Sunday 26 November 2023

A slight interruption

So a slight interruption to my plans for Marston Moor. A friend of one of the club members asked if I could paint up some of his epic ECW stuff as due to a failing eyesight and other health conditions, he would be unable to do them. At first I thought about refusing as I didn't want to burn myself out painting epic stuff. However as the Marston Moor has reached a good juncture, in that I just need to work predominantly on the Covenanters. I decided, why not. So figures were dispatched on to me with a rough outline of which regiments he wanted done, 12 in total. I just wish he hadn't given them a black undercoat. It's been years since I have, and I much prefer a brown undercoat for the epic stuff.

So a couple of weeks in and the 1st four regiments are done, at least I haven't had to base them as Simon wants to do that and add the flags. I also have a 5th regiment nearing completion. To get around the black undercoat I gave each sprue a drybrush of chocolate brown. Definitely helps with the muskets and pike. So regiments bagged up and waiting for the rest to be done.

I haven't been totally idle on the Marston Moor project. I picked up 3 more buildings from Battlescale. A 2-storey timber framed building and two wood cottages. I think the cottages are more suitable for ACW but they will mix well in a rural setting.

I've also prepped a Covenanter dragoon regiment and a couple more mounted officers that I will slip in between painting stuff for Simon.

Friday 17 November 2023

A battle to bring the floor down!

So last night the ECW collection got its first run out. 7 players, lots of troops and a collapsing floor. With the Royalists having slightly more troops, they were commanded by myself, Sean, Mitch and Thom. The traiterous Parlaimentarians and Scots were commanded by Neil G, Neil B and Robbo.  It was also a chance to dust down and familiarise with the rules. I also made a few adaptians, changing the order cards to brigades and not individual units, we had around 50+ plus units on the table. I don't have a blow by blow account as unfortunately the game was brought to an abrupt close as after a loud crack came from one of the floor joists (The floor of the room is raised by about 18 inches) we suddenly had a number of very loose floorboards on the Royalist side of the table which kind of made it rather unsafe. Thankfully the guys who run the  building are in today to make repairs.

Royalist cavalry getting ready

Royalist infantry occupy the village of Perky Bottom

Langdale's cavalry showing Rupert how it is done

Advancing Parlaimentarians

Parlaiment bring forward their horse

The horse clash on the left wing

Infantry lines closing in

During the game many of the Royalist commanders were dumbfounded when Rupert abandoned the right wing and went on a tour of the battlefield looking for Cromwell. Obviously some slight needed to be avenged. The issue was he took 3 regiments of veteran horse with him. This left Langdale holding the right flank, who in true Royalist fashion, charged straight into the enemy. At least he had some support from Vaughan, but not enough to exploit his advantage over Copley's horse.

In the Centre The Royalist infantry brigades struggled to get forward. With the Parlaimentarians lining the hedge and showing no urgency to advance, both sides saw little action. On the Royalist left wing, movement early on was hampered by a couple of missing cards in the maneuver deck ( 1 on each side). The cavalry though both eventually got stuck in. With Byron leading off he clashed head on into Fairfax. This was an even contest with neither side really gaining an advantage until Fairfax himself was unhorsed. The timely arrival of Cromwell and his brigade of horse preventing Byron and Goring in support exploiting the gains.

Overall a good run out of the rules, shame we had to end early though. The players all seemed to enjoy it. Now to arrange a new game. One advantage though was I gained a good idea of table size for Marston Moor. We used 8ft by 4ft and still need to add another 18 infantry regiments and 11 cavalry regiments. I reckon 10ft will suffice.

Wednesday 15 November 2023

Mustering for battle and some extras

So in preparation for tomorrow's game I went down to the club tonight to set up the table and get the troops out ready for the game. Will save some time tomorrow night. I also need some more hedges. The game will be a simple affair, a straight up fight to test the rules. I've made some changes to activation, using brigades instead of individual units. Should help speed up the game.

The Royalist will have slightly more troops split into 8 brigades, whereas the Parlaimentarians will have 7 commands. Mitch will be bringing along 2 commands worth of infantry to bolster their numbers.

Royalists -Vaughan, Rupert, Byron and Tillier

Royalists - Goring and Langdale

Royalists - Mackworth and Kirkbride

Parliament - Fairfax and Copley 

Parlaiment - Cromwell and Leslie

Parlaiment - Ashton, Crawford and Pickering, both awaiting their troops

The players will be randomly assigned their commands tomorrow night. On the painting front I did manage to muster out some extra troops for the game. Like the last batch I need to finish the bases when my static grass arrives. First up is three more commanders from the resin sets.

Then there were a couple of field guns, one each from Warlord and Peter Pig. I mixed the crews together to allow both guns to be fielded for the Covenanters. I also completed the first regiment of Scots Covenanters. So much better when you don't have the individual pikemen to paintup. The flags are from Wargames designs.

Looking forward to the game now.

Saturday 11 November 2023

First Covenanters and Buildings

Just a quick post as I managed to get a few more things completed this morning. First up is the first of the Covenanters I need, 2 regiments of Harquebusiers. Not lancers this time, though the other 4 regiments I need will be when they get done. The figures are all from Alternative armies and 1 officer from Peter Pig. Went for a quite uniform approach and buff jackets instead of breastplates.

The other addition was a mounted officer from the new Plastic sprue and a pair of light guns from Peter Pig. I just need some static grass to arrive to complete the bases.

I also decided to go with 10mm buildings for this project. I always find going done a scale helps villages and towns actually look like one and not just a couple of buildings. I went with the Battlescale range sold by Pendraken miniatures. They are lovely models and painted up in no time at all. I ordered a mix of stone and timber framed buildings to represent the villages of Tockwith and Long Marston on the flanks of the battlefield. The advantge of these type a buildings is I can use them for a number of periods.

Mitch is also looking into a 3d printing a few more just to add a bit of variety. And the good news is the collection all gets to be used at the club on Thursday for their first game and a chance to try out the rules.

Friday 10 November 2023

Rupert's horse and foot

Finally managed to get this lot based up. 2 more regiments of horse for Ruperts' Royalists. The figures are a mix of Alternative Armies and Warlord plastics. The flags are from Wargames Designs.

These bring me up to 7 regiments, so just 2 more to do, to complete Rupert's mounted contingent. Now originally Mitch and Neil B were sharing Rupert's infantry between them, 5 regiments each. Neil B though has backed out as he can no longer commit as he has other projects on the go. This would leave us 5 regiments of foot short. Luckily though I managed to pick up 3 ready painted regiments on EBay for a very reasonable price, saves a bit of time in painting them myself when I have the Covenanters on the horizon. 

They just required some re-basing to match the rest of the collection. I also added some spare random flags I had left over from Wargames Design. At some point I'll need to pick up a couple of sprues for the remaining 2 regiments.

Thursday 2 November 2023

Dragoons and Commanders

Just a quick post as due to the incessant rain in North East England (currently a yellow warning) painting has stalled as getting to the shed involves a bit of plodging across the water logged garden. I also can't undercoat anything as the damp is badly effecting the aerosol undercoat. 

The Dragoons and commanders were actually painted last week, it's taken 4 days just to get the bases done. So here they are. The dragoons are spare and can be used for either side. Their blue coats remind me if ACW cavalry.

The commanders are three more of the resin figures from Warlord. This time Rupert, Cromwell and Waller.

Hopefully if the rain eases for the weekend I may get 2 more cavalry regiments done for Rupert. I've also been acquiring sprue to fulfill the Covenanter contingent. So far I managed to get my hands on 9 of the 12 required. 5 of which were donated freely by club members.