Sunday 31 March 2019

Quick Terrain

After a few large skirmish games at the club for our modern figures. It became apparent that we needed more buildings. I even had a scenario thought up that would need double what we have.

Now these days you can pick up anything in MDF at very reasonable prices. However i had a pack of unopened 5mm foam board which is perfect for adobe style buildings. So armed with a knife, polyfilla, glue and masking tape I set to work.

A week later a 4 completed buildings and a bit of extra walling. I do have another slightly larger building that just needs finishing. Now these aren't my best work  but serviceable for the games table.

I'll add these to the 4 I already have giving me a total of 9 buildings. John currently has another 4 and was going to add a few MDF ones, while Mitch is planning on some extra walling and buildings using foam board.

Friday 22 March 2019

More GNW /WSS Danish horse

For some reason the painting mojo returns when I'm painting Tricorns. Though I can't see me starting any new armies, there is still a bit of unpainted lead to add to existing forces.

This time I've added 2 more cuirassiers regiments to the Danish army. This brings the Danes up to 39 squadrons. Another 6 of Dragoons and they should be finished.

First up is 3 squadrons of 1st Fynske. Figures are all from Dixon miniatures. The flag is pure conjecture using the cuff colours colours as the field colour.

The next regiment is Ahlefelds cuirassiers. These are also all Dixon miniatures. Again I've used pure conjecture for the flag. I've also went for a slightly lighter blue on the cuffs, reasoning that the colour would have faded on campaign.

Now I just need to paint up a couple of extra brigadiers to command the additional regiments.

Tuesday 12 March 2019

WSS / GNW Danish horse

Despite twice claiming that my Danish army was complete, I find myself once again adding to it. These are the first of potentially 3 more cuirassier regiments.

The regiment is the 2nd Fynske made up of 3 squadrons. I chose these as I liked the contrast between grey coats and the orange cuffs. The figures are all from Dixon miniatures.

I couldn't find a source for the flag for this regiment so went with a simple white field with the Danish cross in the top left corner.

Saturday 9 March 2019

GNW Russians XVII

This time it was the turn of the Russians to gain some additional troops. These were the extra 3 squadrons I needed to complete Roshonov's Horse Grenadiers regiment. The figures for these squadrons are from Dixon miniatures.

Completed regiment
So with these guys I now have all 3 regiments of Horse Grenadiers completed. 18 fine squadrons to take on the Swedes.

Horse Grenadiers 
The 3 regiments are predominantly Dixon miniatures along with figures from Roundway and Warrior.

Looking in the unpainted lead pile I can put together another Dragoon regiment. Until then I have 3 regiments of Danish Cuirassiers to work on.

Wednesday 6 March 2019

Lobsters this time

Well I'm staying with the WSS with these figures, but not Tricorns. This time the Lobster pot helmets of some Bavarian Cuirassiers. They are the Weidel regiment, with 6 squadrons. The figures are all from Dixon miniatures. I'll add the flag when I get it finished.

I must admit I find the Bavarians a lovely army to paint. I think with grey coats and black horses really helps add a little menace to these guys.

Next up will be a switch back to the GNW as I finish off the last 3 squadrons of Russian horse Grenadiers.

Saturday 2 March 2019

Back to Tricorns

Well after dabbling in fantasy and modern figures it is back to my first love, Tricorns. This time the War of Spanish Succession. This is the Fitzjames regiment of Horse. They were an Irish regiment raised in France in 1689. I've painted up 3 squadrons, all of the figures are from Dixon miniatures.

When I've checked my storage box I've realised these were desperately needed. My Franco Bavarians only have 21 squadrons of Horse and Dragoons. So to rectify this I've got 6 squadrons of Bavarian cuirassiers prepped and ready for undercoating.