Saturday 30 June 2012

FPW French Division

2nd post of the day. I finally managed to complete the last regiment of infantry for the French division. They are the unit front left in the photo. Next up I'll start some prep on the second division, I have also got some thoughts on completing a 3rd division and including either a unit of Turcos or Zouaves just for some variety. Sorry the photos aren't of the best quality.

French Division
French Division
French Division

K - 19 and associates

In a bit of a change of track for me I have painted up K - 19, a robo-hound for the Inquisitor game. When I eventually get around to painting up the 2 extra security enforcers that I have, i can put together a compact team.
K - 19
Next up the good guys / girls. An inquisitor, Enforcer, Priest and 2 robo-hound. I've got the option to add either a demonhost or Slick Devlan to this group.

Enforcer Islena, Inquisitor Jelena and Preacher Joseph
Enforcer Islena
Next up the bad guys. I picked up two of these already painted on Ebay. The one on the right is my own conversion using the power claw from Ghazgull. The bodies is being used to convert a stunty to add to the team.
Kordoss, Servan the Slayer and Kain 32
Kain 32

Friday 29 June 2012

Battle of Fraser's farm part I

At the club on Thursday a large ACW game had been organised, the Battle of Fraser's farm or Glendale if you prefer. An apt game as Thursday was the anniversary of the battle. The battle was a part of Lee's Seven days Battle to relieve Richmond. The game saw myself and John take up the Rebel cause, we would also have younger George next week to represent the late arrival of Jackson. Arrayed against us were Paul, Tom, George and Mick.

The day did not start to well for me, my initial assault against the union positon was bloodily repulsed. The wooded terrain and the inability to find firing positions for my artillery prooving troublesome. John, advancing from the northern edge found his advance hampered as the union had felled trees across the tracks, the -2 on his manouver rolls and an inability to roll over 3 on the dice some his divisions repeatedly not moving. Just when I began to make some headway I found my right flank come under attack from fresh union forces, evenutally having to throw my reserve division into the fray to check their assaults.

 I've added a few pictures of the battle so far, next week will see a continuation of the batlle and I promise to add more photos.

Rebs launch their assault
Slow progress for the Rebs
Union troops moving into position
Union troops awaiting Ewell's attack
View from the Union positions

Monday 18 June 2012

FPW French III

As promised a short post as the 3rd French regiment has now been based. The figures are all from Outpost.

French Line Infantry
French Line Infantry
 The 4th regiment is already on the painting table, undercoated and ready to go. Hope to finish these this week and then I can start on the second division.

Sunday 17 June 2012

Back from Holidays

Got back on Friday after an enjoyable 12 day break in a villa in Ibiza, very hot and relaxing. Unfortunately I had to return to the cold, miserable and damp north east of England. I didn't get much browsing of blogs when I was away as the internet connection at the villa was very slow and limited to one room, made posting comments virtually impossible and I gave up. Now things are back to normal I'll be checking out the blogs I follow to get a well needed wargaming fix.

Since I got back I've been putting the finishing touches to a 3rd regiment of French for my FPW project, once based I'll post some pictures. While I was away I did a little mulling over on the projects I want to complete:

1 - The FPW, need to complete a second division for my French and may add a 3rd Infantry division and the second division of the Bavarian 1st Corps.

2 - ACW, I need to complete Pickett's division for the confederates, this will complete 1st and 2nd corps. For the union I want to finish off 1st corps. This will give me 4 union corps, more than enough for gaming.

3 - LOTR, I want to finish off the last few figures for my Gondorrians and Rohirrim before making a start on some orcs, definitely pushing this out until later in the year.

4 - INQUISITOR, I've got about half a dozen figures from GW 54mm range, once done I should be able to put together 4 warbands. A project to break up the others.

5 - UNDEAD, Got another 8 cavalry to paint up, after that it  is looking at some sort of large scale model for the centre piece, a few children's toy fossil sets look promising.

6 - HOPLITES, still got these sitting in a box, determined to make a start on them but still unsure on what system to base them for.

Well not much to be getting on with......

Friday 1 June 2012

Siege of Morpeth

Last night at the club I got involved in an ECW game, the siege of Morpeth. A small Parliamentarian garrison defended the castle (me) while awaiting supporting troops from Mitford castle and Newcastle (George and John). Arrayed against us were a small royalist force under the Marquis of Newcastle and reinforcements from Amble under Prince Rupert (Tom and Paul).

The game began rather badly for the Royalists when Percy's infantry regiment decided to storm the castle walls and were met by stern resistance from Fairfax's veteran foot. Percy's were promptly shot to pieces and fled the field. Next up the first reinforcement card was played and Crawford arrived for Parliament with Copley's horse and Loudon's foot.

With sporadic fire from Widdrington's foot the defenders seemed set to wait out their opponents, Bard's foot with the Marquis remained in Newcastle while Langdale moved his horse to oppose the threat posed by Crawford's troops. Fortunately, next for the Royalists, Prince Rupert arrived with a large force and a much needed artillery piece.

The Garrison of Morpeth Castle
Lucas's Horse watching the road from Mitford

After struggling to get their reinforcements across the bridge, Langdale under much taunting by his opposition promptly threw Lucas's horse at Copley's. After a furious melee the Parliamentarians fled the field. Loudon's foot were forced to defend the hedgerows from the rampaging Royalist.

Just then Lord Fairfax arrived with the main Parliamentary forces, Bethell's and Boyton's Horse were quickly sent forward to scout out the lay of the land.Both sides seemed to settle down and re organise their forces except the unlucky Langdale who found himself pursued by Washington's dragoons before Boyton's Horse emerged from a small copsed and crashed into his flank, scattering his horse and resulting in his capture.

Langdale urges his Horse on against Copley's
Royalist foot approach the Castle, Parliament horse in the background
Royalist foot repulse Bethell's horse
Rupert's Blewcoats meeting their demise
On the Royalist right flank Rupert found his way blocked by large numbers of Parliament horse and Buccleugh's foot. However the artillery eventually made its way to the top of a hill and began to fire on the defenders. Seeing his chance Thomas Fairfax's leaving behind 2 companies of foot launched his regiment through the gate and smashed into the flank of bard's foot, breaking their opponents. By now things began to unravel for the Royalists, next it was Widdrington foot then Morgan's dragoons that broke and fled the field. Apart from sporadic firing the siege had been lifted and Morpeth remained in the hands of Parliament. Overall a very enjoyable game using Victory without Quarter. At one point the game had looked a little dicey for the defenders but the Royalists failed to capitalise. Rupert and his lifeguard playing no role in the battle.