Wednesday 27 May 2015

WSS Hessians

I have continued to try and round out my force of Hessians for this period. Blue coats are such a nice change from painting red and white. So first up is 2 battalions of the Prince Leopold regiment. The figures are all from Warrior except the command which is from Dixon. The flags once again were produced by Mick.

Next up I completed 2 battalions of Grenadiers, these figures are all from the excellent range by Dixon miniatures. At the moment they do not have any flags. This is because I put in a small order with maverick models as I have seen some good reports on their flags. I also purchased some for my Hessian horse units. So these will have flags added as soon as they arrive.

This brings my Hessian strength up to 10 battalions of foot, 2 Horse regiments and a regiment of Dragoons. I do currently have Auroch's dragoons on the painting table and will have to purchase some extra figures for the 3rd horse regiment. I also have enough figures to complete the 2 battalions of Lowenstien's regiment. I still need to do some research on the Hessian artillery, i.e uniforms and gun colours, so far turned up very little.

Here is all of the foot completed to date. I did notice that some of the older units have a different finish to the base and will need rectifying in due course.

Friday 22 May 2015

WSS French and Ramblings

Well first off I was a lucky chap and entered a prize giveaway ran by Ray at and actually managed to win something (Check out his excellent blog if you haven't already done so). So thanks to Ray, looking forward to the prize and already can see some gaming opportunities.

On another note my local club will be closed for a minimum 12 weeks, this is due to the Sport Center in which we rent a room undergoing some refurbishment. Its meant the last few week I have had to retrieve items I may need and sneak them past my other half into storage. Luckily this week we have been offered a temporary new home, we will not have our own bespoke room and will have to pack games up at night but at least we will get to game.

Now onto the figures. I managed to finish a second Dragoon regiment for my French from the remaining Roundway figures I had left. I have painted them up as the Colonel General regiment and I have since discovered that they fought at Friedlingen, bit of a result. I also took the opportunity to complete some dismounted troopers for both of my French dragoon regiments.

As I was in the mood and busy sorting out my figures I took the opportunity to take some photos of my French collection. Not yet as large as my Imperialist and will need some considerable strengthening.

So far I have 2 Horse regiment, 2 Dragoon regiments, 18 battalions of foot and 3 batteries. I am considering either adding a brigade of Irish infantry or Bavarians and at least 2 more brigades of horse with one possibly Bavarian. I will also need to add to the artillery and some more officers,

Saturday 16 May 2015

WSS Wurzburg infantry II

Following on from my last post I have completed 2 more battalions of Wurzburg infantry.  This time from the Bibra infantry regiment. The figures are mainly Warrior miniatures with the command a mix of Roundway and Dixon Miniatures.

These 2 battalions will complete a brigade of Wurzburg infantry ready for the campaign.  Next up I have some French dragoons to finish and then sort out some mortars.

Monday 4 May 2015

WSS Wurzburg infantry

As I mentioned in the last post i have started to put together a few battalions from the Archbishopric of Wurzburg. These guys will be ideal to fight alongside my Franconian and Swabian circle troops. I have already painted the grenadier battalion and would now like another 4 battalions to bring them up to a brigade strength.

First up is two battalions of the Fechenbach infantry regiment. The figures are all from Roundway miniatures, except for the two Ensigns which are from Dixons'.

I've now got 2 more battalions from the Bibra regiment prepared and ready for painting. These guys will also prove useful for the ongoing campaign as replacement troops.