Sunday 30 September 2012

FIW Trading Post part 2

Managed some more work on my first building. Gave the whole thing a black undercoat, including the inside, then dry brushed with burnt umber. Once that was all dried I gave the whole thing a dry brush in cream to weather the building. Quite happy with the results.

Coat of burnt umber
After dry brushing with cream
Close up of the front of the building
Next up I just have to add some texture to the base and I can start on a second building. I've got a spare cart wheel that I might add to the front.

Saturday 29 September 2012

FIW Trading Post part 1

My next project that I have diverted into is the French Indian War. Already bought the Musket & Tomahawks rules and started to paint up some figures (will post pictures of these once the basing has dried). This is one period that I tried to get into about 15 years ago and never got it off the ground, couldn't find an opponent or decent set of rules. This time around it's going to be a side project that I can slowly build up over the next couple of years.

To kick things off I decided to scratch build a trading post for some marauding Indians to attack. It will eventually be made up of 2 buildings. I've started the first using a mixture of Balsa and coffee stirrers to construct the building and MDF as a base to give it a bit off sturdiness. The roof will be lift off and made from card strips to represent planking. I decided against thatch for this building.

The building shell
With the roof added
Planking being added to the roof
For the roof I have added a couple of strengtheners on the inside to try and prevent it warping and ensuring it fits the building. I'll post some more pictures as I progress the building.

On the figure front I noticed that AW Miniatures have just released a FIW range so I have treated myself to 1 each of the packs of Indians and 1 pack of rangers. These will finish off a British force as I already have 16 regulars.

Sunday 23 September 2012

Sudan British

I've had these sitting at the club for a couple of years not being used. So the painful decision has been made, I need to sell to fund my next secret project so EBay here they come. I've had many memorable games with these chaps, but now Colonial is out of favour at the club and just cannot see them getting used. I've got a whole load of other darkest Africa stuff including explorers that I'll keep for now.

Mounted British officer
Sikh Infantry
Sikh Infantry
British Redcoats
British Redcoats

Friday 21 September 2012

WSS Sayoyards re based

The mammoth task of re basing my WSS collection is nearing completion. All that I have left is some artillery for the Saxon troops and that's it. Obvious;y the collection will continue to grow as I can turn my attention to finishing off the French.

So here they are my contingent from Savoy, 12 battalions of foot, 8 squadrons of horse and 8 squadrons of dragoons.

The infantry battalion I have done so far are as follows, 2 battalions of the Guardia regiment,  2 battalions of Savoia regiment and single battalions for the following Monferrato, Crocebianca, Chablais, Torino, Nizza and Aosta. There are also 2 foreign battalions Reding and Schulenburg. I have also added a couple of pictures to the WSS/GNW page.

Sunday 16 September 2012

Bourbonnais Regiment

Finally finished my 2nd French regiment, 2 battalions of the Bourbonnais Regiment. These guys had a pretty easy colour scheme, all white. The flag is from Warflag. All the figures are from Warrior Miniatures except the drummers who are from Roundway. The drummer from Warrior Miniatures wears a Grenadier hat. The bases as usual from Warbase.

Progress has been pretty slow on these but that is more down to the ongoing rebasing. Started on the Savoyards and reckon I will have everything rebased by the end of the week.

Saturday 8 September 2012

Battle of Miller's Crossing

This is a fictitious battle report of an ACW game I fought against my nephew a couple of weeks ago. Both  sides were converging on the aforementioned Miller's Crossing. The Union forces commanded by Liam consisted of III Corps, 2 divisions from I Corps and Bufords' cavalry division. The Rebs commanded by me, consisted of Hood's and McLaw's division from I Corps and Stuarts' Cavalry division.

The game opened with the rebs advancing quickly towards the enemy, Liam then positioned the bulk of his artillery on a hill overlooking the town to fire into my exposed flanks. The 2 cavalry divisions clashed early on with neither side gaining much of an advantage, both losing 1 of their 2 brigades.

The Union infantry managed to get into a walled enclosure and despite repeated attacks from McLaws' division managed to hold on to the position. On the Union right things did not go well. Despite the support of artillery they only managed to hold the initial assault, before Hood's division re organised and steam rolled across them.

With time running out the rebs tried one more assault on the walled enclosure, but once again the union infantry recovered from the initial assault to hold their ground. Overall an enjoyable game, my nephew is improving in his generalship skills, recognising the benefits of support and defensive positions.

Rebel advance
Rebs reach the enclosure first
Stuarts' dismounted troops watch the union advance
Battle for the enclosure
Hood's assault on the union right
Hood breaks through
Union left check the reb assault

Sunday 2 September 2012

WSS French

I finally made a start on my French forces for the Battle of Friedlingen. First up is the 2 battalions of the Champagne Regiment. The figures are all from Minifigs. These were nice sculpts and quite easy to paint up, though that may have been the colours for the uniform. Just about Grey/white everywhere apart from the red waistcoats. I took the flag from the Warflag site and the bases are MDF from Warbase.

I have also added a new page to the blog showing off my WSS / GNW collection. The rebasing has gone quite quickly. Just waiting a second batch of bases to finish off the Imperial foot and start on the Savoyard's.