Monday 11 April 2016

AWI 3rd Virginia Continentals

I'm making more progress on my AWI project. This time I've completed the 3rd Virginia Continental regiment. I picked these as I liked the idea of pale blue coats and dark blue turnbacks. Not sure if I got the pale blue right but I'm happy with them. The figures are a mix of Perry plastics and Some spare Foundry figures I picked up from EBAY. The flag is from Maverick Models.

To add a little fire power to try and hold up the British assaults I have added a second Artillery piece. This time a 3lb gun from Perry's.

Next time I will need to concentrate on adding some more militia and riflemen to the force. I have been looking at the Warlord Plastic boxed set, but want to see them in the flesh before i make a purchase. Luckily Tom has picked up a set so hopefully I can check them out on Thursday.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

AWI artillery

Just remembered I hadn't posted about this. I eventually got around to painting up an Artillery piece for my American forces. I chose the 6lb piece from Perry's as it features in the majority of the scenarios from the rulebook.

6lb Artillery 
6lb Artillery 
I chose buff for the turnbuckles on the crew instead of the more common red. However I will revert to red when I get around to painting up the 3lb piece I've ordered.

Monday 4 April 2016

AWI Kings New York Regiment

To add to my loyalists, I decided to paint up the Kings New York Regiment. I opted to go with red coats with blue facings. The figures are all from the Perry plastics. The flags were picked up from Maverick Models.

Kings New York Regiment 
Kings New York Regiment 
Kings New York Regiment 
I've also got enough plastic figures left to put together another Loyalist regime,  likely North Carolina. I can also put together a 3rd Base for my British Legion infantry to bring them up to full strength. After these it will be back to the rebels. I've another Continental regiment to complete as well as a 3lb Artillery piece and some mounted state troopers. All that will be left is to pick up some more militia.