Sunday, 27 December 2015

New Warband for Frostgrave

Using the figures I received from the Nickstarter, I decided to put together a second warband. This one though is in the service of the Lich Lord. As a start point I have used the Lich wizard and apprentice figures. These will be the focal point of the warband as the wizard searches for the secrets to becoming a Lich. I have deliberately gone with a limited colour palette as I wanted to add some uniformity to the warband.

Wizard and apprentice
So far I have put together nine of the plastic cultist figures to represent some of the less specialised henchmen such as thieves and thugs. I feel such henchmen as rangers and barbarians would not keep to the colours of the cult / warband.

Archers and Crossbowman for missile support
A thief and thugs for collecting the treasure tokens
The heavy hitters of the warband
The Warband together
I have to say that I enjoyed putting together the plastic cultists, very easy and I can see many uses for these figures in other genres such as Pulp and even 40k. I've also put some finishing touches to some of the treasure tokens as well as a snow troll.

Treasure tokens
Snow Troll
Snow Troll
Well hopefully I should be putting together a full review of my progress this year as well as some thoughts on possible projects for 2016

Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

More Frostgrave goodies

After only a couple of starter games I committed myself for a level 3 Nick starter for the Thaw of the Lichlord supplement. In between Christmas shopping I have slowly started to add to my collection for use in the game.

First up is some bugbears I picked up from the Reaper Bones range. Very easy to paint up and quite impressed with the quality of the figures. I will likely write a scenario just to use these guys as I have 2 more to paint up.

Next up is the Frost wraith that was one of the rewards that I picked up. I love this model, very spooky and took very little time to paint up, consisting of a blue ink over a white base coat then re highlighted with white. I still need to add some snow to the base.

Frost Wraith
Frost Wraith
Lastly I painted up some animals that I picked up from the Border Reiver show at the Warbases stand. Very nice figures and at a very reasonable price. May pick up a few more of his range.

Wolves and Brown bear
Luckily on Thursday night we also got in another game to give us a run through of the rules as we look to start a campaign in the New year. I think the Campaigns add another level to the game. I've added a few photos of the game. We still need to add some more terrain pieces to the collection for variety

Table layout
The cotton wool represents fog from a successful spell cast
Archers in cover
The War-hound named Dog
I've now got to put the finishing touches to a snow troll before making a start on the cultists. Half of these will be used to form a second warband

Friday, 4 December 2015

FPW French marines II

I have finally gotten around to posting these guys on the blog, they were painted up and based just over a week ago. As usual at this time of year preparation for Christmas is taking precedence on any spare time I thought I had. These guys are the 2nd Marine Regiment for Vassiognes' division. The figures are all from Outpost. The spare figure was painted up as i needed markers to represent low on ammo.

Now I need to get cracking on the last two regiments and then i can start on the two Hussar regiments that I want to paint up.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

FPW French Marines

I've finally made a start on my next French Corps. I've chosen XII Corps under Lebrun, simply because it includes Marines in Vassiogne's division. The Corps was present at the Battle of Chalons. I will also need to go back to III Corps as I need to add a 4th infantry division to it. So here they are the 1st Marine Regiment. The figures are all from Outpost and bases from Warbases.

I've already got the second regiment partially painted and enough figures for the other 2 regiments. I will need to add a Mitrilliause as well. At some point in the future I will also need to complete at least 1 Prussian infantry division

Saturday, 14 November 2015

'Oldhammer Elves

After the big game up at Micks in October I have found myself in a bit of a rut when it comes to painting, it has probably come down to a lack of focus and no project to aim for. So a long search through the lead pile unearthed some Elves and Melnibonean figures that I have had lying around since the 80's. I also did a quick search on E-Bay and visited a local hobby shop to pick up a handful of figures to round the force off. Now I had some focus, but which Elven force, High Elf or Wood Elf. In the end I chose neither and plumbed for a Sea Elf force defending and outpost in the New/Old world.

First up is a unit of Kinband led by a level 10 Hero Cormac Moonblade, he's the one with the hawk. This unit consists of 20 warriors with Cormac. The majority of the figures are from the 80's with a couple of the more modern sculpts lurking in the rear rank.

Cormac Moonblade and retinue
The next unit is composed entirely from the Melnibonean range. I think as these guys as the crew of a Sea Elf warship with their Dragon masks. Makes them look rather fearsome. I would love to pick up more of these figures but the price on E-Bay is exorbitant. the unit is led by a level 5 hero Idrynn Brightmantle (I'm using the Dylvim Slorm figure)

Idrynn Brightmantle and retinue
Both of these infantry units are supported by a detachment of archers, 2 units of 10. The figures are a mix of Melniboneans, 80's Citadel and Marauder as well as some of the current LOTR range from Games Workshop. I do realise that I will need more archers for this force.

Archer detachment
Archer detachment
to provide a hard hitting unit to this force I have gone for a small unit of Shore riders, led by the Army General Falerien Eaglewing. The figures are composed of 2 Melnibonean troopers and 3 early versions of Silverhelms I think. I mounted Falerien on the only armoured horse, just so here stands out.

Falerien Eaglewing and Shore riders
The only other additional troops I have added are a small unit of 5 sea elf wardancers, I could ideally do with another 5 models to make them more useful. For magic support I am using a plastic mage from GW, he will be replaced by a more suitable model once I can locate one and then be named. So not bad for a months work with the main emphasis being on getting a small force completed. I might even get to use them in a game in the coming weeks, just have to wait and see. Now back to some historical figures.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Extra figures for Frostgrave

After playing my first game of Frostgrave at the club, I really like these rules. Excellent for a pick up and play game at the club. So much so that I have committed myself to a level 3 pack as part of the northstar Nickstarter for the next supplement Thaw of the Lich lord, I also added in a snow troll and a deck of the spell cards.

This week at the club we will be giving the rules another run out so I decided to make more progress on suitable figures within my lead mountain. First up are a pair of wizards, The left is a metal figure from Midlam miniatures and the one on the right is from the Reaper Bones range.

Pair of wizards
Next up is a couple of vikings press-ganged into the retinue as soldiers. I added cloaks to both figures, one from a spare Fireforge Templar sprue

A pair of soldiers
The rest of the retinue is made up of two thugs, using spare saxon figures from Musketeer minaitures. There are also two Huns from Foundry miniatures that I can use as Trackers. These were from a Hun raiding party set.

The whole retinue
In readiness for this weeks game I have a bear and some wolves from Warbases that I need to get painted up.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Battle of Froschwiller, a re-fight

I was lucky enough at the weekend to run a game for the re-fight of Froschwiller from the Franco Prussian War. Taking a suggestion from the 1870 rules we tried out one of the alternative scenarios, whereby the battle is fought the following day, allowing both sides to be strengthened. We also took some liberties with the troops as we were using the figures that we had available i.e. Micks Saxon corps replaced the Bavarian II Corps.

So onto the game. Neal and Mick were to command the Prussians. At the start of the game they had the Saxon Corps and 2 Prussian Corps available to them. The Bavarian I Corps, the Wurtemburg Division and elements of the Bavaria II Corps were marching to the sound of the guns and would arrive during the battle. They set up with the 2 Prussian Corps across the river opposite the town of Worth. The Saxons were to the north and on the flank of the French position.

Dave and Chris were given command of the French. Chris took command of I Corps which held the left flank of their line and was to bear the brunt of the Prussian assaults. Dave took command of the II Corps, holding one division behind the ridge hidden from Prussian observers. The French also had the III Corps in reserve marching to the battlefield, expected at 9.30am. Also the imperial Guard Divisions were also available but would not reach the battlefield until at least 2pm.

The game began with the Prussians slowly crossing the river and discovering that their artillery was unable to ford it. The Saxons to the north began their advance towards I Corps and struggling to get their artillery into position to support their attack. Meanwhile the French were happy to stay in position and fire artillery at range at the advancing hordes.

Once the Saxons got their artillery in position they began to pound the northern edge of I corps position, even at range some excellent dice throwing from  Mick was softening up the French infantry. Meanwhile the 2 Prussian Corps continued their advance and I Corps waited. Just then a messenger arrived informing the French that III Corps would not be arriving until 11.00, late!!!!

As the Saxons approached they began their assaults on the French redoubts, As pressure began to tell Chris committed the French cavalry reserve to throw back the Saxon infantry. This would turn out to be a temporary respite. Meanwhile the Prussian infantry was also gearing up its assault on I Corps. Dave quickly dispatched a messenger to his hidden division to advise it to march through the woods to support I Corps.

Eventually the lead elements of III Corps began to arrive. Led by Clerambault's cavalry Division which Chris sent to the centre of his line to act as a reserve, they were soon to see some heavy action. As the Saxons renewed their assault they threw back the French defenders only to be checked again this time by the infantry of III Corps which now arrived to shore up the line. On the French right they became a little concerned. With all the heavy fighting in the Centre and left flank it was now that another column was approaching, this time the Wurtemburgers.

In the Centre the Prussian assault went in, after a couple of hours heavy fighting it seemed that the French I Corps was to be swept away. Then Clerambaults cavalry were committed. First the Chasseurs hit a Prussian column, routing it before following up and being shot to pieces by supporting Prussian infantry units. Next up the French Dragoons charged, destroying a Prussian column and temporarily re-capturing the redoubts before being forced to retire in disorder as they came within range of the Prussian artillery.

Back on the northern flank, the Saxons came again and were rewarded with their persistence as they stormed the redoubts and captured them, throwing back the remainder of I and II Corps towards the town of Froschwiller

To make matters worse for the French it was now that the Bavarian I Corps made its entrance and began its march towards their already battered centre. With the Wurtemburgers also advancing steadily from the South, their position was looking precarious. It was then that Dave's division finally made its appearance, to support the French Centre. However it came under immediate fire from the Prussian artillery who inflicted significant losses and caused disorder amongst them.

With these fresh arrivals the Prussians began to reorganise for their next assault, pulling back out of range they awaited the Bavarians. The Saxons also consolidated their position in readiness for an assault on the Froschwiller. With the French greeted by the news that the Imperial Guard were still over 2 hours away, it was time to call it a day.

Overall a very enjoyable game played in the right spirit with a good bunch of blokes. By victory conditions this was a French victory as they still commanded the 2 roads, keeping open their lines of retreat and the Prussians had not taken Froschwiller. However we all agreed that the French I Corps as a fighting formation was finished and the French would be unable to hold onto their positions and be forced to retreat.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Frostgrave Warband

When I attended the Border Reiver show at Gateshead/Newcastle, I picked up the Frostgrave rules and a couple of blisters as part of my show loot. I've seen some reviews across the blogosphere and thought they would prove useful as a quick pick up and play game at the club.

For my blisters I chose the Thaumaturge and apprentice and the tracker with the hound for no other reason in that I liked the models. I did think of purchasing a box of the soldiers but after a few moments thought i was sure I would have enough proxy models in my lead pile that could be drafted in. So here they are, I'm still reading the rules and my warband so far is made up of available figures that i located straight away.

Wizard and Apprentice
Tracker and hound
For a Knight and a Templar I have used 2 men at arms figures from Black tree design. These were left over from my Lion Rampant armies

Templar and knight
Next up is a barbarian, a Gripping Beast special figure from their Age of Arthur release. The other 3 are 2 Musketeer miniatures early Saxons and a foundry early German warrior. They looked particularly suitable as thugs/warriors for the frosty setting.

Barbarian and thugs
The whole Warband together
I've already mad a start on a second warband for some solo games at home. Next up I'll need some scenerypieces as this game needs plenty of it.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Battle at the farm

After painting up my Space Orks a couple of months a go, I had a hankering to get the on the tabletop. So on Thursday night with nothing else arranged we decided to re fight the battle of the Farm from the original Rogue Trader rules. However we decided that a couple of amendments were needed.

Firstly their were 5 of us and 21 orks and 16 marines do not go far. Also in previous attempts at this scenario many years ago, it's a bit of a hard slog for the orks, out in the open with the marines hidden. So it was agreed to increase the forces. We gave the marines an extra five troopers, this allowed Tom to command 2 units and Neil to have the other two squads with the Captain. For the orks we also went with 2 squads per player, but increased their size to 7 figures. This meant we had 21 marines against 43 orks, more than fair I thought.

So the game began with the 3 ork players slowly advancing across the open ground towards the farm before the sound of bolter fire was heard. George saw one of his orks bite the dust, his return fire was rather pathetic.

Orks advance
As my two squads advance we also came under fire losing one ork, however my return fire killed two of the marines forcing them to retire. At this point Tom revealed a second squad of marines armed with a missile launcher. It fired and missed, though his bolter fire did kill another 2 orks. Once more my return fire was effective killing another 2 marines. Over on the right John advanced with his two squads and came under fire from the farm house killing 2 orks and forcing the squad to retire.

Marines open fire
Pressure on the marines
Orks under fire from the farm house
At this point the casualties were beginning to mount on two of the marine squads and eventually one routed from the walls. Taking advantage my 2 squads reach the wall and my Warboss crossed over to kill the 2 marines. At this point the Marine captain charged out of cover and with a blow of his powerfist slew my War boss. It a fit of revenge my 2 squads opened fire and slew the Marine captain before crossing the barrier looking for easier foe. Unfortunately the marines has other ideas as a 4Th squad emerged and destroyed one of my squads and routed the other.

Orks at the walls
Clash of titans
Last stand
With both sides trading fire the remaining marines fell back to the farm house, where despite the best efforts of the orks they grimly held on. At nights end 3 marines still remained holed up. Overall a very enjoyable game and stayed in the balance right until the end.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Franco Prussian War progress part 2

With the big game edging ever closer and utilising some time off work I have continued to paint up my forces, concentrating on finishing the Bavarian I Corps. First up is 1 of the 2 units of Jagers that I require for the second division, the other is just awaiting to be based up. As usual the figures are all from Outpost.

Next is 3 more batteries of guns for the Corps. This brings me up to 7 batteries for the Bavarians (think my French might need more guns). Also the Divisional Commander can be seen hiding behind them.

I have also painted up enough figures to represent 2 battalions of the 13th infantry regiment as well as some prone markers, enough for 1 to each regiment. Thankfully Dave has passed on some spare figures that will allow me to bring these and the 10th up to 3 battalion strength.

As mentioned in an earlier post Mick provided me with a rather large bundle of cavalry figures, enough for me to put together enough regiments for a Prussian Cavalry brigade. I have increased the strength of the 2 cuirassier regiments and have now added a regiment of hussars.

With some left over figures I have added an artillery battery and used a spare Cuirassier officer painted up to look like a Prussian Divisional commander. He will suffice for now. The flags for the Cuirassiers are purely conjectural as not much information is available for them.

For a project that has stalled for the last couple of years I am rather proud that I have finally finished this Corps. So much so I am already thinking of adding a Prussian or Baden infantry Division and a second French Corps, possibly the 12th as it contains a division of marines.