Tuesday 29 May 2012

FPW French ptII

Finally got around to posting these pictures of the second french infantry regiment. Once again the figures are all Outpost miniatures and the flag is from Warflag.

Supported line
Attack column
I think in the background of the photos you can make out the next 2 regiments awaiting some paintwork.

Friday 25 May 2012

FPW French and others

Further additions to my French forces, this time the artillery, Mitrilliause and Divisional commander. The figures are all from Outpost. I've not got the next 3 infantry regiments on the painting table being undercoated. I might get 1 completed over the weekend, though much depends on the weather.

Divisional Commander
Artillery and Mitrilliause
Next up are two 15mm figures that I have had for years. If memory serves me right I got these from Tabletop Miniatures. Thought it was about time they got a lick of paint.

Dwarf adventurer and an extra
Not quite sure what the one on the left was supposed to represent, some kind of ghoul I think. The one on the right is a Dwarf adventurer.
Next up I've been following a theme on Ray's http://onelover-ray.blogspot.co.uk/ , Fran's http://theangrylurker.blogspot.co.uk/ and Phil's blog http://philbancients.blogspot.co.uk/ about the Broadside wargames show and the issues they have had with advertising. So to help out here is a shameless plug for them.

Finally just seen the news that Warhammer historical has closed down, shame As I've had years of fun playing WAB.

Tuesday 22 May 2012

FPW French

My first completed unit of French Infantry. I need four of these in total to complete a division, along with the Chasseurs, artillery and millitriause. The figures are all from Outpost and it was nice to paint a bit of red. The flag is from Warflag as usual (a very useful site). I am going for a very generic French corps hence no Turcos or Zouaves, this doesn't bother me as Dave has already painted them.

French infantry - supported line
French Infantry - Attack column

Sunday 20 May 2012

FPW Bavarians

Finally, the last Brigade to finish off my first Bavarian division. This is a 10 stand unit and I must admit I was glad to get it finished, been sitting on the painting desk for over a week and I made very slow progress on these. Photos are not the best.

Bavarian Line
Bavarian Line

Just to show the Division ids finished here are a couple of photos which I'll also add to my Franco Prussian War page.

Bavarian Division
Bavarian Division
Now on to the French.

Saturday 19 May 2012

FPW French and Mr Wolf

First up a Wolfen figure my role-playing game. The figure is from Rackham I believe. I went for a blue skin tone as in the background we are using they live in the icy wastes. I painted this guy up for a bit of a change. It's nice to be able to paint individual figures and break up the routine of painting armies.

Next up the first completed unit for the French, a small unit of Chasseurs in skirmish order. I used a different shade of dark blue in comparison to the Wurtemburgers. Now I just have to finish of the Bavarians so I can get really stuck into painting more French.

Tuesday 15 May 2012

FPW French Paint Plan

To face off against my Wurtemburgers and Bavarians, I've committed myself to putting together a French Corps of 2 infantry divisions. I will be able to use these in small club games or in larger games against Dave they can supplement the French he already has, Sounds good to me.

This equates to 144 infantry, 12 Chasseurs, 4 mounted officer, 2 artillery with crew and limbers and 2 Mitrilliause with crew and limber. But before I can start these I need to finish 1 more brigade for the Bavarians to finish the Division.

Thursday 10 May 2012

FPW Bavarians

Finally managed to finish another Bavarian regiment, this just leaves 1 regiment remaining of 10 stands to finish the Division. As usual the figures are all from Outpost and the flag from Warflag. I had tried to get these finished before the game on Sunday but just ran out of time.

Next up is some supply wagons. I have tried to keep these generic so that they can cover a number of periods from WSS through to FPW. They are from a mix of manufacturers, the wagons from Essex and Warrior and the pack mules from Irregular.

Sunday 6 May 2012

FPW Battle report

Two battle reports in one week. Today we had our first run out using the Fire n Fury variant for the Franco Prussian war. The game saw Neal commanding the Wurtemburgers and Bavarians against a French held position commanded by Dave. The French were defending a junction against the advancing Germans with a redoubt on each of the hills. The game swung both ways throughout with the German Jaeger units soaking up a lot of damage before the main line units could be unleashed. On the French right the Turcos managed to hold off the Bavarian assault, which eventually petered out through lack of numbers. The Wurtemburgers nearly managed to breakthrough, but they also ran out of steam as the deadly French Chasspot inflicted terrible damage. True to history the Krupp artillery inflicted heavy casualties on the French positions. Also in true French fashion the Cavalry Division was unleashed to check the Wurtemburgers, overrunning one brigade before being repulsed by a second supporting unit. A few pictures below of the game.

The Wurtemburg Division advance upon the French 

The French position readying for the expected attack 

Wurtemburgers begin their advance 

French redoubts prepare for the defence 

The Bavarians begin their assault 

French cavalry division held in reserve 

French centre resisting the Wurtemburgers 

Two centres collide

Overall a great game. Dave's French figures looked fantastic, now when I finish my Bavarian division I've got a French Corps to start. The success of the game can be measured in Dave committing himself to re base his other FPW figures for Fire and Fury (Some task as he has a number of Corps for both sides). Also I enjoyed the realism of the rules as the deadly French fire from the Chasspot was countered by the superior Krupp artillery.

Saturday 5 May 2012

WSS battle report

This Thursday I managed to get to the club and fought a WSS game against John R. We kept the game small as it had been a while since we had played the rules. The game involved Imperialists against Piedmont-savoy. The Imperialist were attempting to cross a river before the Piedmont-Savoyard's could stop them.

Piedmont-Savoyard troops in column advancing towards the river. 

Imperial Infantry of the Franconian Circle 

Imperial Centre supported by 2 brigades of Horse

Piedmont-Savoy infantry brigades advancing  with Horse in support

Imperial troops prepare for their crossing with the Piedmont-Savoyard's not in sight

The 2 battle lines approach 

Piedmont-Savoy Guards cross the river. 

Imperial infantry in retreat 

The 2 Centres clash. 

It was a close run game before time ran out. The Piedmont-Savoy guards brigade on their left managed to force their way across the river pushing back the Imperial infantry who had stopped to defend a hill overlooking the river. In the centre the first Piedmont attack stall, with 2 battalions being shattered by the Imperial Infantry. Then the Imperial Horse counterattacked and drove off the first assault. The second assault faired slightly better with a number of Imperial infantry battalions given a severe mauling, but once again the Imperial Horse calmed the situation. The final move of the game saw the Imperialist eventually launch an assault across the river, bringing over and extra brigade of infantry from their left flank. It would have been touch and go to see if the Piedmont-savoy infantry could have held as they were already severely worn from their previous exertions and no support in sight. Overall an enjoyable game.

Wednesday 2 May 2012

FPW Bavarian additions

In preparation of my first FPW game this weekend against Dave and his French I put together this farm I picked up in a sale by Miniature Wargames magazine. (Also got the ECW village, Hougmont and La Haye Saint still in their packets) It's not a bad little model and took no time to put together. My only gripe was I lost the layout plan so came up with my own.

Next up the command bases for My Bavarians. First up, 2 shots of the Corps Commander and 1 of the Divisional commanders. Think this just about confirms I'll do the other Division to finish the Corps.

Next up 2 more units of Jaegers. These will bring the Division up to 3 light units and leaves only 2 Infantry regiments to finish. Again the figures are by Outpost and the flag is from the Warflag site.

Now I've got to come up with a scenario for Sunday. With my Wurtemburgers and Bavarians having a slight edge in numbers they will be the attackers, probably against a dug in position. Can't wait.