Sunday 27 December 2015

New Warband for Frostgrave

Using the figures I received from the Nickstarter, I decided to put together a second warband. This one though is in the service of the Lich Lord. As a start point I have used the Lich wizard and apprentice figures. These will be the focal point of the warband as the wizard searches for the secrets to becoming a Lich. I have deliberately gone with a limited colour palette as I wanted to add some uniformity to the warband.

Wizard and apprentice
So far I have put together nine of the plastic cultist figures to represent some of the less specialised henchmen such as thieves and thugs. I feel such henchmen as rangers and barbarians would not keep to the colours of the cult / warband.

Archers and Crossbowman for missile support
A thief and thugs for collecting the treasure tokens
The heavy hitters of the warband
The Warband together
I have to say that I enjoyed putting together the plastic cultists, very easy and I can see many uses for these figures in other genres such as Pulp and even 40k. I've also put some finishing touches to some of the treasure tokens as well as a snow troll.

Treasure tokens
Snow Troll
Snow Troll
Well hopefully I should be putting together a full review of my progress this year as well as some thoughts on possible projects for 2016

Friday 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Saturday 12 December 2015

More Frostgrave goodies

After only a couple of starter games I committed myself for a level 3 Nick starter for the Thaw of the Lichlord supplement. In between Christmas shopping I have slowly started to add to my collection for use in the game.

First up is some bugbears I picked up from the Reaper Bones range. Very easy to paint up and quite impressed with the quality of the figures. I will likely write a scenario just to use these guys as I have 2 more to paint up.

Next up is the Frost wraith that was one of the rewards that I picked up. I love this model, very spooky and took very little time to paint up, consisting of a blue ink over a white base coat then re highlighted with white. I still need to add some snow to the base.

Frost Wraith
Frost Wraith
Lastly I painted up some animals that I picked up from the Border Reiver show at the Warbases stand. Very nice figures and at a very reasonable price. May pick up a few more of his range.

Wolves and Brown bear
Luckily on Thursday night we also got in another game to give us a run through of the rules as we look to start a campaign in the New year. I think the Campaigns add another level to the game. I've added a few photos of the game. We still need to add some more terrain pieces to the collection for variety

Table layout
The cotton wool represents fog from a successful spell cast
Archers in cover
The War-hound named Dog
I've now got to put the finishing touches to a snow troll before making a start on the cultists. Half of these will be used to form a second warband

Friday 4 December 2015

FPW French marines II

I have finally gotten around to posting these guys on the blog, they were painted up and based just over a week ago. As usual at this time of year preparation for Christmas is taking precedence on any spare time I thought I had. These guys are the 2nd Marine Regiment for Vassiognes' division. The figures are all from Outpost. The spare figure was painted up as i needed markers to represent low on ammo.

Now I need to get cracking on the last two regiments and then i can start on the two Hussar regiments that I want to paint up.