Friday 29 January 2021

WW2 Winter Soviets - artillery

I eventually managed to pick up the Plastic Soldier Company artillery set. Well worth it as you get 2 gun carriages and 3 different options. For my first model I went with the 1943 76mm Infantry gun. This is a very nice kit and goes together quite easily. I did 2 head swaps on the crew to add a little winter variety as they are dressed in the summer uniform. I was surprised that the heads from Warlord did not look out of place. The PSC figures are slimmer but not as noticeable in the crouched position.

I also managed to complete a command set from Warlord games. This gives me a second Senior leader, a spare Junior leader, medic and a radio operator. These will always come in handy.

I've now only got a handful of figures left for this collection. There is the second artillery piece awaiting basing, 4 spare infantry figures from the last of the plastic Warlord figures. I have ordered a T34/86 to add to the armoured element. After this possibly a mortar, armoured car and a unit of scouts to complete the force.

Tuesday 26 January 2021

WW2 Winter Soviets - T34/76 and more

After completing the BT7 I decided to build and paint up my T34. The T34 became the mainstay of Soviet armoured forces. It was a quick and easy to produce tank, well suited to the Eastern front and more than a match for its German contemporaries.

The model is the plastic kit from Warlord games. It does come with 3 turret options. I went with the 1943 variant to suit my mid war collection. Once again I went with the winter camo. The green looks too bright in the photos. Much better seen in the flesh.

The camo paint scheme starts with a grey undercoat followed by a covering of a matt white spray paint. I then do a very light drybrush with live green over raised areas of the tank. Then I use a quick stipple effect of light grey then white over the top. Simple drybrush of dark and light brown around the tank tracks to represent mud.

As my Soviets near completion, thought turned to the lack of gaming opportunities due to lockdown. So I got most of the toys out just to get a view of what I have and still need. I definitely need to add some roads and probably a stream or river.

Very happy with my progress when I started my winter themed ww2 project early 2020. Might try and pick up some extra Soviet vehicles purely for extra options.

Sunday 24 January 2021

WW2 Winter Soviets - BT7 Tank

I decided to add the 1st armour option to my Soviet platoon. I went for a BT7. At the onset of Operation Barbarosa it was the main cavalry tank of the Soviet army.  It continued to be in operation for almost the entire war, though in greatly decreased numbers after there losses in 1941.

The model is a resin piece from Warlord games. I went for a winter effect camo to match the theme of the infantry platoon.

Quite happy with how it's turned out. I now just need to build the T34/76. On a happier note I did manage to pick up the artillery set from Plastic Soldier company. Great value and gives me 2 different artillery options.

Tuesday 19 January 2021

WW2 Winter Soviets Pt3

Finally managed to complete the last few figures I had prepped for my Soviets. First up is an AT rifle team, built from the Warlord plastic set.

There were also 3 extra infantry figures completed. I just need to swap them into existing squads which will then allow me a second Tank killer team.

With these done I've pretty much finished the infantry part of the force. 4 squads with some support options.

Pretty happy with these for a few weeks work. I've now just received my order with a few extras to add to the force. Will try and make a start on these next week.

I now just need to locate some AT guns and probably build some field defences.

Friday 15 January 2021

WW2 Winter Soviets Pt2

A quick post as I've been able to finally put together the basic 3 squad platoon for Chain of command with the addition of LMG teams for the 2nd and 3rd squads. The figures for these are from Crusader miniatures.  The 2 SMG troopers will be spare figures for now, probably use them as additional crew figures or as the start of a Tank Rider platoon.

I also put together an additional 4th squad with figures from Artizan designs. These are probably my favourite figures and were a joy to paint. They'll likely be promoted to 1st squad.

While I'm awaiting the arrival of a BT-7 tank I've built one of the Warlord AT rifles as another support option. I'll hopefully get them painted over the weekend. 

I'm currently on a fruitless search for some AT guns. I would like to get a hold of the Plastic Soldier company set but they seem to be out of stock everywhere. A shame as the set allows you to build both the 45mm and 76mm infantry gun. I'll also need to keep my eye out for a mortar team and some additional armour options, either the T34 or KV1.

Monday 11 January 2021

WW2 Winter Soviets

Time for a new project. I've been meaning for quite a while to find a suitable opponent for my winter Germans I completed last year for Chain of Command. I was undecided by Americans and Soviets, eventually plumbing for the Soviets as they had plastic figures available.

So I got to work and immediately hit a buffer. The seperate weapons are a bugger to get them to look right, particularly the prone figure which I was using for the LMG and anti tank gun. I got so angry I abandoned the weapon option and bought metal figures from Crusader. Atleast the other figures went together ok.

So first squad is the only fully completed squad done so far. All Warlord plastics with the exception of the Junior leaders which are from Crusader miniatures.

Squads 2 and 3 are awaiting their LMGs which are currently on the painting table. 

I do have a couple of support options also done. These are a 3 man tank killer team and the HMG team. The HMG is from Crusader.

The last models completed so far are a Senior Leader and a sniper.

I've deliberately gone for a mix of shades on the coats. I want the platoon to look like they have seen plenty of action, running into the obvious supply difficulties. 

Once I've completed the two LMGs I will have the basic platoon with two support options. I have a bunch of Artizan figures which can make up a 4th squad. A second Senior Leader, medic and a BT-7 fast tank are on order from Warlord. From the plastic box set there are enough spare figures to add to other options such as a mortar or HMG team (never enough crew in the blisters). I may even have another attempt at the anti tank gun.

Thursday 7 January 2021

FPW Prussian artillery

A chance to make a bit more progress on the Peussian VI Corps. This time I've completed four 4pdrs to cover the artillery for the 12th Division and the Corps artillery. I already have the 4 6pdrs on the painting table to complete both batteries.

All four guns and crew are from Outpost miniatures. 

To complete the Corps, I still need to paint up 3 more infantry regiments in addition to the guns. I also have small regiments of Dragoons and Uhlans to add to the Cavalry division. Once done I can switch over to the French and fill out 12th Corps.

Saturday 2 January 2021

Star Wars Stage 2

I finally managed to kick off the 2nd stage of my Star Wars project. The main aim is to add more Imperials as they are rather heavily outnumbered by my Rebels. So first up was a dozen extra Stormtroopers. I picked these up second hand from Hinds figures. They didn't take much to paint up.

Next to lead my Imperials I added Darth Vader from the Legion boxed set. The ultimate bad guy. All that black makes him rather quick to pick up. The highlights don't show up too well in the picture.

I've already have the 14 Stormtroopers from the Legion boxed set undercoated. As I had also picked up 4 more Rebel Commandos, I decided to add them to the collection. These were the first completed figures of 2021.

These will allow me to field 2 groups of Commandos for playing Legion. In the meantime I've got some FPW artillery to complete.