Tuesday 20 June 2023

More vehicles

With Mitch putting his 3d printer to work, 2 more vehicles completed for my Back of Beyond / Russian Civil War forces. First up is a Lanchester Armoured car. Mitch actually painted this up, nicely done as well. This will help bolster my Bolshevik forces.

The other vehicle is a Rolls Royce armoured car to add some armoured support for my British.

Really like these vehicles. Just need to complete the FT-17. Mitch is also printing another Rolls Royce and an Austin Putilov for me.

Sunday 18 June 2023

RCW - Whippet

As part of balancing my RCW forces, I've added a Whippet light tank for the Bolsheviks. This is one of the 3d prints supplied by Mitch.

I went for a simple paint scheme, but I need to source some decals for my vehicles as I have an FT-17, 2 Lanchester AC and an Austin Putilov.

Friday 16 June 2023

The Pavlov Crossing Part 2.

This week we pick up from where we left the game. We were though a player short,which did slow the game down. We've already had a few ideas going forward on how we can rectify this. With both sides pushing their reserves forward, the village of Pavlov became a meat grinder. With the 4 central buildings offering victory points it came as a bit of the Bolsheviks when they were evicted from 2 of them. The Whites though were also suffering heavy casualties.

The fight for the village

White cavalry cutting down Red infantry

White reserves coming forward

Firefight continues

Red reserves on the march

The battle peeters out

After a good 3 extra hours gaming, both sides were fought out. The Whites had managed to maintain a grip on 2 of the buildings while the Reds only controlled 1. A minor victory to the Whites who once more blocked the Bolshevik advance.

Friday 9 June 2023

The Pavlov Crossing Part 1.

The Russian Civil War collection got another run out at the club. After their successful defence at Vostock, the Whites under Gettikov quickly moved to try and deny the Reds under Mitchikovak from securing the river crossing at Pavlov as part of our ficticious campaign. This was to be an encounter battle. Both sides were of similar strength with predominantly infantry forces. The Whites started with an extra field gun, while the Reds had an armoured car. Both sides started the game with 2 commands on the table with a 3rd held in reserve.

The Reds advance

The village of Pavlov

The Whites begin their advance

More Reds begin to arrove

Markov infantry and horse advance

The Reds quickly secure the Railway

Markov horse lead the advance into Pavlov

The Reds arrive on the outskirts of Pavlov

White infantry begin entering Pavlov

The Whites come under fire from theReds

Action begins to heat up

WHites look to secure cover in the buildings

Both sides exchange fire

Red reserves begin to arrive

Markov horse cause havoc among the Red infantry

The game is finely poised for next week. Both sides are beginning to receive reinforcements. Meanwhile there is some heavy fighting within the village. Both sides are already suffering some heavy casualties amongst their advanced units. Looking forward to next weeknow