Thursday 30 June 2011

Loudon's foot

Started to make some progress on another unit of foot for my ECW forces. After a couple of club games it has become apparent that the Parliamentarians are suffering due to their numerical inferiority in foot. The unit in question is Loudon's. This will be the second Scots Covenanter unit that will eventually form their own brigade. On checking through the unused warlord sprues, I've got enough to put together 2 more infantry regiments and possibly a small unit of commanded shot.


Managed to finish Colbert's and Martin's brigades. Only need to paint up 2 artillery pieces and that will finish Hebert's Division. With the addition of a Corps Commander and 3 more artillery pieces, I'll be able to field the 2 confederate divisions at Corinth under Price. I'll post some pictures of the completed division as soon as I locate the camera.

Also got the Gettysburg re fight this weekend. 2 full days of wargaming. can't wait

Sunday 19 June 2011

DBA armies

Many years ago at the Newbiggin club I got into DBA. For a youngster they seemed the perfect introduction to Ancients. You didn't need many figures and could try out numerous armies until you found one(s) that suited your playing style. While having s bit of a clear out I came across these 2 armies. With a bit of tender care I've touched up the paint work and refreshed the bases. When I look back at them I realised how my painting style has changed over the last 20+ years.

First up are my Bactrian Greek army, combines the best of Macedon with the Indian longbow. Somehow never had much success with this army. Majority of the figures are Essex, not sure on the Indians.

Next is my Republican Roman force, can't quite remember if these were Camillan or Polybian. They are all Museum Miniatures.

Hebert's Division

I've had these 2 brigades from Hebert's Division on the painting table for about a year. Thought it was about time that I finished them off. All the figures are from Old Glory. the flags are by Revo. They are the brigades of Gates and Green. Just need to complete Colbert's and Martin's brigades, about 4 artillery pieces and I'll have finished Price's Corps

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Gallery Page

Well finally managed to add some pictures to the Rebel yell page. Now will have a look through some old photos to see if I can add any more pages.

Saturday 11 June 2011

Clear out

Well the clear out continues. I've listed my Flames of War Germans on EBay. I really enjoyed painting these, especially the Fallschirmjaeger, but as ever when you have no opponents at the club playing flames of war, they just sit gathering dust. I've decided to keep the US armoured rifle company for now.

So far listed is the fallschirmjaeger platoon. 3 Tiger tanks, 3 Panthers, 4 Panzer IVs, 3 Panzer III's and 3 Marder II's. Any money raised I'll try and plow back into wargaming but there is no guarantee with prices for everyday goods seemingly in an upward spiral at the moment.

Friday 10 June 2011

Gettysburg is upon us

Well the date for the large Gettysburg game is set for the 2nd and 3rd of July. I'm going to be one of the Confederate Corp Commanders with Dave and Andrew, with Mike being General Lee. Just have to wait for Mike to decide which Corps it will be and what our orders for the day will be. Not sue if Mike wants to try the historical attacks and see if we can do better or whether he has something else in mind. The weekend will see us fighting day 2 and 3 of Gettysburg, this will be fun.

Our opponents will be led by Darren and ably supported by Blenky, Jon, Harry and Nick. Quite a formidable group, especially Darren and Blenky who always work well together. No pressure then. Can't wait for it.

Friday 3 June 2011

New Page

Been fiddling around with blogger and trying to add a new page for my ACW stuff. So far I can get the page on, but blogger is not playing the game when I'm trying to download pictures onto it. Any help much appreciated! So its still a work in progress.

Thursday 2 June 2011

More Terrain

Just managed to finish off another 3 small scenery bases for tonight's game. I've used some spare CD's for the base, polystyrene offcuts, some plastic grass and some palm trees from Pegasus hobbies. The 2 items of ruins are from a plastic LOTR set that I've had lying around for quite some time.