Tuesday 28 December 2010

Addtional forces

First up a couple of photos of the completed Revenants. I'm very impressed with these figures. Even did a simple conversion on one figure, adding scythe from a GW sprue.

Next up my Undead Champion and a sorceress. The Champion as a GW Grave Guard Champion and the Sorceress is an old Dark elf model.

Finally some of the good guys, local militia. These are predominately GW mordheim figures with a couple of the old Bretonnian archers added in for more variety.

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Terror of the Lichemaster

After reading the Jervis Johnson article in the latest White Dwarf It brought back fond memories of the Terror of the Lichemaster scenario pack and the follow up Revenge of the Lichemaster in a Citadel Journal. Although both items are no longer in my collection I still have part of the monastry hidden in my loft. It got me thinking about putting together some forces for a re fight. It also helps that Mantic Miniatures have produced some lovely figures recently especially their undead figures and so a first purchase was made for some of the Revenants, to act as an elite unit. I also dug around in my old collection and manged to scrape together a few useful figures from Citadel, namely their original Skeleton horde plastic figures.

First up the original Mouth of Sauron produced by citadel miniatures. Luckily I still had both the foot and mounted figures. They look suitable as Liche. (much prefer these to the newer version from GW LOTR figures)

Next up I've managed to paint up 8 of the Mantic Revenants, must say these are lovely figures and well worth the price. I've settle on a dirty red,wanting them to look as uniformed as possible to represent an elite unit.

Lastly the remnants of 2 versions of the GW plastic skeletons. The first unit I've managed to paint the bones the same as the Revenants, I've also got another 4 on the painting table with a metal GW Grave guard champion to finish the unit. The second unit were painted many years ago and I feel rather nostalgic about them and cannot bring myself to re paint them (did manage to re do the bases)

Next up I've ordered a skeleton regiment from Mantic to boost my undead forces, will possibly add some zombies and ghouls.

From the Revenge of the Lichemaster I'm going to replace the Skaven with Beastmen, just because I've got a whole load sitting in a box looking for an excuse to be painted and in these times of austerity don't want to be seen frivolously buying more figures be she who must be obeyed.

Wednesday 1 December 2010


While browsing through my camera I came across these 2 photos that I took at the Fiasco show, cannot now remember which Napoleonic battle that it was.

On the wargaming front things have been a bit quite, not really been in the mood. I've joined in with the clubs roleplaying group and you can follow our progress here http://forgottenrealmsparty.yolasite.com/ It has inspired me to dig out some of my old figures that I painted over 20 years ago. Boy some of those were not good. I've spent some time touching them up and re basing them. Couldn't bring myself to strip the paint as I came over rather nostalgic.

I also came across about 30 Black Orcs produced by Nick Lund in the 80's that need painting up along with some of the Citadel Melniboneans. Can always be used in the roleplay games.

Army of the Mississippi

To further expand my ACW forces I've decided to add the Army of the Mississippi from the Battle of Corinth led by General Rosecrans. This is mainly to expand my forces for club games (didn't see much point in doing extra units for Gettysburg and just duplicate others' work). Corinth isn't too large a battle, also not too bothered if I don't get all the units done. So far I've got 2 divisions completed apart from all of their artillery support.

First up the Division of Stanley, made up of 2 brigades each of 10 stands. I picked these up from EBay, gave the a quick wash with GW Badab black and picked out some of the details to blend them with the rest of my troops.

The 2ND Division is that of Davies. The figure are predominately Warrior Miniatures tho 1 is from Essex.

Buford's Division

Finally managed to finish off the 2 brigades of Buford's Division, Gamble and Devin. The mounted figures are all from Warrior Miniatures, nice and easy to paint up. The dismounted figures are a mix of Warrior and Peter Pig.


Finally some pictures of the buildings I've been adding to my collection. This makes 9 so far. I'll definitely be purchasing some more in the future, concentrating on town houses and a couple of barns/outhouses. Now who does 15mm american civilians suitable for this period?

A couple of town houses, the one on the right is hovels, not sure of the other smaller one,

A couple of wooden cottages and an outbuilding. not sure of make as picked these up at the Fiasco show for a bargain.

These are both from Peter Pig, very nice models.

Sunday 14 November 2010


Disaster struck this week in relation to some of the scenery I've made. On Thursday night after the club finished at 10.30pm, the gale force winds that struck the north east swept the fields up and out of my hands, along with some movement cards. The cards I wasn't too bothered about, but it wasn't until I got home that I realised that one of the smaller fields was missing. Bloody typical, their were no street lights on in the car park and even with a couple of club members helping we didn't find the field.

For some good news I managed to pick up 5 buildings at Fiasco in Leeds, rather good value as total cost left change out of £15. They are currently being painted and I'll post some pics of the finished pieces. On the figure front, things a bit slow, currently painting the last cavalry brigade of Buford's division, then all done for Gettysburg. I do have a couple of extra union and confederate brigades to paint up, but these will be at my leisure as some other projects are needing my attention.

Monday 1 November 2010


This weekend I made the trip to the Leeds show Fiasco, it's the first time I have been for about 15 years. Overall the Savilles Hall provided an excellent setting for the show. There was a good selection of traders and I even managed to pick up a few bargains.

First up I managed to obtain 5 buildings from 3 separate traders for the ACW project. Total cost £13.20, not bad for rummaging around in sale boxes. I also purchased a bow of immortal miniatures classical Greeks from the Dave Thomas stand. I'll be able to add these to the First Corps ones I already have, making a nice winter project. The main item I was looking for were some 1/3000th WW2 naval, but nothing hit the mark in that scale, though did consider some 1/600th ancients naval, but managed to resist the urge.

Overall not a bad show, not sure if I would go again, mainly due to travel costs

Friday 29 October 2010

Battle Report

Last night at the club both my union and confederate forces got a taste of action. I commanded the union while my 2 nephews commaded the Rebel forces. It was a small scenario where 4 confederate divisions were converging on a cross road, currently held by a single union division, who were awaiting support from 3 further divisions in reserve.

The battle started with 2 confederate divisions, that of Rodes and Early advancing on the union division of Davies. The union defenders split their forces with 2 brigades and artillery defending a stonewall while Baldwins brigade defended the fields next to the cross roads. As the confederates advanced with Early taking the pass to assault the union right flank, while Rodes advanced upon the centre. The lack of union artillery was easily felt as they could not hinder the advance.

Eventually to the succour of the union reinforcements arrived, however this was Buford's division of 1 cavalry brigade and 1 artillery piece, who quickly headed for the cross roads to support Baldwins brigade just as Rodes was beginning his assault. Early meanwhile had managed to get part of his division across the stream and promptly launch a devastating assault against the stonewall. To make matters worse for the union a 3rd confederate division of Maury had also arrived and were quickly following the roads to press the union centre.

Early's assault quickly swept the 2 brigades of Hackleman and Oglesby from the stonewall and captured a battery of artillery. Their advanced was only partially checked by the timely arrival of Birney's division. In the Centre it was taking time for Rodes to get his troops in order, Hampton's cavalry were promptly devastated by telling fire from Buford's cavalry and retreated in earnest.

Birney's Division began the union counter attack and promptly destroyed Smith's brigade and shattered Hay's brigade. however they were then checked by the 2 remaining brigades of Early's division. In the Centre Buford's cavalry were forced to retire by pressure from Rodes, Baldwin also fell back. The 2 brigades of Hackleman and Oglesby which had already suffered much at the hands of Early found themselves assault by the lead elements of Rodes Division and both brigades were promptly destroyed.

While running out of troops to hold the confederate assault, the last thing the union needed was the arrival of Johnson division, following the route that Early had taken. Even the arrival of the last union division of Humphrey was not enough to hold their positions. Both flanks had collapsed and the centre was under intense pressure. The union then promptly abandoned their positions and fell back, leaving the field to the rebels.

Below are some of the pictures I took of the battle.

Friday 22 October 2010

Progress report

After finishing the 2 Corps that I need to provide for the re fight of Gettysburg, I've made a start on the 2 cavalry brigades from Buford's division. I hope to have the first of these finished over the weekend. I've also constructed a smaller cornfield that is in the process of being undercoated along with 2 new buildings courtesy of Peter Pig. That will give me four set fields for any club games with 2 small farms.

As I've been enjoying this project I've decided that I want to expand my forces, however with the rest of the army at Gettysburg being painted by the others I don't want to repeat the units (these will most probably be my main opponents with these forces). To get around this I've started to paint up some of the units from the Western Theatre, mainly for the Battle of Corinth. This is a relatively small affair with only 4 union and 3 confederate divisions. So far I've already got the 3 brigades of Maury's division painted, just need to add the artillery. For the union I've got enough unpainted figures to put together the 2 divisions of Hamilton and Davies. Whether I actually go on to finish all the divisions will depend on how my enthusiasm holds for this project before the new new thing comes along.

Saturday 16 October 2010


Finally managed to finish the cornfield. The fencing and ground areas were completed like the earlier field. The corn field was teddy bear fur, covered in PVA glue and then painted chocolate brown. It was then given successive highlights of Yellow ochre and finally sunburst yellow. I'm more than happy with the results.

I also managed to complete another plain field, constructed in the same way.

These are 2 buildings I picked up from EBay, I'm not too sure of the make, but they are rather nice little models.

Friday 15 October 2010

John Buford

During the Gettysburg Campaign, Buford, who had been promoted to command of the 1st Division, is credited with selecting the field of battle at Gettysburg. On June 30, his command rode into the small town of Gettysburg. Very soon, Buford realized that he was facing a superior force of rebels to his front and set about creating a defense against the Confederate advance. He was acutely aware of the importance of holding the tactically important high ground about Gettysburg and so he did.

His skillful defensive troop dispositions, coupled with the bravery and tenacity of his dismounted men, allowed the Union I Corps, under Maj. Gen. Reynolds, time to come up in support and thus maintain a Union foothold at strategically important positions. The importance of Buford's leadership and tactical foresight on July 1 cannot be overstated in its contribution to the eventual union victory

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Confederate II Corps

Finally finished the Confederate II Corps

Daniels' Brigade

Finally finished the last Brigade of Rodes' Division. This unit is 11 stands, all the figures are from Peter Pig. The brigade consists of the following regiments

- 32nd North Carolina
- 43rd North Carolina
- 45th North Carolina
- 53rd North Carolina
- 2nd North Carolina


I've spent some time putting together a number of fields for use in my Civil war battles. For the base I've just used the backs out of some old drawers, nice and easy to cut. The fencing is matchsticks, painted chocolate brown and dry brushed with some cream for a weathered effect. The base is sand covered in wood varnish with some static grass added.

This second field is work in progress. I have added some teddy bear fur which has been covered in watered down PVA glue to give the effect of a corn field. I'll post some more pictures of it when finished.

Friday 8 October 2010

Something different

Now and then I get an urge for Sci-fi or fantasy gaming, saw these fellows and got them off EBay to add my force of Chaos marines. Unfortunately they arrive too late to take part in a club game a few weeks ago where Chaos Marines supported by some treacherous imperial Guardsmen dealt a hammer blow to some Ultra marines and Black Templar's.

I have also purchased a box of the GW plastic bloodletters of Khorne to add to my force. I will post some pictures when I eventually get around to building them.

I will also be making the visit to the Fiasco show in Leeds at the end of the month. I was last there over 10 years ago, I'll have a mooch round and see what I can pick up. I have a couple of items on the shopping list, some 1/2400 naval, probably Brits and some 15mm ACW buildings for my other project.

General Ewell

Managed to finish the Corps stand to represent General Ewell of II Corps. The model of Ewell is a officer figure from Warrior miniatures, the trumpeter and standard bearer are both Peter Pig. Must admit that the Peter Pig horses are not my favourite, probably the only downside to an otherwise excellent range.

Next up some pre-painted tents that I picked up on EBay, nice little models and I'll definitely get some more.

Monday 4 October 2010

Iversons Brigades

A photo of Iversons Brigade from Rodes' Division. All the figures are from Warrior miniatures apart from the command who are Peter Pig. This unit is seven stands and was made up of the following regiments.

- 5th North Carolina
- 12th North Carolina
- 20th North Carolina
- 23rd North Carolina

Union III Corps

I finally managed to finish the command stand to represent Sickles. This now completes the whole Corps. Just have to start on Buford's division now