Saturday 25 November 2017


Finally the last of my Polish horse are completed. These have taken much longer than normal as I've been working long hours and didn't feel much like painting.

These are my third regiment of dragoons. Again I have mixed figures from Essex and Legio Herico. Adds a bit of variety to the unit.

Polish dragoons
Polish dragoons
For a slight change from the previous 2 regiments I went for buff coats with green turn backs.

Looking forward I need to make a decision. I do have a couple of horse regiment's to add to both the Swedes and Danes as well as a couple of Polish infantry battalions. This will give me more than enough figures to field the following armies; Saxons, Swedes, Danes and Poles. I also have the Russian Auxiliary Corps, some Cossacks and Turkish Janissary's. However I do not have a Russian army, pretty remiss as they are one of the main protagonists. I do not want to commit to re fighting a battle like Poltava as that is a lot of Russians to buy and paint. Ideally I would like enough for club games like 20 - 25 infantry battalions and some supporting dragoons and artillery. Well I've got Christmas to mull this over.

Sunday 12 November 2017

GNW Swedes VI

Yet another addition to my slowly expanding Swedish forces. Again this is another regiment raised in the Baltic states, Nieroth. Once again uniform details are very sketchy so I went with the grey coats again. This time I did the turn backs in blue for a little variety. The advantage of having the 3 regiments in grey coats with just simple Colonel colours means they can morph into any Tremanning regiment I might need for a scenario.

Nieroth infantry regiment

Nieroth infantry regiment in line
I've now started some work on the last 2 Swedish horse regiments and some Polish Dragoons.

Saturday 11 November 2017

Sharp Practice Austrians IV

I've now finished my last group of fusiliers to complete the core of my Austrian force. This brings me up to 6 groups of fusiliers and 2 groups of skirmishers. I've also got a fair number of officer figures completed as they are vital in the game. I also picked up some bases for my skirmishers from Warbases.

Completed Fusiliers
Completed Force
Skirmishers to the front
Officer look on
So far in our practice games it has become apparent we need more extras such as animals, carts etc. So I've dug out some old models from Gripping beast to be rebased,  probably more suitable to the dark ages but they will do. I've also been picking up some livestock from the Warbases range to fill out the gaps such as geese and chickens. Well better get back to basing them.