Saturday 30 July 2022

More 6mm bits and pieces

Just a few more additions to my 2 6mm forces. Should be plenty to get some games in. Will add more in the future as a diversion to my main projects.

First up a few bits to round out my first force, Henryks'  Hussars. 2 each of rhino APC, infantry stands and artillery.

For my second force, Pretorian Night phantoms, I finally completed the 4 Mechs along with some trial models Mitch provided after practising with his new 3d printer.

The bases for the mechs will get changed. I tried 50mm roundbases and feel they are too large and will replace with 40mm bases once my order  arrives. 

Thursday 28 July 2022

More 6mm madness

After re-painting the first batch of Epic scale spacemarines, I decided to dig a few more out to paint up and add to the collection. This time I fancied Black for the vehicles. I wasn't too sure how it would turn out on 6mm figures. I gave them all a very light drybrush of dark grey and did the tracks Black/brown. Quite happy with the results for a nights work. Took longer to do the bases.

Not a bad little force to support a lance if Mechs, though I do still have them to paint up for this force. I think I'll stick with the black colour scheme. Mitch also dropped off a few 6mm 3d printed figures that I'm sure I can mix in.

Sunday 24 July 2022

So no new projects!

This year I made a promise to myself, not to start any new projects, just work on existing armies and get those sitting unpainted atleast painted. So far I have kept my promise, now Dave mentions Mechs. Now I remember playing Battletech many years ago and always like the idea of putting together miniatures for a mercenary force. But this would mean a new project, but Mechs are cool.

Luckily I still have the old Space Marine game produced many years ago by Games Workshop. Now If I re-used some of the infantry and vehicles, then I'm just updating an existing collection. So technically not a new project. That's me convinced.

Now one of the benefits of isolating due to Covid in the family I spent the last 3 days happily putting together a small mercenary force. First 4 Mechs from the Reaper Cav range. These are actually 10mm but fit in with the epic range.

For tanks I used 4 Land Raiders and mobile artillery in the form of 2 basilisks. Went for a red and white camo, quick and easy to do.

Lastly is a mechanized infantry company. This comprises of 10 Rhino APCs and 10 stands of infantry.

So the whole force together. Perfect to act as a mercenary contingent. Got more than enough GW stuff to kit out another 4 mechanized company with Rhinos and 20+ Land Raiders. 

Just need to give the company a suitable name and then see what rules Dave wants to use.

Monday 18 July 2022

RCW - Bolshevik cavalry

Finally got around to completing the last of my Bolshevik cavalry. Once more they are all from Copplestone castings. These bring me up to 3 units of 8, with 2 extra officers to lead the whole force.

For this batch I went for light brown coats to add a little irregularity when they are mixed with the 2 previous batches. 

So here they are, not quite a mass of Red cavalry to ride down the Whites, or Brits in my case.

And just when I thought this project was complete, I picked up 3 more command figures from EBay and a number of vehicles. I also have a hankering of adding a Tanchanka.

Friday 15 July 2022

The Little Bighorn

As promised I managed to run the Battle of the Little Bighorn scenario at the club. It is meant to represent the final stand as the Native Americans close in. The rules were the simple Fistful of Lead Reloaded. The forces we split as follows. 2 groups of dismounted US cavalry, each of 5 figures. One of which was designated as Custer. The Native Americans had 4 groups each of 5 figures, nearly half of which were mounted.

It is not much of a battle report as I spent most of the game laughing. Memorable highlights being Custer, finally crumbling under numerous attacks. There was also a bit of friendly fire amongst the cavalry and plenty oof mutterings about the number of Aces and Queen of hearts that John drew allowing him to recover all the wounds inflicted on him. The final act saw a wounded trooper trying to crawl to safety, only for 2 Souix warriors to track him down and put an end to his life, Now for the pictures.

Preparing for the last stand

Not quite Souix

Let's go

Quickly dubbed wounded Knee after being shot twice

Lack of ammo was not good

Lone marksman- little bo peep


Custer is down

Here they come again

Friendly fire amidst the carnage

The final few

Not a good time to run out of ammo

It's not looking good

Great shooting before the Queen of hearts

Charging 'injuns'

Last man standing

So, a very enjoyable again, so much so we go again next week, with a few different players. Mitch also hopes to get the Cacti painted. We could also do with a few more dismounted Native Americans for when they get wounded and un-horsed

Sunday 10 July 2022

RCW - Bolshevik infantry

These are the last of my Bolshevik infantry I needed to complete. I picked them up as part of an EBay bundle. Once I add these to the others will give me 6 units of standard Bolshevik infantry.

So just a mounted commander and a unit of cavalry to complete and all will be done. I also picked up the Setting the east ablaze rules. They look an interesting set and can't wait to give them a go.

Wednesday 6 July 2022

More US Cavalry

I know I said I would get some of the mounted cavalry to match the first batch of figures, but, I was sent a Fistful of Lead scenario for the Little Bighorn, in which I needed 10 troopers on foot and 20 Native Americans. So a change of order was made and here they are. All from Artizan miniatures.

I'm quite happy with how they've turned out. Now I can select 10 random figures from the 12 I have. Here they all are.

I also completed one more Native American to bring them up to 20 after re-basing 10 rather old and badly painted mounted figures. They will do to try out the scenario. There was also a trapper from Artizan added to the completed tally.

Hopefully I'll get to run the scenario next week at the club. It does look difficult for the cavalry.