Monday 28 February 2022

A few more SCW figures

After a couple of recent games I found myself inspired to try and finish off the last few figures I have for the collection. First up was another mortar for my Republicans, the randomness of these adds a bit of tension to the games.

The last few models were an extra pair of Dinamentaros for my CNT Militia and another officer for the International brigade.

All the figures are from Empress miniatures. I've now got 7 Carlists and 4 Brigadistas to sort. I also put an order in to obtain another T-26. My Republicans are under armoured against the Nationalists. 

Friday 25 February 2022

SCW Attack and Defend

At the club on Thursday night we gave the Fistful of Lead bigger battles rules a second try out. We did plan for a 6 player game, but last minute changes left us with only 3 players. We decided to play on, but just keep commands off table in reserve.

As I was on my own with the Republicans, we agreed that the Nationalists couldn't activate their reserves until the Republicans had begun to call theirs up. A simple game with 3 objectives, a hill, the village and a bridge in the middle of the table.

The bridge was the scene of vicious fighting from both sides. My Carabinieros cut down the Carlists before running from the enemy Panzers. I even lost my armoured car to a direct hit from the Panzer Breda. 

Unfortunately we ran out of time for the game, we definitely needed 6 players. I also want some tokens to track activsted units, as once the reserves entered the fray it became difficult tracking which units had activated.

Now plenty of pictures to give you a flavour of the game.

My favourite moment of the game was when my mortar fire missed its intended target, but deviated to land directly into the middle of a freshly arrived Nationalist army unit. Killing 8 of the 12 figures.

Overall I like these rules, they can be quite bloody, especially if caught in the open at close range.  We've already had a few thoughts of slightly adjusting the casualty table in future games.

Sunday 20 February 2022

SCW Additions

After Thursday game, I decided to complete a few more figures for the collection. First ip was a command section for the International Brigade. I can either use these as the start of a new company or a battalion command. Figures are all from Empress and the banner is from Flags of War.

Next up is a pair of Dinamentaros. Can't wait to give these a try out in the game on Thursday.

I do have another 2 of these in the unpainted lead pile. Lastly was some extra FAI-CNT militia. These are also from Empress.

No doubt next weeks game will encourage me to get another batch of figures completed for the collection. 

Friday 18 February 2022

El Classico

The Spanish Civil War collection got its first runout of the year. This time we tried the Fistful of Lead, Bigger battles rules. They do allow you to customise units with traits to help give a bit of period flavour. Though they are very much in a 'Hollywood' style game.

So the game saw half my Republicans deployed defending a hill, the objective for both sides was to hold it at the end of 8 turns. I deployed a unit of Asaltos and the HMG team on the hill behind some barricades. The AT gun was hidden in the trees to cover the road.

Mitch deployed his force along the base edge, his mortar team hidden behind some trees and his Panzer 1 on the road.

The game began with the Panzer 1 opening fire, quite desultory and going low on ammo. The mortar tried to range in and missed by a country mile.

Meanwhile the Republicans opened fire at range, causing a few casualties. While the second squad of Asaltos left the town to support their comrades.

The first squad of Carlists nearly reached the barricades before devastating fire from the HMG and Asaltos sent them packing. Meanwhile the Moors crept through the woods trying to outflank the position.

Once more the Mortar missed by the length of a football pitch.  The second squad of Asaltos timely arrived on the left of the line and hammered the Moors with rapid rifle fire. They then charged into the woods to 'deal' with the last remaining Moor.

The second Carlist squad tried to sneak up on the right of the barricades before coming under fire from the AT gun. Then the Brigadistas double timed up to the front to meet their advance. A quick exchange of fire sent the Carlists packing. The Panzer 1 came under fire from the HMG team which panicked the crew forcing them to retire. The Nationalist cause was in tatters.

Even the Mortar team tried to make their escape, but were caught in the open by the Asaltos and ruthlessly shot down. At this point it was game over.

A fun game and the rules worked well. We need to get our head around shooting vehicles, but will be sorted for next week when we double the forces on both sides in a multi-player game. The mechanics of the game suggest that they should hold up with extra players.

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Table set up

In preparation for a Spanish Civil War game on Thursday, I popped down to the club to get everything set up ready to save some time.

We'll be giving the Fistfull of Lead Bigger Battles rules a try out. Had a quick read through and seem simple enough. It will be a simple game with the Republicans defending the ridge, trying to prevent the Nationalist advance towards the village in the bottom left hand corner.

The Republicans have to hold back half of their force in reserve at the start of the game. I need to decide if I field the AT gun on the table, knowing the Nationalists have a Panzer 1.

Monday 7 February 2022

More 10mm madness

Well I officially dislike painting 10mm strips of figures. Individuals figures are fine but these definitely do not float my boat. However I did commit to painting them up so must soldier on. So finally managed to complete another 4 bases of infantry,1 of warriors and 3 of the thugs. Just another 6 bases then I can start on the cavalry, chariots and commanders.

The 3 additional bases of thugs have been given green shields to unify the unit, the next 2 will need black shields to match the first base I did.

Chaos Thugs

Chaos Thugs

Chaos Warriors

Chaos Warriors

6 completed bases

These are definitely of the look good at 3 feet away on the tabletop. Not for close up inspection. Did I mention I don't like painting them.

Sunday 6 February 2022


Well I finally made it to my first wargame show since the Covid pandemic hit these shores. It was fittining it was York, as York was the last show I went to in February 2020.

Despite some anxiety mixing with so many people, it was nice to feel normal again, well aprt from wearing a mask. The show was much more spread out. The large games normally on the ground floor were moved upstairs. I even forgot to take pictures...doh!

Purchase wise I was very restrained, keeping to my wanted list, though I did pick up a small bargain.

So some well needed paints, bases. I even picked up some brushes from ABC to try out as well as a few from my normal supplier Coritani. 

I picked up a resin well for my Colonial games, some Carlist LMG teams for the SCW and a pack of war mammoths for my 10mm Chaos army. Lastly was the bargain I came upon by chance, picking up 5 packs of Peter Pig Pony Wars range for £10. Nice little additions to the small collection that I really need to think about starting.

So happy to be back at show, look forward to the next one.

Friday 4 February 2022

Battle of El Walli, part 2

To say this was a game of two halves is an understatement. Last week the British suffered badly, reluctant to move, couldn't hit a barn door when firing. This week that was all to change. Firstly there was the timely arrival of an extra unit of volunteer horse.

The Mahdists/Zulus close in

Volunteer horse arrive

he game re started with the British D Company finally moving into position. Last week they did nothing this week was there moment of glory. Elsewhere B company poured a volley into the advancing enemy, putting 7 of them down. Newcastles' rifles left the protection of the village and poured a devastating volley into one of Thoms Zulu regiments, killing 6.

Give them a volley

The garrison sally out

After this initial setback, the Mahdists and Zulus renewed their attack. The irregulars returned fire into B company and to the shock of everyone killed 7, needing to roll sixes. A second unit then crashed into the remnants of B company, quickly putting them to the sword. Thom's Zulu force then decided to swing their attention to the village, a fateful moment it was to prove to be. As they engaged the enemy they came under fire taking casualties. This is where Thom's notorious dice rolls came into play, failing every morale check to first be pinned, then when trying to rally the units ran away.

The death of B company

Where have the Zulus gone

Very quickly where there were once 6 Zulu regiments, only 2 remained. Meanwhile the Afghans were suffering much the same fate. Under fire from D company and the volunteers, the casualties began to mount up and they began to melt away. The Mahdists to were coming under fire from the mounted volunteers, they quickly tried to reform their lines but most of the units were now well under strength.

Afghans under fire

Mahdists reforming

Volunteers clearing the way

Mounted volunteers crest the hill

Last charge of the Zulus

The Zulus made one last charge into Newcastle's Rifles, inflicting and recieving heavy casualties. It was a last desperate effort but the game was up. After an hours play the whole gamehad swung back to the British. However we all agreed that the Natives, though failint in achieving their objectives could be happy with their work. They had destroyed 3 companies of British regulars and a unit of Lancers. What was leftof the British relief column was going to need to be relieved themselves.