Saturday, 18 April 2020

Judge Grice and friends

Judge Grice is the last figure from the Arch Villains set. Already noticed that I need to touch up is glove, not sure how that happened. Like the rest of the set, this figure is metal instead of resin. However he does seem rather tall compared to my Judges.

These next 3 figures are actually from tbe Strontium Dog range. I bought them to add some extra variety to my Block gang. Howver they are slightly smaller and just don't seem to fit. As a result I gave them a matching paint scheme, I can use them as guards for a factory or transporter.

As my Judge Anderson model has finally arrived, I can look gorward to painting her up. In the meantime I've been putting together some various MDF kits for my take on Mega City One.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Judge Death

Another figure from the Arch Villains set. This time it's Judge Death. I really enjoyed painting this figure, even though its quite a simple paint scheme.

I've been busy assembling some MDF kits to build up my Mega city One games (whenever the lockdown ends) so far 4 kits built before I ran out of glue. Now I just have to await my order before I can proceed.

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Franco - Prussian War update

I've had a hankering for a while to expand this collection. After completing the last Marine regiment I scoured through the unpainted mountain to put together a Garde Mobile regiment and a Prussian officer. I will need a further 2 of these regiments to add to XII Corps. The figures for these are Friekorps. Slightly smaller than the Outpost figures, but fine in their own units.

Now with these additional figures my storage was an issue. They were overflowing and with Lockdown I am unable to buy more. So a hunt around in the attic turned up 3 larger boxes - storage solved and enough space to add extra figures (always handy).

Now as the collection hasn't been out for a while I decided to get them out for a lityle photo opportunity. Allows me to update the FPW page as well.

Wurtemburg Division

Prussian Cavalry Division
Bavarian I Corps
So my Prussians currently stand at 3 infantry and 1 cavalry Division. When all my figures arrive I can add 2 more infantry Divisions. At least these will be Prussians.

French III Corps
French XII Corps
The French currently have 4 infantry and 1 cavalry Division completed. There is also an infantry and cavalry Division nearly completed.

With further reading I've discovered that III Corps had a 4th infantry Division, so that will need completing. XII Corps needs some artillery, another cavalry regiment and 2 more infantry regiments. Thankfully a small Corps.

Saturday, 11 April 2020

Judge Dredd - Robots

For my Arch-villain Nero Necros, I needed some robots to form part of his faction. The current Warlord range doesn't include any robots, so I looked into some proxies from North stars Rogue stars range. 3 suitable models picked up.

I made a conscious decision to go for a silver look to match the colours of Nero. It did make them nuce and easy to paint up.

And here they are with their erstwhile leader.

Now I've noticed that in a future release, Warlord will be releasing a Demo-bot which I'll need to add. Hopefully there may be a few other robots as well.

Thursday, 9 April 2020

FPW - French Marines

Well these guys have been waiting patiently on the painting table for a while now. They are the 4th Marine Regiment that were part of XIIth Corps under Lebrun. This completes the first of 2 infantry divisions in the Corps. I already had the cavalry division completed.

The figures are all from Outpost. Basic but very useful and with a charm of their own. Now to complete the Corps, Dave was providing the figures for the 2nd Division and a Prussian Division to further expand them. Unfortunately Covid 19 has put that on hold for now. Luckily I have figures for a Garde Mobile regiment and a Prussian Division to keep me going for now.

Monday, 6 April 2020

Judge Dredd - The Villains

As mentioned in my last post, I needed to make a start on some of the villains of Mega City One. So first up is Nero Narcos. A lovely model, already ordered some robots to back him up.

Next up is the assassin Orlock. The handy thing with this guy is he can work with Nero above. I tried to keep the look of a Sov agent.

The next figure doesn't really need an introduction, Mean Angel. Look forward to trying him out in a game.

It is a shame that Warlord do not yet produce the rest of the Angel gang. I've had a look on Ebay for the old Mongoose and Citadel sculpts and they seem rather pricey.

The last of the bunch is an old Citadel figure - Sleazy rider. The original bike has long since been lost. I did some modifications on an old Ork attack bike. I took off the guns and raised the seat. I'll be able to use him as either a block ganger or mutie on a bike.

The last model I completed is a car for my Citi Def. Picked this up from Annecotis workshop. Will definitely pick up a few more.

With the table set up I'm going to have my first run through of the game to get the hang of the mechanics.  I'll post some  pictures of the game later.

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Street Judges

This is the latest set I picked up from Warlord games. 5 additional Judges with some optional weapons. With these I only really need to add Judge Anderson.

I've got them here positioned in from of a couple of fast food joints I picked up from TTcombat. I also decided to take a group photo of my Judges for Sector 47. Just need a Sector house for them.

For some extra scenic pieces for my games I picked up some vehicles from Anecottis Workshop. They were originally released for Infinity, but will fit in. I picked up a pack each of some single seater cars. There is also a larger model I need to finish for the Citi-Def.

I added a Judge to one if the photos for a scale comparison.

Now that I have plenty of the good guys,  I need to make a start on some of the villains.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Judge Dredd

Well I just had to do the man himself. Judge Dredd, he comes both on foot and mounted on a lawmaster. The lawmaster is much bigger than that of the cadet, a very nice model. I've also kept the rider seperate for ease of use during games. Not sure if I will use him as Dredd in all games, as can just use him as a standard street judge.

I also picked up the Street Judges boxed set. It will provide an additional 5 judges for Sector 47.

As an aside I also completed the 3 figures from the Block Ganger reinforcements. These are metal figures instead of the plastic/resin of others in the range.

I've got a couple of MDF terrain pieces to finish off while I am waiting for an order for more figures.