Sunday 27 March 2011

More ECW

Managed to finish a couple more units for my Parliamentarians. first up the infantry regiment of Overton. I've been unable to find and reference for coat colours until Overton gained a commision in the New Model. So with a bit of artistic license I've went for a twany orange and brown coats. They look quite effective and I'm happy with them.

Next up Fairfax's lifeguard. I cannot find any reference of these being in Cuirassier armour, but I wanted some and these were rather nice models from 1st Corps.

Chaos Champion

This model is based upon the body of one of GW original fiends of slaanesh with the upper body from their plastic chaos marauder range. Quite happy how the model turned out and will be suitably employed in the clubs Warhammer fantasy roleplay campaign.

Mighty Ugezod's Death Comandos

A slight change in painting direction as I find it helps to have more than 1 project on the go. Gives a bit of variety to a painting schedule and helps keep up my enthusiasm. These figures are from the old Citadel Black orc range, sculpted I believe by Nick Lund. GW have never produced a better set in my humble opinion.

So far I have 14 of them done, with 4 More requiring basing and the 4 leaders still to do including the Mighty Ugezod himself.

Sunday 20 March 2011

Project Plan

Maybe I should have done this at the beginning of the project but, this is a layout of the forces I am trying to put together for the English Civil war. It's more for trying to keep me on track and prevent distractions. The troops involved are taken for the OOB of Marston Moor.

So far it has gone quite well. All the royalist foot, brigade commanders and artillery are done. All that remains are the C-in-C and 4 troops of horse. For the Parliamentarians, progress has been slower with only 1 foot regiment done, though the artillery, dragoons and 4 troops of horse are completed.

Saturday 19 March 2011

Gaming Weekend

Well the troops this week get an outing at Micks for a play test of Fire and Fury adapted to hexes in readiness of our re fight of Gettysburg in July. Unfortunately I cannot be with them due to caring responsibilities. I'm hoping Jon remembers to take his camera and put some pictures on his blog along with a battle report.

Tuesday 15 March 2011

More ECW

First up 3 of my Brigade commanders. The figure on the left is a Redoubt miniature Cuirassier figure, particularly like this figure. The infantry commander are from Warlord and will represent James Lumsden commanding the Brigade of Scottish infantry. The figure on the right is from Trent Miniatures, another nice model.

Next up just a couple of pictures of my completed Royalist Infantry Brigade. The regiments of Rupert's, Percy's, Bard's and Widdrington's.

To further finish of my forces I've purchased a few extra bits and pieces. I've got some TYW commanders and a troop of Cuirassiers from 1st Corps. These are very nice figures, though the horses are slightly smaller than the Warlord plastics which make up the bulk of my horse. I've also added the Warlord Prince Rupert, quite a dynamic pose and cannot wait to get both him and Boye painted up, probably base him up as my Royalist C-in-C. I've also ordered another box of the Warlord plastic infantry, this will give me enough figures for a further 2 parliamentarian infantry regiments.


Finally managed to get some troops done for the start of my parliamentarian forces. I'm basing them off the Northern Association under the Fairfax's, support by a brigade of Scots (wanted to paint some Covenanters). First up 2 troops of Horse, Boynton's in front supported by Copley's. Boynton's are all from the Warlord Plastic range, while Copley's are from irregular miniatures, slightly smaller but not noticeably so. I've gone with the common method of giving my Parliamentarian forces Orange sashes while the Royalist will have red.

Next up the first foot regiment, that of Buccleugh. These will be the first of 2 Covenater regiments that I'll be including in my force. The advantage of these is that in the later part of the War they can serve the royalist cause.

Wednesday 2 March 2011

ECW Pictures

Finally managed to get some pictures done, though lighting not the best. First up Bard's Regiment. This time I only used 5 musketeers to the stand as it seemed to fit better with the largish bases on the Warlord plastics.

Next up the Completed regiment of Horse, consisting of 2 troops. Again these are all Warlord Plastics.

Finally completed my first Brigade commanders. The first on foot are from the Plastic Command Sprue. Their mounted compatriot is the Prince Rupert figure
from Trent Miniatures. The next photo shows the completed pieces of ordnance for the 2 armies.