is from Foundry's Darkest Africa range. He will be replaced by a regular trooper as he moves to command 'B' company.

The second company completed is some local troops. I've used some Boers from Blacktree miniatures that I  already had. They just needed re-basing.

I do have 3 painted mounted troopers that I can put towards an eight man unit. I've ordered some command figures from Perry's and will pick up 2 troopers from Northstar to complete the unit.

As I also committed to some Natives, I've went for the Nile warriors from Perry's Sudan range. One of the chaps already has thousands of Zulu's. Ive already picked up 1 box and a spare sprue. A second box will give me 6 units, 1 of irregulars armed with shoddy muskets and 5 groups of Tribal warriors.  Enough to keep me going over the winter months.