Sunday, 30 August 2020

Iberian Cavalry and a completed army

Now that feels good to get a full force for Infamy, Infamy completed. First up is a unit of Iberian cavalry to complete one of the starter forces. These are plastic figures from Victrix. I ended up keeping the shields simple i.e. slightly romanized.

I was pleased to get these finished as I was starting to get a little stale painting ancients. Still at least the army is finished.

So far the force is as follows:-

  • 4 groups of legionaries
  • 2 groups of Caetrati 
  • 1 group of tribal slingers
  • 1 group of Numidian javelinmen
  • 1 group of Gallic Noble cavalry
  • 1 group of Spanish cavalry
  • 1 group of Numidian cavalry
I also have a few different commanders to act as leaders for the whole force. Now just need lockdown to end to get a game.

Thursday, 27 August 2020

Celtic Roundhouse

Finally got around to completing my last Celtic roundhouse from Hovels. I also added the pigsty and some wattle fencing from Renedra. I also tried out a different coloour scheme, more yellow, for the daub on the roundhouse.

That makes 3 Roundhouse's for my Celtic village. Hovels also do a couple of extra store houses that I may add to the collection.

I do have a load of farm animals painted up that I can when I finally get around to playing a game of Infamy.

Sunday, 23 August 2020

More Roman allies

To try and complete my Caesarian Roman force for Infamy, infamy, I have been adding various allied contingents. This time it was a commander to lead my Iberian cavalry (still on the painting table) and some Numidian skirmishers.

The commander is a set from Crusader miniatures so I ended up painting him as a foot and mohnted version. I like the pose of the foot model.

The Numidians are the last of my order from Newline Designs. These a very nice figures with very little flash on them. The one thing I like about the Numidians is they are very quick to paint.

Next up I just need to complete the unit of Iberian cavalry and my Caesarians will be complete.  After this I will add some Noble cavalry and archers to my Celts to be able to field all of the options for the Gauls.  Now just need lockdown to end so the club can re open.

Saturday, 15 August 2020

The Britons are coming

Another 2 units for my Ancient Britons. Just 8 more warriors to paint for the last mob. First up is a unit of fanatics. These are from Newline. Quick to paint up all that flesh. I kept the tattoos to simple blue swirls. The shields were hand painted as I didn't have any transfer to fit.

I also completed a second unit of Tribal slingers, just in case I needed them. Again these are also from Newline. I took advantage of their recent sale.

Lastly was a few spare figures, one will act as a champion. I added one to a base to act as a deployment point. The last figure will get mixed into the last group of warriors.

So the whole force so far consists of the following.

2 units of nobles with chariots, 4 units of warriors/levy, 1 unit of Tribal cavalry, 2 units of slingers and the fanatics.

So just the last unit of warriors to complete, then if I add to units of mounted nobles and a unit of archers I will have all the options for both Britons and Gauls.

Friday, 14 August 2020

I needed more Chariots

That's right, I needed a couple more chariots to allow me to cover all of the starter forces in Infamy for the Ancient Britons. Thankfully Crusader miniatures do 4 crew variantions, so another 2 added. Somehow of 2 variant drivers, mine are all the same. Like the last 2 they were nice and easy to paint up.

Now to field these I needed a second unit of Nobles. These are a mix of Warlord and Some metal figures from Newline. 

The Newline figures are not as dynamic as the Warlord figures, but they mix in well and offer some variety. 

Now I just need to finish the second unit of slingers, some fanatics and the last mob of warriors. I can then start on some deployment points and look to get some mounted nobles to switch the army to Gallic.

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Anniversay of the Battle of Blenhiem

Today is the anniversary of Blenheim, a pivotal battle during the War of the Spanish Succession. 2 years ago I had the good fortune to visit the battlefield, definitely one off my bucket list. Below are a few photos I took of the day. Most are taken from either Lutzingen or Schwenenbach. 

Gives me a hankering to expand the collection again. Always did need to add to my Franco Bavarian forces.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

More Britons

After the change to Numidians in the last post, it was back to Ancient Britons. Another mob from the Warlord plastic set. I did add one of the metal 'linebreakers' for variety. Another thing I did was use some of the spare heads from the Victrix plastics, again for more variety. They are not a bad match.

I also put together another Status II leader, dubbed Cautinamix. He is one of the metal linebreakers with a head from the Victrix mounted set.

I've now got another unit of Nobles on the painting table along with their chariots. After these, 1 more mob to do with some extra slingers and fanatics. Looking at the Infamy lists for Gauls, if I add a unit of archers and 2 units of mounted nobles I would be able to field all of their starter forces.

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Numidian Cavalry

Fancying a change from painting Britons, I decided to complete a unit of Numidian cavalry for my Roman and Carthaginian armies. From various Infamy, Infamy battle reports I've seen, they should be very handy on the tabletop.

However, the painting of them I did not enjoy. The figures are from Warlord as part of their SPQR range. They are of that wierd plastic / resin mix. The undercoating was a chore as the paint does not spread well. Probably better to use a spray undercoat. The other issue is the horse's legs. They are quite spindly and give a lot of movement to the figure. A bit annoying when trying to paint and the figure seems to bounce around to each brush stroke. For whst should have been quite a quick paint job has taken me a week to complete. Thankfully I don't have any more to paint up.

I have also taken advantage of the sale from Newline Designs to pick up a few more Britons and some Numidian Javelinmen.