Sunday, 27 December 2009

Decision made

Well, I've finally decided I'm going to take the Imperial Army for Micks. I currently have 3 Cuirassiers regiments and 3 dragoon regiments already painted. I can then add 3 of my Saxon Cuirassier regiments (they fought as part of the Imperial army at 1st Hochstadt). For the infantry I currently have 4 Franconian, 1 Swabian, 1 Westphalian, 2 Austrian, 2 Ansbach and 3 Palatine battalions painted, grand total of 13. I have already started on another 3 Franconian battalions which will leave me about 2-3 battalions short. Looks likely to be 2 further Swabian battalions and possibly their combined grenadiers. If it comes to the worst I can again press gang in a few of the Saxon battalions). So far I have no artillery, though I do have 12 models to paint up, though should only need about 6 of these.

On to other projects - well Firestorm Armada from Spartan Games has caught my eye, so with Christmas pressie money 1 rule book purchased and awaiting delivery. I also managed to dig out 10 old space craft that I think came form Ground Zero games many years ago, probably have to check their website to see what types they are. They'll do for trying out the rules.

Sunday, 20 December 2009


As it's been a while I've added a couple of photos of some villages i have put together. The bases are CD's and the buildings are 6mm in scale. I'm going to use these with my 15mm Marlburian armies.

On the painting front I have been doing stuff for my nephews, 1 has got a nice new Black Templar Dreadnought for his 40K army and the other some additional forces for his Marlburian Danish army.
For next year I need to decide on which army I'll be using For Micks in February. Its a Marlburian themed weekend and I need to decide if I'll take the Saxons again (who performed very admirably) or whether I have time to paint up the extra units for the Imperials (very short on infantry and artillery).
By for now and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Monday, 23 November 2009


Manged to gain access to the club today to remove my figures ready for the workmen to get started on removing the asbestos. Looks like the club will probably be closed until at least Christmas. One thing I did realise was how many figures and terrain items I had at the club, managed to fill 5 large boxes.

On the painting front, been touching up my GNW Saxons, many of these were painted about 15-20 years ago (my first historical army), the figures are all Dixon's and in need of some TLC.

Friday, 13 November 2009


Well this is a bit of a downer, got a text from Jon, it seems the room that we use for wargaming has been closed until further notice. Looks like Asbestos has been discovered. There goes the bi game for this weekend.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Just received the book on Ramilles by James Falkner the other day, courtesy of Amazon. Already read through once, a useful addition to my collection on the period. Looking ahead I am planning to do a large weekend game for the club using the Marlburian collections of me and Jon. Rough estimates are approx 100 battalions and 120 squadrons, looking to adapt Mikes rules which are hex based (as we don't yet have a hex board). Current estimates are 4 players with the possibility of my 2 nephews joining in. That would be hand as each player can take a wing. Currently looking through some of the historical battlefield maps to use as a layout.

Friday, 30 October 2009


Last night at the club played a small WH40K game with my 2 nephews, quite enjoyable with the boys eventually achieving the objective. This is part of a mini campaign I am running and was their second success. Now I've got quite a few Orks and gretchins to paint up for a larger scale battle in the future. I already have enough vehicles and troops for the imperial guard.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Painting update

Just added a couple of photos of my Imperial forces. Currently concentrating on the Swabian and Franconian Circle troops.

On the left Franconian Cuirassiers Brandenberg Bayreuth, On the right the Swabian Cuirassiers Stauffenberg (figures are all Dixons)

On the left Franconain Dragoons - Bibra, The right Swabian Dragoons - Hohenzollern (figures by warrior miniatures)
The start of the Franconian Circle infantry, 3 battalions of the Markgraf von Brandenberg regiment and the combined regimental Grenadiers (these eventually became a stand alone battalion) (figures are a mix of Essex - grenadiers , warrior and dixons)

I've also purchased a number of 6mm buildingds to add to a couple that have been lying around the club for a few years. The intention is to base 2-3 buildings on each CD and use as villages for fighting the games on.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Minden 1759

Sunday saw me involved in a refight of the battle of Minden, I didn't know too much about this battle except that it was an allied victory and the British infantry performing very well. This time I was determined it would go differently. I was given command of the French left flank which included their Saxon allies, Jon took the centre and Mike (C in C) took the French right. Our opponents were Harry with the allied right, Mick in the centre and Charlie (C in C) the left. To say the early stages were slightly difficult is an understatement. On our left the British and Hanovarian infantry did heavy damage to my first line of infantry who gamely hung in until the second line could reinforce them. These extra fresh troops began to tip this flank into my favour and forced the allies back. The French centre struggled to deploy and saw heavy casualties mount up especially among the grenadiers. Eventuually Jon formed up and began to push the allied centre back, even being able to send a full brigade of infantry to support my counter attack. The French right wing, predominatly cavalry was severley worsted by the allied horse in early exchanges and only the eventual arrival of infantry support turned the tide in their favour. All in all a great game with great opponents. The figures are from Mick's collection, the rules were a homemade set by Mick which facilitate fast play and were very effective. I've added some photos I managed to take of the battle.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Weekend Ahead

Received an email from Mick detailing this weekend large multi player game. Its going to be the battle of Minden. Don't know much about this battle apart from French and Saxon allies against British, Prussians and other allies. So far I have been allotted to the French Command with Mike the CinC and me and Jon 2 of his divisional commanders (think I have the Saxons). Must admit really looking forward to it, will have to crash learn the rules as I play, though with movement on hexes it shouldn't be an issue. Will try to remember to take the camera and get some photos.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Flames of War Americans

I took the inspiration for this force from one of my favourite War films - Kelly's Heroes. The force is based upon a US armoured rifle platoon. Since then I have added the Sherman's, M10's etc to give the force a bit more balance though it still lacks some artillery units possibly M8 Priests.
Sherman's (mix of 75's and 76's)

M10 tank Hunter platoon

Armoured recon platoon

M3 Half tracks inc dismounted machine guns

Armoured rifle company

The figures used are predominately Battlefront, though a few Skytrex models are mixed in, especially among the vehicles.

Flames of War Germans

Here is a couple of photos of my small German force. I still have a Fallschirmjaeger mortar platoon and some recoiless guns to be painted up. (another job for the future)

My Fallschirmjaeger platoon

German armour, Tigers, Panthers and PzIV's

Some Marder II's picked up off ebay

Most of these should be used in this Thursdays club game, supporting some of Jon's German armour and panzergrenadiers.

Friday, 2 October 2009


Finally finished the last 2 battalions for my nephew, will be able to drop them off for him on Saturday. I have also managed to pick up some dragoons by irregular miniatures from ebay along with a load of Polish hussars (useful allies for the saxons). I'll have to get some horses for the dragoons from warrior miniatures and paint them up as Danish, giving my nephew enough for 2 squadrons.

The clubs latest battle fizzled out into a hard fought draw, with the French still struggling to get over the bridges. This coming we week we'll be having a change and playing some flames of War, need to dust down my American armoured infantry. It should see the debut of Toms Brit paratroopers if he manages to get the bases finished. I'll try and post some pics of my FOW units over the weekend.

Friday, 25 September 2009


I've just added some pics of the current game at the club. It is an encounter scenario with French vs Imperialist. The French need to cross the river before the Imperials can stop them. After two days of gaming it looks like the Imperialists have recovered well after their cavalry on the right wing was heavily mauled by the French.

scenery base of trees I menioned in the last post

French infantry and artillery advance

French cavalry approach

Imperial defenders hold up the French advance

French troops mass to cross the river

Imperial artillery covers the river

This battle should conclude at next weeks club night, Their is now significant pressure on the Imperialist right wing after French cavalry uncovered a ford. The Imperial centre also is looking slightly vulnerable as French artillery has eventually been brought forward ably supported by massed infantry.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Quick Update

just a quick update on what I have been doing since the last posting. I've started to paint up some War od Spanish Succession Danish troops for my nephew for his birthday. I have managed to paint up 1 battalion with 3 more to do. In the future I hope to add a couple of cavalry squadrons and some artillery to give him a nice small force to join in the games at the club.

Speaking of the club we are currently playing a game of BLB, Imperials against French. I'll post some pics next week if I remember to take the camera. So far the imperial cavalry has had the worst of it against their french opponents (it wasn't very pretty).

On the scenery front I havebeen creating small wooded areas, I find old CD's make perfect bases with a couple of trees cover in polyfilla and sand and once dry coat with some wood varnish and add static grass, pretty pleased with the results so far.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Flames of War

After going through my camera I came across a number of pictures of some games of 'Flames of War' played at the local club

Pol Lentia - Alcudia

While on my holidays I came across the roman ruins of Pol lentia in Alcudia Majorca. Totally unexpected for me, considering where I live is in easy reach of Hadrians wall, Chester fort, Housesteads, Segedunum to name a few.

Pol Lentia was founded following the conquest of the island by the consul Qintus caecilius Metellus in 123BC. it underwent large urban development between the 1st century BC and 3rd century AD partially due to its strategic location. It became the most important city in the Balearics during the Roman period. Ive added a few photos that i managed to take before I had to retreat to the shade. Unfortunatly I didn't get a chance to visit the museum which contains 2 1/100th scale models of the site. i must admit the visit to the site has got me in the mood to dust doen my Late Roman army, I'll possibly post some pictures of them in the future.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Shoot out at High Noon

Well we played the Legends of the old west last night, up to 7 players, we had Lawmen, Cowboys, Desperadoes, Mexican Bandits, Texas Rangers and Indians. In a tense but fun battle which saw the town sheriff gunned down in the street, the Indians defeating the cowboys before the outlaws manged to break there leader out of the jail before the Texas rangers could stop them. A very enjoyable game. Here are a couple of pictures.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wild West pt II

Went to the club last night to set up the table for a wild west game, using Warhammer Historicals Legends of the old west. As I was there I took some photos of my various figures, predominatley Artizan with a handful of Foundry, West Wind and Ghost miniatures

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Wild West

Well this week at the club me and Jon are putting on a small wild west game, gives us a break from the Marlburians for a couple of weeks. I'll try to post some pictures of the game if I remember to take along my camera.

In the meantime painting is on hold as I am going to start building the card sets from Miniature wargaming for Waterloo.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Some Pictures

As promised a couple of photos of the troops I have done so far.

First up - Bayreuth Dragoons

Swabian - Hohenzollern Dragoons

Austrian Infantry Regiment Baden-Baden
Austrian Infantry Regiment - Alt Daun (not at Friedlingen)
All the figures above are from Warrior Miniatures except the Grenadiers who are from Essex. The figures from Warrior miniatures are very nice and at a very reasonable price. My Saxon force is all Dixon miniatures, while the Piedmont Savoy are a mix of Dixon, Warrior as well as some Donnington and Roundway. Most of the figures are compatible though the Donnington infantry are very large.
I currently have the Swabian Cuirassier Regiment Stauffenberg awaiting basing. These are from the Dixon range.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Friedlingen pt 2

Research continues apace for the Imperial forces at Friedlingen. Managed to secure a map of the battlefield and find that my recent purchase of Houmont Chateaux will come in very handy.

I do have a number of issues with the OOB that I have in that it gives 4 Swabian cavalry units, 3 dragoon and 1 cuirassier. Much to my chagrin the other info I have stats they only had 3 regiments of cavalry, 2 cuirassier and 1 dragoon. Bit of a poser this.

I have managed to track down uniform details for the rest of the force and started to paint up a few units. I already have the Hohenzollen and Bayreuth dragoons as well as the Baden-Baden and Ansbach infantry battalions. I'll post some pics when I get the chance.

Sunday, 16 August 2009


As I have been putting together the figures required for an Austrian/Imperial army for the War of Spanish Succession, I cam across a description of the Battle of Friedlingen, even though a defeat for the Imperial forces, I came across an Order of Battle. The majority of the force comes from the Swabian and Franconian Circles with a couplt of Austrian units added. Its not too large a force, numbering only about 8,500 men. An added bonus is that I already have 2 of the infantry battalions painted. So mind made up this is the force I am going to build.

I have added a couple of links from the Baccus site which details the uniforms of the Swabian and Franconian Circle force.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Well my figures arrived last weekend from those nice chaps at Warrior miniatures, gives me enough figures for 4 battalions of infantry and 4 regiments of Dragoons (or 8 squadrons for Lily banners.) They even threw 4 extra brigadiers as after the weekends gaming I realised I am significantly short in this area. I've already got 1 unit of Dragoons on the paining table, they'll be the Ansbach Schmettau regiment, (usefull as they fought in Dutch annd Saxon service as well as part of the Imperial army).

This week at the club me and Jon are planning another large game of Lily Banners, hopefully a couple of other club members will help out as well as my 2 nephews who seem keen on wargaming at the moment

Monday, 10 August 2009

Gaming weekend return Part 2

As promised some pics of the Marlburian game that me and Mick fought using Mike's rules. These played very well and were quick and easy to pick up.

Saxon cavalry advance supported by the Garde du Corps

Saxon infantry advance upon the Bavarians

Saxon Guards capture the Bavarian artillery
The Saxon left wing cavalry hunt down their Bavarian counterparts
Bavarian infantry prepare to advance
This game was a well fought and very enjoyable encounter against a very good opponent, played in the right spirit. The highlight for me was when the Saxon Guards charged up a hill to capture the Bavarian artillery, only to be repulsed before retaking them. The low light has to be a Battalion of the Polish Guards which after bursting through the Bavarian infantry line was promptly hit in the flank by some grateful Bavarian Cuirassiers who seemed to enjoy themselves greatly in cutting them down.
Overall a very good game, even after Mick suffered early on he fought an excellent reaguard action to allow his infantry to retire. My Saxons were unable to pursue as most of the units had been fought to a standstill.